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Friday, May 13, 2011

Finishing off our Week, and Input from our Senior Correspondent

Well, Blogger is finally back up.... so here is the dispatch I prepared for you this morning. Hope none have you have resorted to radically alternative forms of amusement in our absence -- you know, like going for a walk or reading a book. Hate to see you adopting bad habits on our account.

Wow. We’ve made it to the fifth day of a full work week together here in River City. It seems like a rare one, with Mistress traveling, other trips we’ve taken, or holidays that intrude.

And this one has been nice because, at least until today, we’ve been able to drive to work together. Mistress has even stopped by for three days in a row for a little worship from her Slave.

Yesterday morning we had some very hot wake up sex here at the World HQ, and Mistress was even over her cough, so there was no dilemma about easing back or pushing on. (We know what the WC’s answer would have been). Later I dropped Mistress off at work, and headed onto my office, figuring I would not see her until the end of the day.

But then, just before lunch time, I got a call from her.

She was rather blunt.

“Good… you’re there. I’ve had an annoying meeting and I’m coming over…..”

I was going to say something reassuring but she was already off the phone, clearly in a bit of a huff. But I was glad she felt she could stop by for some talk or other form of therapy.

When she waltzed into my office, she already seemed to have calmed some. We talked about where we might go to have lunch.

“But first, some worship, Mistress….”

I went through my usual routine, pulling the door closed, and the chair up against it. The blanket was spread. Our regular readers know the drill, as illustrated in yesterday’s posting. It seemed that by the time I was done, and Mistress was quaking through her little mid-day treat, her juices coating my lips and cheeks, that Mistress had already begun to calm down a bit… putting a dispute with a colleague in perspective.

At lunch at a local dive, we talked through her concerns, and I hope my perspective helped. We find that the combination of physical and talk therapy usually works for both of us….

On the way home I talked to Donna. She is anticipating a trip to Florida next week, and said she planned to author something before then. As a good executive editor, always looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting, I was thrilled to find what follows in my in-box this morning. So, enjoy as much as I did.

Did you know that according to one survey, there are more doctors and nurses involved in BDSM than any other career group? If you’ve ever had a colonoscopy, this may not come as a complete surprise to you.

Between my career and my personal life, I have spent a great deal of time associating with medical people. For the most part, I have been extremely fortunate to know fabulous doctors and nurses, but there have been a few that were not so great.

Many years ago when we lived in another state, I had a wonderful gynecologist. At one memorable visit, Dr. Wonderful’s nurse helped me transfer onto the exam table, pushed my wheelchair out of the way and then handed me the two paper napkins so generously provided to cover (?) my body, and said the doctor would be right in. As an aside, I have never understood whether correct procedure is one napkin for each breast and leave the lower latitudes uncovered, or place one napkin not quite covering either nipple (since my breasts tend to fall to the side when I am flat on my back) and then place the other napkin in position to cover the center of my lap.

Anyway, after some length of time the nurse returned with a sad look on her face to say that Dr. Wonderful had been called away on an emergency and her partner, Dr. Piss-ant would be taking over my exam. Dr. Piss-ant was gloomy and dismal, I never saw him laugh and I avoided him like the plague, but I was already there and the napkins were somewhat in place, so I agreed.

Right then Dr. Piss-ant burst into the room in a huff and bother, and with one glance my direction became angry that I wasn’t already in the stirrups. The nurse attempted to explain the situation, but he snapped at her to, “Just do it!”, so while he gloved up, the nurse got me in place and held my knees in position as she always did for me. The doctor turned around and yelled at her to get out of his way. She looked at me and I shrugged, smiled and nodded. So, just as the doctor was leaning forward a bit to reach back with his foot to bring the stool into position for sitting, she let go and stepped back. Well, my knees slammed together, smacking and trapping his head. I had to speak, since the nurse was trying so very hard not to laugh out loud, and I sweetly shared with him that the nurse always has to hold my legs in position.

Dr. Piss-ant ordered the nurse to come over and hold my legs and then completed the exam in record time. News spreads fast in small offices, and there were many smiles and a couple of thumbs ups from the staff as I left the office that day.

I wanted to share that event because it always makes me smile, and I have something else today to share with you and smile about. Last week I had a call from our son, the one in medical school (I love to say that) and he has arranged for me to spend some time with doctors from China who will be in the US later this month. I will fly to their location on the 21st, and will have the great opportunity to see how they might be able to assist me with some medical issues.

I can’t adequately express how proud I am of our son, that while having received his medical training in the United States he has remained open minded enough to accept that there is much to learn from other medical traditions. I am totally jazzed. I will have my trusty laptop and will probably have more time for blogging than I do now because Bill won’t be able to go with me. That part is a real downer, but that’s just the way it has to be.

And that’s why Bill has ramped up our sex program. It’s beginning to feel like the Sex Olympics around here. He has an ever growing list taped to the refrigerator with ideas about positions, activities and locations that he wants to complete before the 21st. Being his (mostly) cooperative and extremely horny sub, I have added a few little suggestions of my own. Should I be a bit slow in responding to emails this coming week, I am still at home - just extremely busy. Use your imagination and you’ll know what I mean!

Donna, could it be that Bill wants to get all those “items” off the agenda by May 21 because some folks are claiming that the world will come to an end that day? That does sound like the sort of “worst case” contingency planning we would expect from our Cirector of Security – International.


sin said...

Hmmm, my blogger still isn't letting me in. So I have resorted to researching Judgement Day. Rather than cleaning. If the world is gonna end in a week I don't want to go with a clean house... Which also makes me think about what else I want to do and eat and drink in the next week!

I want that sign btw, abt naughty girls and toys.

WC said...

That is very funny Donna.

You are great.

AND I can see why you are so proud of you son. Very cool.

The loves Donna,


Donna said...

It just dawned on me that I am going to be flying on the 21st. Do you think I should check and make sure the pilot is as debauched as I am so he doesn't suddenly leave the plane without someone to land it?

@sin. I'm with you. Is some higher power going to inspect my house to decide on entrance to the promised land? Since my mental image of the promised land would be a well-stocked dungeon, I doubt it.

I feel much the same way about the admonition to wear clean underwear just in case you are in an accident. Let me tell you, if I am in a bad enough accident that my unders have to be cut off by someone, the chances of them still being clean at that point are pretty much nil.


Donna said...

Hey WC,

Thanks for your comment. Our kids are really great and much more fun, too, since they became adults.

Hugs to the WC,

Suzanne said...

Mick - you really have it made. Beyond being the phs (pampered house slave), you have a large staff that steps in with interesting and entertaining editorial content. What a gig.

Donna..All I could think of was your recent post and you starting to cough while the doctor was down there! Great story and congrats to your son. You must be so proud!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I am going to be in DC visiting one daughter and taking another for a college visit on the 21st. So if all the good Christians are sucked up to their heavenly reward, I guess I will have the pleasure of being in a town run completely by the Democrats for a change. Maybe we can get something done!


beingaisha said...

LOL - I love the story Donna! I HATE doctors that expect you to have your feet in the stirrups before they walk in - I won't even lie down til they get there anymore.

I'm delighted that you son has found some possibilities for you - I can only imagine how proud of him youall must be. That's so cool.


P.S. And nice job taking care of your Mistress, Mick! I think I need that kind of stress relief some days!

Donna said...


I believe you win the comment of the month award with that one!