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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Supersize Me?

With one teen visiting friends in Florida for the weekend, and the other spending the night with a friend in her college dorm (I know, let’s not ask too many questions about that), Mistress and Slave had the luxury of waking to an empty house Saturday morning.

Sleeping in was on the the agenda for Mistress. And of course a bike ride if the monsoon clouds ever parted. But first, there was some rather vigorous activity between the sheets.

“I think I need a particularly hard cock this morning slave…. why don’t you go put in your device (my little white aneros).”

Naturally, I responded to her command, and proceeded to demonstrate exactly how hard my work-a-day cock could get

By the time we were disentangled, Mistress seemed more than pleased.

After our ride, we were off in different directions: me to hang out with my grandson and a visiting older daughter; Mistress on a mission to deal with her nails before her European mission begins.

By the time we were back under the same roof, and I had unpacked the groceries for Easter dinner (yes, Slave and Mistress will be hosting yet another mandatory family gathering tonight), I noticed a package on the front steps.

It was the next installment of our consumer testing consignment from

Now our commitment to these folks is to do a product review with appropriate links when we receive a free toy from them.

This is not that review!!! That will be coming later this week, to provide a little filler while Mistress is overseas.

But the new toy did see a little abortive action yesterday.

You see what we were looking for was a new tool for Mistress’s strap on. Her current “prong” is getting a little shop worn, and, quite frankly, is more the starter size, as you can see from this photo.

It seemed that something a little bigger, and a little spiffier would be something that would be nice to add to our collection. I mentioned this to Kayla, our “handler”, and she sent us about 5 links of products to choose from.

Well, either I wasn’t paying attention to the dimensions of these products, or, like kids in the candy store, our appetites got away from us.

I opened the package, pulled out the nice see through packaging and …. Gulp.

No way was this thing …. About 8 inches long and rather bulbous at the end… was going to fit once Mistress got into her frenzy of pumping her hips against my tender ass.

Of course, this being Saturday afternoon, and with her plans to leave town on Tuesday, Mistress had made it clear that I was due for what she described as a “good ass fucking to remember me by” during our long separation.

I suppose I could have tucked away our new toy, or stuck it back in the box for a return. She might never have known it had even arrived.

But honesty is the best policy, particularly if I want to remain the “pampered house Slave” at UCTMW World HQ.

So when it was time to crawl into bed for our next Saturday round, I meekly displayed to Mistress the new toy.

“Oh my, Slave…. and whatever are we to do with that?”

I politely indicated that it was my mistake…. That there was no way this sucker was going to fit me tight little aperture.

Fortunately, Mistress did not disagree.

Plus as she held it in her hand, feeling its heft, she concluded that it was way too pliant and flexible to force its way into that tight and tiny space.

She had me take a photo of it in her newly manicured fingers, to send off to M via text message.

“Maybe it will make him think of me handling the special occasion cock, Slave.”

And I also took a shot of it attached to her harness, to share with you its rather frightening dimensions.

(Am I off base here, readers? Just a wimp? Suzanne, maybe you can show us a photo of the tool that you use when having your fun with Tammy.)

In any event, after the photo op was concluded, I helped Mistress “reload” with her more conventional weapon.

We spent some time kissing, fondling and stroking until Mistress was ready for the main event.

“Get in position, Slave.”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

And she made sure that we both had an experience to tide us over as she heads on her journey. Can you store up orgasms, like squirrels do nuts for the winter?

She easily found her mark, then, ultimately, came hard twice, while surging into me with a considerable fervor, until she collapsed into to me, spent. Then she had me insert my aneros again, before allowing me to take her hard and long, from above.

When my time had come, and after I made sure she had at least two more cums in the conventional fashion, she generously gave me permission too.

I did tell her that we would try out our new toy on her this morning, when I exercise my switch privileges.

“I guess I have no choice then, Slave.”

As a matter of fact, she doesn’t.


beingaisha said...

Nice nails, Molly!

Um, yeah, waaaay too big. I'm glad she agreed with you on that, Mick!


Suzanne said...


At least give it a try for God's sake! I thought you were going to be on the side of the consumer in this venture? Think about the little guy for a change (cute eh?)! How are we supposed to know how these things work if you're too chicken to even try? Not that some of us don't know already :)

I'll see what I can do about a picture. Aunt Louise is here for a few days. Don't want her choking on her Easter eggs!



Donna said...

I hope Suzanne is keeping count. It seems that at UCTMW, CEO stands for Cumming Extraordinarily Often. How wonderful!

That devise is, in a non-flesh tone sort of way! It has the appearance of a wiffel bat. Remember, Mick, that lube is your friend. Anxious to hear how it rides.

I love Molly's strap-on harness with the cute ruffles and pink trim, and her nails look lovely.


WC said...

I know Suzanne!

He is the most over pampered house slave in America.

And Molly you are going all soft on us, your loyal readers.

And yes Donna, did you know that Molly's native american name placed upon her in the great Pueblo in the west is " she who cums a lot,"

BUT, that is going to change on her up cumming , or not, trip.

I am still taking suggestions on how often,

But Molly, for a start, I want you to pack your butterfly and two clothes pins.


Here in the lonely western most reach of UCTMW, I am,

The busily plotting the B&BCEO's fate,


littlemonkey said...

Such a lovely Easter pink! And Molly, your nails look fabulous.

Mistress L said...

Haha this sounds great. Thanks for showing a picture of the monster =P

Anonymous said...

Perhaps slave needs a harness of his own, so that he can pleasure Mistress with the new toy without getting any satisfaction himself.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Now that would be particularly cruel, Anonymous.

sin said...

I missed this one while I was away, thanks for referring back to it Mick. I do think that Suzanne was right and that it was kind of wimpy not even to try, Lube is magical stuff. Though really, if it's not firm enough it's probably just not going in.

sin (surprisingly mean?)