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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Molly and Mick in Manhattan

Despite the dreaded ground delay syndrome, we made it here (barely) in time for my scheduled presentation yesterday afternoon. Nothing like a little rain in the Big Apple to throw the deadbolt on the traditional gridlock.

But with that accomplished, it allowed Molly and Mick to get into a more relaxed mode here in the City we rank among our favorite places to visit.

On the cab ride through Queens, stopping and going at a horse drawn carriage pace, I was checking my emails whole Mistress was exchanging text messages with M about their plans for some “dates” while I am in my meetings.

“He wants to make sure you packed the Hitachi, Slave….”

“All packed, Mistress. Though I forget an extension cord.”

(That could have been a breach of one of those “deadly sub sins”, but fortunately there is a handy plug at bedside for Mistress when she has this morning’s training session with M).

Once we arrived at our hotel – one of those dreaded monsters where my meetings are occurring – Mistress and Mick parted ways. I was up to my conference, and she had some work to do of her own.

Around 5 pm, I finally headed up to our room, where I discovered Mistress prepping for a reception with some of my colleagues. There she was in her boots, and black bra and undies. Yum. It was a shame she had to wear the dress.

She was a little agitated over a conversation she’d had with a fellow worker back at her “shop” – sounds like the lady had a hissy fit at Mistress’s expense – so I offered to provide some soothing worship to cut the edge. Mistress relented to my requests, and soom was lying back on our King sized bed, legs spread, providing me with clear and efficient access from my knees to her neatly shaven parts.

It seemed to work.

At the reception, Mistress was in a very pleasant mood as we chatted up my old friends and colleagues from around the country. (Some had met Mistress before. The others, I suspect, were scratching there heads wondering what this hot young thing was doing with old Mick….I suppose I could have referenced them to our blog, but…. Probably not a good idea).

There was one gentleman from Denver who was more than a little charmed with Mistress, and she did an excellent job of enticing him. I think he was disappointed when he learned we would not be joining him for dinner.

No, we had our own plans. Mistress loves a tiny sushi joint in SoHo, and I had promised her sushi. We hopped in a cab, headed south, and walked around that charming neighborhood for a while before filling up on some of Mistress’s favorite spicy tuna hand rolls and an assortment of sashimi. Mistress enjoyed her Sake. I sipped a Asahi beer as we wallowed in the simple charm of the place.

But Sushi joints are hardly known for their dessert. I suggested we walk around the corner to a romantic little French Canadian bistro, where we sat at the bar, sipped espresso’s and shared two confections – carmelized bananas and chocolate cheesecake – while listening to a classic jazz trio in the little storefront.

Of course, by now it was getting late. Mistress wondered if Mick had it in him for some sex when we finally got back to that large hotel bed.

“I think I have it in me, Mistress….”

Actually, I suspected she thought I would pass. And though it had been a long day for both of us, well, Slave was running on more than 24 hours since the last opportunity. I wasn’t going to defer the chance is Mistress was offering.

As we walked down the long hallway to our room, Mistress asked about my packing foresight.

“Did you pack your device, Slave?”

“I did Mistress…. But now that I think of it, I didn’t pack lube….”


“Not to worry…. There is some hotel moisturizer….”

Fortunately, that worked.

(Suzanne, there’s a tip for you, now that Jay has acquired all those high end butt plugs for you).

By the time I had tended to that task, Mistress was under the covers – quite naked- and ready for her Slave to attend to her needs.

By now she was also a bit tipsy – scotch at the reception, sake with dinner – so she was want to just lay back and let me perform the honors. I did so with tongue and lips first, and she seemed to herk and jerk her way to a nice long cum as I dragged out that process with a certain perverse delight.

But then, once the appetizer was savored, she was ready for the main course.

“Are you ready to fuck me now Slave….” She murmured in her deep and sexy voice.

“I believe I am, Mistress.”

Uhhh, yeah. She quickly learned I was more than ready.


Suzanne said...


Thanks for the "tip" - there's probably a lesson to be learned each time I read your blog. Sometimes it's a little harder to find than others. Thanks for pointing this one out.

Hope housekeeping doesn't run out of moisturizer.


WC said...

Sounds like a great trip so far.

What fun you two lunatics have!!!!

Your Amigo,


mouse said...

Sounds like a great beginning!


H said...

Love the boots, sexy legs

nilla said...

i think i walked past that place when we journeyed thru SoHo on our way to the Village? Then again, we saw so many things.

i love New York (great place for a middle aged hippy gal!)...

and i'm glad you two are keeping up the loving there!


Donna said...

Sex in multiple positions, caramelized bananas, espresso and classic jazz? Wow!

The Good Life for the Good Guys. Way to go!

Glad you're having a good time!


beingaisha said...

Great picture, as always!

Glad youall are having fun....