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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Comment from Ireland and a Dispatch from our Science Correspondent from the Road

Mistress and Slave did not have nearly enough “intimate” time together yesterday in River City. I had to be up and out the door by 6 am for an all day engagement in our state’s flat as a pancake capitol. So I had to leave Mistress behind, snoozing in bed, as I crept out toe door, sans our normal “wake-up” sex.

I know that will have many of you groaning in commiseration.

By the time I got home at 7 pm, the sullen teens were demanding to be taken out to dinner. And by the time that was over, well, Slave was bone tired. I did make sure to fulfill my obligations to Mistress by giving her a long slow worship as she lounged in bed, that new nightie hiked up to her waist as my tongue and lips bobbed and weaved through her clean shaven folds.

Her nectar is rather addictive, so I needed a fix, even if my work-a-day cock was a little too fried for proper service. (Actually it was my brain that was fried, the two need to work together, at least at this stage of an aging pampered Slave’s life). And Mistress seemed to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

We both seemed to sleep very well after that little activity was concluded with Mistress moaning her satisfaction, hips rising to meet my mouth in her final throes of ecstasy.

One thing that thrilled me yesterday as I sat in my long meeting, in  a lull in the action, was seeing an anonymous comment that seemed to come from the Emerald Isle, in response to my posting about our President tipping a pint with some long lost relatives there earlier in the week. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here: Barack and his Guiness.

This gentleman (I’m assuming that, I guess), noted that his grandfather had fought along side my adopted namesake, Michael Collins, during the 1917 era uprising against British colonial rule, then had been at cross purposes with him during the sad Civil War that followed between the purer “Republicans” and those who were willing to settle for political independence for the southern counties. I felt that a little bit of history was connecting us through this crazy blog. Thanks for the comment, sir! Let’s both lift a pint in memory of your grandfather and his heroism this weekend, which celebrates Memorial Day here in the states.

Now before I am off to break my sad 24 hour abstinence with my lovely, Mistress, I’m happy to share this dispatch from our Senior (and more recently Science) Correspondent Donna, wrapping up some persona leave in her home state of Florida. We’ve missed her, and yes, with this dispatch in the bank, you can consider your leave ended on Thursday, Donna. I will make sure our payroll department is clued in!

As my time in Florida grows to a close, I am so damn anxious to get home to my Dom, my home, and my mountains. While the medical care has been unbelievably positive and amazing, I am in need, real need, of my Bill. I am not vanilla, I am not happy in the vanilla world, and I am only complete, whole and balanced when living my BDSM lifestyle. I find that everything for me is interpreted through that lens.

As I waited in line for my herbal brew this morning, I noticed a newspaper opened to a page with an illustration of muscles. Odd. I looked closer, and right off the bat, in bold capital letters in the first paragraph, I saw the word DOMS! Yes, my heart did a dance of joy. If I can’t be with my Dom right now, at least I can live vicariously through someone else. 

Being so very impressed that this particular newspaper would be open-minded enough to include an article on Doms, I snatched that section of the newspaper and started to read, Sadly, I was wrong. It turns out this article is about DOMS as related to sports medicine, an acronym for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

As I sipped the truly difficult to swallow brew of tree bark, herbs and who knows what else that is called tea here, I tried hard to hold onto my positive thoughts and reconsidered what I had just read. I thought about the fact that all subs have been in situations where they were so into what was happening to their pussy, boobs, cock or balls that they didn’t pay attention to how far they were being pulled, filled or stretched or how hard they were being pinched, tugged or bitten and they experienced muscle soreness the following day. There just might be information that would be useful in this article, and it just might be that the person who came up with the acronym DOMS is into the lifestyle and thought this was funny; I know that would be something my Dom would do.

As I continued to read, certain phrases stood up…I mean out. As I scanned the article I saw the phrase “post-workout euphoria can leave you feeling pumped to conquer the world.” Oh, I certainly agree with that, and when my Dom is pumped, or I am pumping him, euphoria is sure to follow.

Then I read “eccentric muscle contraction when the muscle lengthens as it contracts.” And clearly, at that point I could see that this article was for our world. As I play with Bill using some rubbing, a little nibbling and bit of sucking, (he likes a whole lot of sucking) he lengthens and after a while contractions and shudders start. It’s all there!

“Next day soreness is a good thing, forcing the muscles to adapt so next time there is less damage, less soreness and less recovery time – basically you are stronger.” Now that’s what I’m talking about! Our Doms and this lifestyle make us stronger, healthier, able to leap tall buildings…well that may be a bit over the top. Haha, leap buildings-over the top. Yep, it’s a for sure thing that I need more caffeine.

So what is the upshot (I love that word) of the article? It tells the reader to work up and cool down (we call that foreplay and after care in our world), to incorporate massage and a warm bath into the routine (oh, yeah), to vary the pace, fast and slow, hard and easy (oh my, yes!) and participate in activities frequently and regularly to avoid muscle stiffness (preaching to the choir, man).

What an enlightening and timely article considering that I will be back home in the arms of my very own Dom on Saturday. I will be sure to put all this information to good use, and maybe I’ll even write a little note to the author and let him know how his article applies so well to the BDSM world. Won’t he be surprised, or maybe not?

Hugs to all,

P.S. - I will fly home on Saturday. I have just one more medical appointment tomorrow afternoon and then head for the airport early Saturday morning. Should you hear that for some odd reason planes are not flying out of Orlando on Saturday, you can bet the farm that I'll be hitchhiking. One way or another, I'm getting out of Florida and heading home.

While it is working better this evening, I have only been able to access the internet for a few minutes now and then since I arrived. I am looking forward to catching up on this week's UCTMW blogs when I get home. But first, I have some significant
sexual catching up to do with Bill, and I am anxiously looking forward to that!

Great to hear from you Donna. I am sure Bill will like to see this new found knowledge put to use. Safe travels!


beingaisha said...

Wow, Mick, hope you and Molly get back on track soon!

And Donna, you too. I know how hard it is to be Dom-less. Did that article say anything about what happens to muscles when they aren't pulled, stretched or filled? I'm pretty sure there are some dire consequences...


Donna said...

Oh look, internet access again! Woo-hoo!

Well Aisha, the article said not to give up, so I suppose that could apply. Maybe a dungeon visit? :)

I love that I can use the word "tomorrow". Tomorrow, I'll be with Bill! I know that may seem over the top for someone married for over 30 years, but what can I say? We're hot stuff!

The soon to be home doing our Dom/sub dance,

WC said...

Cool Donna

U 2 have a great relationship and d/s is very hot!

The loves D/S,

His Honor

The WC

MissBehaviour said...


Given how much 'access' you get, I'm sure most other 'slaves' of various persuasions are totally (non-Irish) green with envy. And probably working out ways to sabotage proceedings in a good old 'independence' spirit ;-)