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Thursday, May 19, 2011

HNT / Text Message from Mistress

It was around 8:55 am yesterday. I was already deep into one of those tedious too-early in the morning breakfasts for a local charity. The “spread” consisted of cold bagels, lukewarm coffee, and a few flaccid pieces of fruit. The speakers had droned on for nearly 50 minutes, eliminating the only real enjoyment in these things… chatting with folks you had not seen in a while.

Would we have been there if we didn’t already know it was a good cause? Apparently, the droning speakers thought we needed to be persuaded. Either that or they just enjoyed hearing themselves blabber on. About 80% of the guests in the room seemed to be scanning their blackberries or I-phones for emails or twitter updates.

That’s when my own phone vibrated.

Ahhh, a text from Mistress, who was likely getting ready to enter her first meeting of the day – a pitch for a hot new prospective client.

“That was a very hard cock today, Slave….”


Since my cage was firmly in place, her message gave me a little twitch, that seemed to make things all the tighter in there. Nothing like having to sit through a boring hour long breakfast with colleagues, trying to minimize the squirming in your chair because of the tight steel cage your Mistress locked on before you headed out the door.

Standing up, stretching, walking around makes the cage quite bearable. But extended sitting …. It just gets tight and irritating.

And one reason why my cock was so hard for her earlier was that I had already fitted the tight steel ring around my balls, then crammed my cock through the remaining “space”. Not a very comfortable enterprise at all. But once the ring is in place, and the taste and scent of Mistress’s pleasing parts get to me with a little wake up worship…. Well that cock becomes “very hard”, as Mistress had just reminded me. It always seems to lead to compliments.

It would be a long day in that cage.

Fortunately, Mistress had the key in hand before dinner time, and was generous enough to unlock me, once I had worshipped her in the fashion to which she had become accustomed.

(Hope you enjoy these little photos of Mistress, taken during that bath I wrote about yesterday.)


beingaisha said...

Great pictures!

Great description of those breakfasts too! I feel your pain Well, not all of it. Actually I guess not most of it Never mind.


sin said...

Yeah, I go to those same breakfasts. I never see you there.

Great pics.

littlemonkey said...

I very much prefer my fruit to be firm. Much like your pretty Mistress' anatomy.

mouse said...

Well that was quite the visual...

Actually mouse has one of those things next week...let's hope Daddy doesn't have any surprises for mouse.


Anonymous said...

so slave is off to the Cap City and I had a date with the WC today! All very good. Slave promises to write a blog (even from a remote location). I am concerned about my semen deprivation in the days ahead.