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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Name From the Past

Monsoon season seems to have kicked in here in River City.  There was rain all day yesterday. And the sound of even more Hard Rain falling as I type here in the UCTMW commissary kitchen in the pre-dawn darkness.

Because Molly had to be out the door so early yesterday – taking the teens on yet another college visit (and it sounds like a decision has finally been made) –we only had time for some quick worship. Hopefully my oral devotions helped ease her into the day of driving north for an hour in that miserable rain. Mistress is not as addicted to early a.m. caffeine as most if us are. So maybe the endorphins arising from a wake up “O” do the trick for her.

We were headed in opposite direction, me to work, and since she was busy entertaining the kids, our contacts were limited to some occasional text messages. (Apparently the all you can eat cafeteria on campus was a big hit!)

So by the time I got home around 6 pm, to find Mistress stripped to her black panties and bra, catching up with some  work emails on our bed, we had some catching up to do.

It wasn’t long before I was on my knees, Mistress was lying back, legs spread, and her Slave was fulfilling some of that pent up demand.

Since the girls had been grazing early and often, I figured we could delay dinner preparation a bit, and we lay back after Mistress’s little pre-dinner cum to catch up on some of your blogs.

Of course, it came as no surprise to find the WC and our Senior Correspondent moonlighting over at All Mine. The intrigue is building over the circumstances of Suzanne’s rear entrance de-flowering. And since our WC considers himself the most pre-eminent internet expert on this subject - reminding some of us of those “instant expert” talking heads that the cable news channels dredge up in the wee hours to fill the time between all too frequent commercial breaks - well it’s only natural that he should chime in on the techniques that Jay should deploy in the days ahead to prep Suzanne for her little adventure.

And Donna, of course, had to chime in too, not wanting the WC to get a column inch advantage.

I made a note to audit their time sheets this week, to make sure that UCTMW is not being billed for all this moonlighting.

But  then Mistress pointed me  in a different direction.

“Guess who popped up on my facebook page….”

“Who, Mistress?”

“E…. after all these months. Now he claims he’s a “free agent”, and wants to talk….”

(Our more obsessive readers may recall that E is one of Molly’ former college year lovers who got us started on this surprisingly hot cuckold thing in the fall of 2009, but who unceremoniously disappeared on Molly – in rather a rude fashion-  after getting her  wrapped up in his devious web.)

“Hmmm…. That’s a surprise. I don’t know that I would believe him.”

Mistress did have a rather hot infatuation for E, with all his talk of spanking and the things that would happen after her butt was warmed.

Mistress was typing away now.

“I’m telling him that the window has closed, Slave…. That I have two men tending to my needs these days, much to my satisfaction….”

“Good for you Mistress….”

“If I ever did see him it would be to punish him for the way he treated me….”

“Hmmm…. It’s a nice thought, Mistress ….but somehow I think the tables might be quickly turned, and you’d end up over his knee, your skirt up and panties down….he did get you going, as you’ll recall.”

Mistress gave me a look. But I think she had her own doubts. 

We’ll see where this goes.

After I whipped up dinner – a rather tasty Trout Almondine, much to the daughters’ amazement – we adjourned to our “Executive Suite”.

“Are we having sex tonight, Slave?”

“I was hoping…. After all for me, it’s been almost 36 hours.”

I was laying it on thick.  Of course, Mistress had been worshipped a few times in the interim, so she wasn’t feeling my comparative desperation.

And Mistress responded in kind.

“Really, that long?   You poor thing…. Why don’t you go put in your device…. I want a particularly hard cock tonight.”

I was more than happy to comply.

Tomorrow morning, Mistress and Slave head to NYC for a few nights. I have to speak at a conference. Mistress will be meeting some old business colleagues and lolling about. We hope to catch some theatre and have some nice meals.

Of course, I suppose we could have arranged a “meet and greet” with some of our NYC “followers.” We know you are out there. Can you have a “blog signing”?  That sure would be strange.

Watch this page if you are interested, or leave a comment.


beingaisha said...

Rain here too...I think it's going to rain forever.


beingaisha said...

Yeah, apparently I don't know how to make the song show up right... but if you cut and paste the link it works.

technologically challenged,


nilla said...

have fun in NYC...i'm still in awe of it..

as to the re-appearance of E...if He came and dropped before...he may be predisposed to that type of behavior...

and if that's the case...might be best to not go there, if only to avoid disappointment/hurt for Mistress...

then again, sometimes the 'game' is about risk...

the high highs come with low lows...and sometimes ? it is worth it.


strivingforpeace said...

I've got one of those on an 18 month rotation - -yawn.

sounds like Molly has it covered


Suzanne said...

Have a great trip to NYC. Unfortunately, the rain will likely follow you there for awhile.

At best, it seems like "E" would only cut it as a "temp" over at UCTMW, unlike the ever-reliable and full of anal-related information WC.

Enjoy :)


Donna said...

Oh Powers That Be at UCTMW,

This talk of your trip to NYC brings to mind an issue that the Director of Security and I have been discussing.

In reviewing our contracts, we see that every five column inches equals the value of one penile inch, and each partially nude photo equals 1/4 inch...with the length of WC and Mick's combined penile length equaling one trip within the continental US at company expense.

Having kept careful measure of my column inches and photos, unless both Mick's and WC's penises precedes them by a foot or so when they enter a room, Bill and I should have enough travel miles with UCTMW for a trip of our own by now.

A spring trip to the Northwest would be lovely.

Senior Correspondent,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thanks for the song, Aisha. the rain has finally stopped here, but its probably headed to tomorrow's destination next.

And Donna, good try!


WC said...


Well done, you are following in the WC's footsteps. I alway get all I can from Mick, stingy though he is. A good example is the little ski shack in Vail, aka, the house that Mick built.

And Mick,

I'll have you know that I am no instant expert, when it comes to matters of the ass. Years of study and field work have gone into my expert opinions. While I have never been qualified as an expert, in a court of law, or been invited on any talking head shows,

Donna and Suzanne have proclaimed me the preemminent expert in the field! And that is good enough for the WC. From now on I will refer to myself as the preeminant assotololigist, answer--er of all questions relating to the ass.

The expert assotologist,


Anonymous said...

thanks for your contributions today. I am only now reviewing your work as I actually had to show up at work today. WC, I approve your promotion to assotologist.
rest assured that E will not be permitted back into the fold(s)

WC said...

As always, our benevolent and beloved CEO has the final word.

The preeminent t Assotoglist,