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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mistress's Bon Voyage Instructions for her Slave

To our friends, followers, and devoted readers:

As you may be aware, I am leaving the country for a bit of time. on Tuesday As such, I do have specific instructions for Mick.

The Mundane:

1)   If you need to phone the attendance office at the high school, the number is on the side of the fridge.
2)   If our daughter’s new passport arrives, please check out the student VISA instructions that we need to follow for her trip in August.
3)   Please ensure that someone (maybe you) changes the kitty litter and feeds the cats.
4)   The maid comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please leave her check out (on Thursdays) and remember to move the laundry from the basement shoot to the laundry room.
5)   Please have that light checked on my car.

The important stuff:

Mick does need specific instructions. As a sometimes-needy man, he is prone to letting his prurient needs rule his better judgment. It is this sort of impulsive behavior that has caused him to now hold the title of My Slave (for the rest of his life.) After careful consideration, I do issue the following (non-negotiable) rules:

1)   He is to wear the cage daily with the numbered plastic locks. I expect a photo (with a time stamped reference) to be emailed to me each morning.
2)   He is to email me once per day. This is to include thoughts on how much he misses my presence.
3)   He is permitted to masturbate once per day. He is then to send me an email to tell me what he thought about (yes, ladies. to tell me what he is thinking).
4)   He is to send the WC a daily text to check in. This can be an exchange of one-liners, but should occur none-the-less.
5)   If he is bored, he is NOT permitted to be entertained in our old neighborhood (under any circumstances.)
6)   If certain annoying women attempt to contact him, he is NOT to engage in conversation (even if it means engaging in cruelty.)
7)   He is NOT to post on any of his social networks that I am away. No acts of loneliness or pathetic behavior.
8)   He does not need to make the bed daily, but I do expect our room to be orderly upon my return.

Did I miss anything?


strivingforpeace said...

Good instructions

Bon Voyage Molly


Suzanne said...

Well Molly...I think you did a pretty good job with these instructions. It's a fine line you're walking. Too strict and the pampered house slave would just fall apart.

No pathetic behavior? That one could be a problem!

Enjoy your trip!



aisha said...

Nice list, Molly!

I know he'll miss you desperately, and that you have nothing to worry about!



MissBehaviour said...

I do hope 'no social networks' doesn't mean that mick won't be allowed to contribute to UCTMW! Perhaps your avid followers might be treated to one or two of the 'check pictures' here to share in the pleasure of restraint.

BTW, as tammy in All Mine and Diane in Bi and Large.. have both been rewarded with R/L promotions recently, won't mick feel left out. Perhaps some consolatory promotion at UCTMW (like from office sweeper to senior office sweeper) might be in order.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Don't worry. we will be posting while Mistress is on her grand tour. (and she's making a brief stop in London on the way, MssBehavior). But my material will probably not be as inspiring. Mick

Anonymous said...

thanks for your well wishes... NO mick will not be promoted until I return to an orderly and loyal home (and one thing I forgot) want the flower boxes planted and while they might be boring..Geraniums work best as we gets lots of sun and they are hearty! And I do like the red ones slave! He will write his blog (tho it might be boring without me ..or it better be)