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Thursday, April 7, 2011

HNT / Our Staff Illustrated.

Molly and Mick made it through their forced feeding of the extended family last night .... barely. Of course, someone had left the grill gas knobs in the on position (I know it couldn't have been this fool!), forcing me to improvise the cooking of all those well marinated chicken breasts in our broiler....but somehow the masses were fed and they made their way to the exits by around 10 pm. At that point we collapsed in bed and finally had the chance to read all your crazy comments from yesterday.

(And Mistress remembered that I had been wearing my cage all day.  Sliding that sucker off was certainly a relief.)

As I commented yesterday, it seems our comments are funnier and more compelling in inverse proportion to the lameness of the blog itself.

So since I slept a little later than normal, and I really would like to exploit my chance to fuck Mistress before heading out for an early opportunity to give some blood in the interests of measuring my good vs. bad cholesterol, I am going to leave you with some illustrations of or from our earnest staff.
The first is of our CEO, catching up on early morning reports. I think you can imagine what happens once I put the camera down.

 This one depicts our Donna, Senior Correspondent and Bill, our Director of Security, International, "working" out during their college days. I am told Miami Hurricane Coach Jimmy Johnson acted as their personal trainer.

Here is a more contemporary shot of Bill, ready to stand watch at our UCTMW World HQ. Or was this on his way to express a contrarian view recent Tea Party Rally?

And finally, although our WC&PTCEO Miguel's brother is not a formal member of our staff, he seems to live here in spirit. I was able to track down this shot of him as a young high school wrestler:

 Sadly, my time has expired..... need to go visit Mistress before my window of opportunity closes.

Fortunately for her, she has a personal training session scheduled with the aforementioned WC&PTCEO this morning.... so she plans a bike ride before dusting off the Hitachi and sliding back into bed. 

Wish her well! ( I am a little concerned about whether I am allowed to give her an orgasm this morning though... apparently M's instructions must have been ambiguous).


sin said...

Quite rambunctious comments from yesterday I agree. And I don't think I would want to encounter the Western Correspondent's brother in a dark alley. Would you?

nilla said...

omg, great 'illustrations' !!! I get behind in my reading and i miss some great things??? okay off to catch up!


Donna said...

Crazy comments? I don't recall any crazy comments.

Thanks for posting our photos. I hope everyone notices that I am wearing the OSHA approved athletic shoes to avoid slippage. You know I'm all about following the rules!

Isn't Bill a handsome son of a gun? Not to tattle, but if you look in the background of Bill's photo you may be able to see what happened to your gas grill. He thoroughly enjoys explosive situations, lucky me!


WC said...

I agree with Donna, I didnt see any crazy comments either ....

Very fuuny pictures Mick

The having a lot of fun,


Suzanne said...

Love the pictures. Glad you made it through what could have doubled for "The Last Supper."

There were plenty of foolish comments written by crazy people...but I thought they were fine :)

The easily amused,


beingaisha said...

Great pictures, Mick - I had no idea Bill was quite so hot... but I bet Donna keeps him busy.


Little Butterfly said...

Ahhh, can I just say that I love your blog? Any time I need a smile, I just come on over here! :)

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Always, happy to send out smiles, Little Butterfly.