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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missing Mistress

Slave is still here in DC today. So the news on the sex at UCTMW is pretty bleak. No touching has been the rules, though Mistress was kind enough to spare me the cage.

Ans last night, when it became clear that neither one of us had been "called" to some other loftier state, Mistress texted a warning / promise:

"You are past due for that ass fucking Slave...."

I couldn't agree more. and our readers are due some choice tid-bits as well.

Mistress did get a bit of a reprieve though. A three am "booty call" from the WC, apparently made from his basement very early Saturday morning.

There are few things that would make Mistress happy about a call in the middle of the night. But I suspect hearing M telling her to deploy her power tool and make it dance on her cunt at his command was one of them.

Yesterday, when we had a chance for some brief private conversation, I got a few questions in:

"So did M get off too, Mistress?"

"He seemed to Slave.... he said he was calling from the basement so as not to disturb his family."

Apparently M's infamous brother, the one with the ass seeking fingers is in town visiting, leaving M pretty busy with golf this weekend. I do worry about those cocktail waitresses at the 19th hole. They may have a surprise in store.

Fortunately, Slave's brief adventure in chastity will end this evening. I'm looking forward to an early bedtime with Mistress. I miss her soft skin, delicious taste and fragrant folds.

And I'm wondering if she remembers it will still be  switch day when I get home?


Anonymous said...

Poor Mistress is sad,
no slave
no booty call last night
no kids in the house
just me, the cats and the hitachi

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Mistress tauntingly sent me a text photo of her hitachi,ready to be put to use. But here in DC Slave is still under "no touch \" rules.

I am looking forward to our reunion tonight. Maybe by the then the WC will ahve time to mete out his sentence?


WC said...

Hello u 2 lunatics,

His Honor, me the WC

will render his sentence next week before switch day,

todays picture may have given the Court, me the WC,


have a safe flight home

and Molly have a great day reading exercising sun bathing and deploying the Hitachi!!!

The is gone golfing,


beingaisha said...

Next week, WC? That's awfully far off.

Mick, I'm glad you and your Mistress will be back to business as usual soon!