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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mistress Enjoys Her Day in the City.

It is nice to wake in a plush hotel room, no sullen teens lurking in the hallway, pissy about having to go to school, with a “commute” that consists only of riding the elevator down to the 2nd floor.

So We both slept in a bit before I composed my daily homework assignment, and then enjoyed some leisurely wake-up sex, before I hit the shower and headed down to my conference.

Mistress only had one additional request for me:

“Slave, please make sure the Hitachi is plugged in and available.”

That mission was quickly accomplished, to accommodate Mistress’s personal training appointment with M later that morning.

Later, at around 10:30 am or so, as I sat and listened to some colleagues around the country share their war stories, I got a short text from Mistress.

“Heading out now, Slave….”

Mistress was planning to get her exercise with a long stroll up Madison Ave., now that the sun had replaced those rain clouds.

But it was hard to suppress my curiosity about how things had gone with her training session.

“How many, Mistress?”



“Have fun at your meeting, Slave.”

Well, it clearly would not be as much fun as Mistress was having.

My meeting wrapped up at about 4 pm, and I had picked up some theatre tickets during a brief break. But there was time for me to slide into bed with Mistress, who was napping when I returned to our room. I joined her, snoozing a bit  myself before another night on the town.

But when we both woke, maybe around 5:30 …. Well there was plenty of time before the curtain would rise.

But before we got started on our own little sexual escapade, I had to de-brief her a bit on her session with our WC.

“So what little story did he tell for you today, Mistress?”

“Oh… something about a motorcycle trip. He had on these black leather duds, and gloves and we stopped at some sleazy motel…. The usual after that …. Him feeding me his cock….”

So, as you can see, Mistress and those clean shaven folds had both a busy and very satisfying day here in the Big Apple.
No wonder she was a little hungry before the theatre.

A little sushi.

Some more Saki.

A wonderful revival of “House of Blue Leaves.” (Ben Stiller sure is a short dude!)

Now Mistress is sleeping in a bit.

But I know she would be disappointed if I failed to wake her before heading back to my meeting, don’t you think?


beingaisha said...

Yes, I certainly hope you woke her!!


Suzanne said...

Motorcycles, black leather, sleazy motels, cock feeding...."the usual"...Nice to see the WC hasn't lost his telephone touch!


WC said...

Was very fucking hot!