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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HNT / Some Favorite Mistress Parts.

Tonight will be my ninth night solo here at the UCTMW World HQ.  You will be happy to know that I’ve been pretty good following Mistress’s instructions.

Cage every day with photos.

Check. (though I did need to be reminded this a.m.…. I sent her a “full staff” cock shot, but forgot the cage shot until I got to work. She says I will be punished for my negligence).

Kids needs tended to.

Check. (Yes, signed up for that campus visit for surly teen #2, and made sure that #1 signed up for her college orientation).

Cat litter changed.


Daily masturbation.


I know that sounds like it should be no chore. But quite frankly, it’s getting a little tedious without Mistress here for the real thing.

Yeah, I am spoiled. Whining about being required to cum daily under my own power. 

I suppose I am a “pampered house Slave”.

Over at All MineAll Mine today, Suzanne made the point rather explicitly, by displaying in response to my request the rather large and scary 8” cock that she slides into  her strap-on when taking  her “wife” Tammy in the "diaper position".

Likewise, two days ago Ms. Marie showed us the rather intimidating “vacu-lock” tool she deploys when she thinks her “sissy” needs a little dose of strap-on therapy. Donna called her managing editor yesterday to make sure he caught that one, for comparison sake.

"Plus she gags him, Mick. So he doesn't make too much noise when that thing sinks into him."


It was only about 10 days ago, that I successfully wheedled  Mistress to back off using on my tender and tight ass that rather intimidating dildo (“The Charmer”) that the folks at had shipped us for testing. (here is that sad episode, entitled "Super Size Me")

With Mistress gone for so long, there’s no doubt I would gladly volunteer right now to take on the Charmer if it was attached to Mistress.

Absence must make my ass grow more accommodating.

In fact, I will confess that this am, when I was "doing my duty", I resorted to using my little white aneros to jump start the process.  It was definitely a very efficient  expedient.

Mistress makes me explain in some detail my prurient imaginings as I “take matters into my own hands” . And I’ve summarized my thoughts for her in our private emails and conversations, which seems to satisfy her.

Well tonight, for a little motivation, I thought I would flip through some of the photos we’ve collected over the last 18 months, for posting on the blog. And since it will shortly be Thursday, I thought I’d share a few of them with all of you.  Feel free to let us know what your favorite parts are.

 Her legs are firm and soft at the same time. and these stockings add to the texture and fun.

Of course, her breasts are pillowy soft, and those fingers always feel so nice when they stroke my neck, or wrap themselves around my cock.
 And I certainly am desperate to once again fall to my knees and bury my self in the sweet, clean shaven folds at the juncture of those firm and muscular thighs.

then there's her ass. I have lots of shots of them. I'm thinking it may get the taste of that crop on Sunday. Mother's Day pampering can wait until I exercise my switch privileges, don't you think?
 Yeah, I think her bottom may be this nice shade of pink before I'm done.  (Is that the little white aneros peeking out?) 

But I'm going to leave those nipple alone.  The WC has put them through quite a lot this week with his rather crafty coin tossing.  Before she went to bed tonight in Prague she sent me a text photo of that sad little nipple pinched by Mike's cloths pin as she worked herself to three consecutive cums before she could pop them off.

Yeah, I guess in comparison, I am a pampered house Slave.


beingaisha said...

And I'm just all excited that I'm up late enough to catch this post before morning! Wow!

Nice pictures, Mick. Just a couple of more days too.. I'm glad for you two!


nilla said...

great pics, my fave is the one with the panty hose and garter...i like the smoothness, both hose and leg, the angles...

and Mick?

i'm feeling very sorry for you right now, missing your Mistress, which doesn't help you one whit, i know.

and i feel your pain. Won't see my Master for playtime for another month...tho i have some hope of getting a few hours with him Sunday evening...we enjoy spending whatever moments we get....

and really, the days this week are flying past....soon your beloved will be flying right back to you...

hang in there...


Bill,Head of Security UCTMW said...

OK Mick, this is not fair! Making us choose from this set of pictures of our beloved CEO. OK, the one in the tub is my fave or the one where she's on her stomach with the crop.Oh,to heck with it I like them all.

Donna said...

Well Mick, this is really a difficult choice but I think I will vote for the bubble bath.

I know. That seems a little sedate for me, but I am thinking of water that's just shy of hot, and a very subtle floral scent hanging in the warm air. There is just enough room for you to join Molly in the tub with a knee on each side of her hips and you could quite easily slide on into home base. I can imagine the sound of the water sloshing and the oohs and aahs as..well, you know.

And then the poor house slave would need to mop up all the water and whatever else may have spilled over the edge of the tub onto the floor. No complaining now Mick, it's nothing compared to sissy's clean up duties over at All Mine!

I think it's close enough now that you could start thinking of Molly's return in terms of hours rather than days, isn't it?

littlemonkey said...

Oh, the hose!!!
Lovely, lovely, leg to imagine wrapped across ones shoulders. Cheer ( I accidentally wrote sheer, guess I'm stuck on that leg) up Mick, your alone time is almost up!

msmarie said...

I also like the bathtub shot - her tan contrasting with the white breasts and red nails - along with the cocktail and bubbles. All very pleasing! I'm guessing you were assisting Molly with her cleansing!


beingaisha said...

I forgot that we were supposed to pick which one we liked best - my brain works slower at night...

I'm partial to the one with the riding crop. The contrast of the legs and ass so smooth and evenly colored, with the slashes of black, where her legs are tied and then the crop laid across them - just appeals to me.

She'll be back so soon - can't wait to read about that reunion!


Alujna said...

I'm with, I like them all!

sin said...

Lovely pics.

Mick I was going to ask if you use porn when you masturbate. I know that you don't usually do this, so I just wondered. (Talk about vulgar curiosity!)

WC said...

Hey Mick,

I like the bubble bath the best followed closely by the aneros pick, because if I recall correctly I had something to do with the aneros's insertion into our B&BCEO's pert little bottom.

And in other news Molly picked heads



The playing it strait,

and honest and trustworthy,


Donna said...

Hmm...I wonder what it says that all three of your employees chose the bubble bath photo. I guess UCTMW is going to have to invest in a bigger hot tub and lots of bubbles before the next company meeting!

Maybe the company would also like to send me with Mistress for a matching manicure, pedicure and polish session. With so many bubbles you never know whose hands might end up where.

Senior Correspondent,

Suzanne said...

Another vote for the bubble bath. A bubble bath and good is that!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Mistress could not actually open the blog today to see the pics I had selected, but she could see all of your comments and wallowed in all the complements as she is want to do (you know, productive narcissism, which has to be a trait of all you Domme's out there right....).... Ooops. need to make sure I delete this comment from our joint email box before she decides to revoke my switch rights on Sunday.

The cruising for a bruising ,


WC said...

Haha Mick,

You are crusing for a bruising!

Productive narcissism, the poor broken down WC does'nt understand big words like that


He has a feeling Molly won't like it. LOL

Too funny

The is having too much fun bloging,