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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mistress Meets the "Charmer"

Mistress is now safely tucked away in her hotel in Warsaw, the first stop on what should be a fascinating trip reconnecting with her family’s cultural and historic roots.

We talked several times after she settled into her hotel. And she emailed me this photo she took from the sidewalk. When she called later, she shared a bit of the hotel’s history.

“Our guide says it was Gestapo Headquarters here during the war.”


But then M had his own speculation on this macabre coincidence, texting me while I was chowing down at Chipotle with sullen teen #2.

“Hey Mick, I wonder if that hotel has a dungeon?”

Somehow I doubt Mistress will be poking around looking for it. ( I note that sometime in the middle of the night, Mistress must have gotten up and wandered to the Hotel Biz Center and posted a lengthy comment to yesterday's blog. You may want to check it out, since she reports on how she followed the WC's rules and other matters.)

But this is a sex blog, (at least we started out that way), and I can’t forget my obligation to appeal to your prurient interest, as well as any curiosity about Mistress’s itinerary.

Some have speculated that I can’t keep the “hotness” coming with Mistress  abroad. I suspect the skeptics may be right…. I may have to rely on re-runs or go on hiatus before my 11 days of lonely are over.

And I am hoping Donna and the WC can help pick up the slack.

But I have saved a bit of recent concupiscence for today, namely our product review of a new sex toy sent to us by the lovely Kayla at

Donna and Bill had gotten the first crack at the shameless promotion offer made to us by Kayla. You know: we get free toys. gets a free plug. (You may recall the case of the butt plug projectile?)

So this time it was Molly and Mick’s turn to play, and either praise or pan.

As mentioned here on Sunday morning, when Kayla gave us a chance to select a toy category, we considered the broad variety of options laid before us, and opted for a dildo that might allow Mistress to “upgrade” her strap-on ensemble with something a little less worn and a little more robust. Kayla responded with a variety of dildos to select from.

But apparently Slave did not pay attention to the helpful product dimensions listing on the website, describing the length and girth of the Charmer, the dildo we selected and that Kayla arranged to arrive in an inconspicuous box on our doorstep within just a few days.

Fortunately, while Mistress tried the Charmer on with her strap-on harness, she did not force me to pay the price for my error.

And although one helpful commenter suggested that some additional quantities of lube would have solved the problem, I was certainly grateful for Mistress’s sense of restraint when she chose not to “supersize me.”

But of course that did not mean the Charmer would go to waste. Because what might be a little too large for my tighter rear aperture might be just the right size for Mistress’s well groomed and more accomodating tunnel of love.

“We’re going to have to try this in the morning, Mistress…. When the tables are turned.”

“I guess I don’t have much choice about it, Slave.”

No, on our Switch Day, I hold the cards and deploy the equipment.

So with the kids away for the evening, and with Mistress safely secured to the bed Sunday morning, her arms secured overhead with our red leather cuffs, I primed Mistress with my tongue and lips.

Soon she was squirming in response to my ministrations, and I figured it was time to give the Charmer a chance to strut its stuff.

Mistress’s juices were flowing with her fervor, so there was no need to introduce any synthetic lubricants past those clean shaven folds. Instead, I slowly but surely pressed the firm but quite pliable charmer home, filling her inch by inch, it’s thick and bulbous head plowing deeply into what is more typically the playground of my work-a-day cock.

“How is that Mistress, is it too big?”

“Mmmm…. Interesting Slave….”

Her hips were beginning to subtly writhe from side to side. I had elected not to tie her ankles off to the corners of the bed, and I liked the way her unrestrained legs were beginning to shift as her body absorbed the full heft of our new toy.


“I guess this gives you a sense of what the WC’s special occasion cock might be like, Mistress…”

“Maybe, Slave…. but I think his might actually be bigger….”

“I guess we could send this to him and have him take a “line up” comparison photo, Mistress.”

I’ve saved the box.

By now Mistress was getting a little distracted. The Charmer was fully seated, her hips seemed to have taken on a life of its own, twitching and switching with increasing and apparent frustration.

Now the Charmer, on it’s own was not going to get Mistress over the top. And it would have been too cruel for me to just let her languish there. Tied to the bed. Full. But frustrated. At least so it seemed at the time.

I turned up the heat a bit, applying slow and insistent strokes with my tongue to her clit, while toying with her little visitor with my right hand, gently turning it, pull it out a bit, pushing it in.

The result was an increasing reaction of frenzied frustration from the subject of this little product testing protocol.

Now I could have continued to use a combination of tongue and dildo to produce a healthy and satisfying climax for dear Molly.

But why settle for that…. I mean she was heading off for a long trip, I felt a need to go somewhere special, if only to give her something to consider under the covers in that shared Polish hotel suite with her Mother’s and sister’s presence dampening her carnal urges.

So I figured it was time to mix and match from our growing tool box.

So I reached for the Hitachi, already plugged in and nestled just under our bed, still there from Mistress’s Thursday morning “training session” with the WC.

Let’s just say the combination of the insistent churn of the Hitachi pressed hard against Mistress’s sodden folds, while the Charmer filled her and prodded against that little tender spot inside caused a veritable eruption here at the UCTMW World HQ.

Actually it was two eruptions, before Mistress begged me to turn the power tool off.

I let Mistress come down a bit, before I extracted the Charmer, dripping with Mistress sauce. It made a funny little plop as the thick head finally came free.

And before I took my own pleasure, substituting my humbler prong for the pink one that had been so kind to send us, I asked Mistress for her contemporaneous evaluation, before the post orgasmic aftershocks had faded.

“Wow…. That was….intense…. Definitely a keeper, Slave.”

That type of response earns the Charmer a “two body parts up” review here at UCTMW. Though I am still hoping that Mistress’s keeps it clear of her Slave’s humble ass.


Donna said...

Wow Mick, that is one hot review! Sounds like the Charmer added fuel to the fire. Granted, in your case that's like pouring lighter fluid onto a roaring bonfire, and it's all good!

Loved Molly's note.

Hugs to all,

PS Don't you wonder why the hotel advertises that information? Good grief!

WC said...

Good morning Mick,

I will try and think of something interesting to post,

Its not that easy

Its amazing you come up with something interesting every day.

your amigo,


nilla said...

*smiling*....that's one hellova sendoff, Mick!


Suzanne said...

Great post mick.

The thought of a police style "lineup" including WC's special occasion cock, other cocks, and perhaps a few toys might make for an interesting comparative exercise. Certainly not for the feint of heart.

Hope you are behaving yourself.


WC said...


I will be in the line up but Molly has all the pictures, got to talk hger into it.

The busted and in the line up,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

That line-up idea is kind of fun, but now its got that Jack Webb / Gragnet music going in my head, and his ubiquitous line, "Just the facts, M'am."

Donna said...

Bill is more than willing to participate in the presentation of the magnificent tools of the men of UCTMW. His confidence that he would be the victor in any contest may lead some to understand why it is that I usually have a smile on my face.