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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back at It....With a bad case of PSWSD

Molly, Mick and the surly teens landed back here in River City past midnight on Tuesday morning…. Thanks, Donna for covering for us yesterday. Mick was neither of mind or spirit for cute, pithy, sexy fun.

(I apologize, Donna, for missing your final passage though. I must have been distracted by the lady in the maid’s outfit.)

In fact, I am still scrambling here to get back into charming  mode. Both Molly and I often suffer from a bit of PSWSD on our return from our mountain hideaway (Post Southwest Sun Depression).  There we are relaxed, laid back and recharged.  Here we can easily get  stressed, over-scheduled and drained.

I will spare you the details….just hope that somehow we survive the obligatory meal for 14 we have been required to throw this evening in honor of a family member who has sought refuge in town here from Tokyo for the next week or so.

As Molly said “I mean we are the only family members who both have jobs, so naturally we get to play the hostess and host on a week night.” 


(Surly teen 2 had a helpful suggestion: just order a bunch of pizzas. But that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?)

Rest assured that despite the stress of our return to “normalcy”, Mick did make time for a few moments of therapeutic worship for Mistress.  Yesterday, after we dragged our exhausted asses out of bed, and tried to wake up in a hot shower, I made sure Molly laid back on the bed to accept the attention from my tongue and lips that she deserved. Hopefully the little buzz made her day back at work just a tad more acceptable.

And after our trying days, re-emerging in the workplace, and juggling the “needs” of a few family members who just can’t seem to go on without us managing their affairs, I made sure I knelt and lost myself between Mistress’s firm and sexy thighs before heading off to the grocery to re-stock our larder for tonight’s set piece around the extended dining room table.

Molly and I did get a chance to chat with Donna on the way home last night. It was the first time Molly and Donna talked. They covered  careers, travel and   Donna and Bill’s extensive collection of sex toys. 

We clearly need a staff retreat to strengthen the connections between our management team. And maybe share some of those toys that Donna was busy cleaning this weekend. I wonder if there is a kink version of the Meyers-Briggs test that we all could take to verify our “types”?

So if you want sexy fun today in your blog reading today…. I suggest you check elsewhere. Over at ALL Mine, Suzanne is preparing to face the music after losing her virgin ass to Jay following But(t)ler’s sad showing in the NCAA finals. Whether Jay or Suzanne would win that bet had Slave here paying a lot more attention to the tournament this year than I would have after my alma mater crashed and burned in teh third round.

I only lost a bottle of Tequila to a  Texan friend following last night’s Women’s Final. But then my back door virginity went down the tubes some time ago.

Suzanne, please remind Jay to check out the WC’s tutorial. I made sure the link to the right is working.

Hopefully, we can get back in the groove here at UCTMW by this weekend !


beingaisha said...

Welcome back!

I was trying to figure out what PSWSD was. Maybe Post Skiing Week Slow Down. But I didn't come up with anything too exciting.

Hope youall make it through the family function and get back to normal!


sin said...

Pizza would NOT be wrong. Or take out Chinese or Indian. Presumably they are coming for the company not for the food. Grab some, get paper plates too, and just relax and enjoy them.

Donna said...

The men of UCTMW are really quite amazing. They are well educated, well read, quick witted and secure enough in their masculinity to plan meals, grocery shop, cook and entertain/tolerate relatives, too.

Top that off with those sexy knife skills and that whole security mystique...wait, I guess that last part is just my sexy guy. Oh well, I'm sure you and the WC have some other talents, too.


Suzanne said...

Mick & Molly...I'm sure you'll get back into the groove real quick. You're never that far out of it from what I read!

I think Jay has WC's tutorial memorized by now, along with all the other reference material he's been provided.

Donna..thanks for the advice in your comment yesterday. It's some of the most "trustworthy" I've received to date :)


WC said...

Now Suzanne,

Is Jay going to stricly follow the turotial?

If so he needs to give you a good sound bare bottom strapping!!

That bet is going from bad to worse!!!!

The very entertained and ammused,


Suzanne said...


With all due respect...

It's a F$%&*@& tutorial, not The Ten Commandments!

The only willing to go so far,


WC said...

Dear Suzanne,

When I saw that you started your comment "with all due respect," I somehow I kind of figured you would take that position. LOL

So what position will it be diaper or doggie?

Here is and idea though. Use the Hitachi along with the ass F$%&@&.

Then you will not care what is going on back there.

Good luck anyway

Your legion of fans will be waiting for the fateful day with bated breath!

The, see I am always trying to help out a friend in need,


WC said...

Dear Donna,

Thanks for the very nice complement. The same is true for the ladies of UCTMW.

And I happen to know that Mick does have many other talents.

Your fellow worker and teamster shop steward,

Power to the people,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Apparently the cleverness and entertainment value of comments here are in inverse proportion to the lameness of the day's blog.... I may just stop writing all together and let the comments speak for themselves.

Your Managing and still PSWSDed Editor, Mick

Suzanne said...


Here's a thought for your "obligatory dinner of 14" - Why not invite the WC's brother to sort of, you know, liven up the event and keep the family entertained? What's an extra table setting?

Obsession with derrieres must run deeply in that family.

Slow day in the halls of learning.

The always concerned with what is going on "back there",


p.s....deleted my previous comment by mistake while reaching for the Hitachi.

Donna said...


I suspect Mick would feel the need to superglue Molly and the teens to their chairs before opening the door to WC's brother. But it would be a great chance for Molly to sit there with a camera and get some great wide-eyed candid shots for the photo albums.


While I understand a certain anal fixation runs through the males in your family, gloating is rather unbecoming, don't you think? Your enthusiasm over Suzanne's situation would lead one to think you were the one destined to be in the pike position for this endeavor as opposed to Jay.

May I say in the nicest possible tone of voice, COOL YOUR CARBURETOR! You don't want to scare Molly away from this future endeavor, do you?

Why the hell is it that people have a hard time believing I'm a sub?


Anonymous said...

I am concerned. I worked like an animal all day, then hosted a large family meal with no one nearly as interesting as our WC's bro. Employees, you seem to have had lots of time on your hands today. what gives? love you all, but concerned about our vast media empire.
Molly Collins

WC said...

Now Molly Collins,

That is just about enough from You.

Time is not what Donna and I have on our hands.

Cum is what we have on our hands and we hope you remember that in the future.

The teamster shop steward, ME !!!

hereby levies a $69,69.69 fine upon the CEO unless you want to pay up in person! lol

And Donna,

that is just about enough from you as well my beloved fellow employee


I will have you know I have fuel injection not some relic from the days of American mussel cars!!!

And for the love of god don't invite my brother to any church functions


PTTTCEO and very underproductive WC.... but don't tell Mick

WC said...

And BTW Suzanne,

When is the last time you paid any attention the the 10 commandments anyway. I am sure you have probably broken quite a few as well.!!!

ME TOO!!!!


The how much fun do we all have?