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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mistress Toes the Line

I am now on my fifth night solo here at the UCTMW World HQ, not quite mid-way through Mistress’s pilgrimage through Eastern Europe. And while the sullen teens have been keeping their distance from their tedious old dad, it’s been nice to have all of your supportive comments,  emails and even a few texts from the WC.

And of course Mistress has also been kind enough to call, text and email. I think she misses me almost as much as I miss her. And I am starting to feel a little sorry for her poor nipples. Somehow, she keeps calling “heads”, and the WC keeps flipping the coin and coming up with tails. And you can see from the photo at the top of the blog that Mistress has been very honorable in following the rules that M has laid down for her.

“I told him it seems very unfair, Slave, and that my nipples are very tender now.”

“But you must feel compelled Mistress…. To honor his rules.”

“I suppose I do, Slave….”

She does obey pretty well, M. When I talked to her tonight, she was planning to adjourn to the Loo with her clothespins in hand, for those mandatory three cums.

No wonder she seems to be sleeping well.

Of course, with the help of Donna and M, I’ve had a little help providing blog fodder, and the comments section has been particularly robust.

So, Aisha, in response to your question yesterday, I have been keeping things together here with out much trouble. Though today I had an unusual amount of “field Slave” work, including too much time on my knees and stooped, resetting some outdoor tiles with help from a neighbor. If I have to go down on my knees, I’d much rather be doing it worshiping Mistress.

Of course, when she heard my comment to that effect yesterday, Donna had to taunt her Executive Editor a little bit, sending me the following photo.

I must say, it did make my mouth water, and not because I have a sweet tooth. It made me realize how much I miss chowing down on Mistress fragrant and delicious folds.

Of course, Mistress laid out her own rules for me. I’m to wear the cage whenever I leave the house, something that got a little uncomfortable with all that kneeling and crouching down today. And I also have been required to “take matters into my own hands” daily, and report back to Mistress on what was going through her Slave’s mind as he “got himself off”.

It’s an unfamiliar “discipline” for me. When she is in town, Mistress applies a very strict “no touch without permission” rule, that is a feature of our contract. And since we do have sex with a rather incredible degree of frequency, it’s not that I have some need that Mistress does not more than amply fulfill. After all, at 60, once or twice a day is ample release of Mick’s natural juices. (Unlike the uber-dude WC, who seems to get a  little antsy when he dips below three or four a days).

I feel a little guilty, and certainly indulged, when I think of poor Tammy and others out there in blog land who get multi-day (or week) stretches of chastity, even when their Domme’s (or wives) are sharing the same bed with them.

But I suspect there is method to Mistress's  “madness” when it comes to keeping Mick’s wok-a-day cock well exercised. It certainly keeps me content and limits any impulse to “go astray”, something that Mistress needlessly worries about. And I suppose it does keep my components at a productive operating level, ready to assume their duties in full once Mistress is back here in River City.

It will be a particularly unusual to be here alone in the Executive Suite tomorrow, our usual Switch Day. I suspect when my own tool gets put to work tomorrow morning, my mind will go back and consider some of our more intriguing Switch Days. Like the one shown below, when Mistress was bound to her desk downstairs, and I gave her a good sound hand spanking before sliding my cock into her from behind.

Then there was this little session, when Mistress got a nice firm cropping before she was forced to her knees to suck her work-a-day cock.

I hope she has a chance to see the photos tomorrow, and consider what waits her next Sunday.

It will be a very special Mother’s Day, Mistress.


Anonymous said...

So I picked heads today, afraid that if I move to tails it will be worse for me. My poor nipples. But then again, am heading to Auschwitz and The Schindler factory today when we depart this luxury hotel, so can't really feel sorry for myself.
Yes, they are tender!
Mick,ove today's blog and happy photo memories.
Did not sleep well last without you.


beingaisha said...

Oooooh, nice pictures!

Hi, Molly! Hope your poor nipples get a break today.

Glad you're hanging in there ok, Mick.



WC said...

You will all be happy to know that Molly picked heads and heads it was.

She won!

AND her poor nipples get a rest.

Well I am off to play golf

The going golfing,


Donna said...

Lovely, lovely pictures. And I hope you enjoyed the Feminine Folds cupcakes we sent.

BTW, one of the first things Bill mentioned this morning, after the May Day Sex, of course, was to ask how many days you have left. He made it sound as though you are incarcerated and your release date is on the horizon. I suppose he isn't really that far off with your cock restrained as it is.

Just so you know, your Director of Security has your well-being, or at least the well-being of your cock, at heart.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Mistress gets home Saturday night, just in time for the Mother (of all Switch) Days.

And although I am in the cage when i leave the house, Bill should not feel too sorry for me, because I am allowed to take it off when I get home. otherwise this would be a potential Spartacus like Slave rebellion. Mistress is a kind taskmistress.

And I am glad she did not have to abuse her tender nipples today. Going to Auschwitz was probably tough enough for her.