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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Molly and Mick on the Lower East Side (Illustrated)

It was another mix of business and pleasure for Molly and Mick yesterday here in NYC.

There was time in the morning for some leisurely wake up sex, though Mistress was a little annoyed when I turned the light on to work on the blog as she slept in a bit.

I suspect I may be hearing more about that later.

And as I was packing my bag for a hotel change later in the day, I asked Mistress if she wanted me to pack up the Hitachi.

I got that "look".

"Of course, not Slave...."

Ah, yes. She had another training session scheduled that morning while I was in my conference.

My work wrapped up around noon.  Mistress had taken a brisk walk through Central Park before her "date" with M. When I got back to our room she was all dressed, ready to go, and we were soon headed by cab to a small hotel Mistress has stayed at in recent trips to the City, away from the tall buildings and wide boulevards of mid-town.

On the herky jerky cab ride South, I asked Mistress how her "session" had gone with the WC.
"It was very nice, Slave...."

"How many, Mistress?"

"Oh... I'd say at least four."

"Excellent.... and did M get off too?"

"Yes... and well ... it was strange.... he came once, and then about, about 5 or 10 minutes later, he says he came again....He said he hadn't done that since he was a kid or something"

"Hmmm.... I'm skeptical Mistress.... twice in 10 minutes....."

"It sounded like the real thing, Slave...."

"We may have to ask him to provide a more detailed debriefing in the comments section, Mistress."

"Well lets see if he rises to the challenge.... it may take him a while to recuperate, Slave...."

"At least a half hour...."

By now the cab had finally found the boutique hotel Mistress had discovered a year or so earlier.

In the funky lobby of the converted 1870's era tenement, lit by broad store front windows, Mistress was greeted by the older female manager as a long lost friend in an accent that betrayed her childhood in Rome.

"See, I've brought my husband this time."

"Or at least I will pass for her husband tonight.", I added, as the manager gave Mistress a knowing wink. 

In honor of her companionship, Mistress was upgraded to the "Penthouse", and you can see the balcony of our room, with spectacular views south to the Battery and North to the Chrysler Building.


We were tempted to just hang on our huge suite, with its cute perch, but there was a new neighborhood for us to explore, so we deferred that and headed to the streets.

We had lunch at a cute little Vietnamese place, suggested by the Manager, then began to explore.

A few doors away, we found a rather unique, "cruelty free"shoe store. We wondered what Sin and MoS would think of that. 

And Mistress was a little squeamish when we passed by the open air fish shops along Grand St., with crabs scrambling all over one another for freedom.
 We did find a spot where Mistress could get some personal grooming done. But she's so good at it herself now, so why bother.
Yesterday at All Mine, Suzanne described having Tammy go to a high end lingerie shop for some personal items to add to his collection. and we did see some things that might appeal to him in NoLita:

There was even a bid we thought Suzanne and Tammy might put to good use, and sent her an email with this photo to her:

Unfortunately, there was one photo I could not take, in an art gallery. the artist specialized in large, primitive style canvases with rather gross sexual imagery, with cartoon like bubbles of commentary popping from the character's mouths. One  brought to mind Suzanne's much anticipated rear door deflowering, scheduled for this evening. It featured a voluptuous woman, perched atop a man's cock, proclaiming "ass murder". But I don't think the vigilant gallery owner would have been pleased if I had snapped a picture for posting here.

Just know we will be  thinking of you this evening Suzanne!

By now, Mistress and Slave had tired feet. and although services were available to solve that problem too, we decided to beat a hasty retreat back to our penthouse.

WE had theatre tickets, and plenty of time, so first there was a very welcome nap, curled up against my Mistress. We woke about an hour later to Mistress's text chime.

"It's M, Slave.... he wants to know if we're having sex..."

"How are you responding, Mistress?"

"I'm telling him that's next on the agenda."

And so it was.

After the theatre, we had dinner in a raucous Mexican place, down the street from our hotel, sipping Mezcal and eating gourmet tacos and a chili relleno. The hipsters were coming and going. by bicycle at 1 am in this crazy neighborhood. And now I am up, Mistress still snoozing. My assignment is to let her sleep as I take a run, then obtain some biscuits and jam at the cute little gluten free bakery around the corner that keeps Mistress coming back here to this funky little part of the City.

And once I fulfill my mission, I suspect there will be a reward.


sin said...

It's fun to have the guided tours from you and Nilla of NYC. I haven't been for ages and am planning a trip.

Suzanne said...

You guys have made tammy!

Love the bib and the sexy little ensemble!

"Ass Murder"???? I hope not!

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness :)


WC said...

Very fun and interesting pictures Mick,

Good morning Molly,

The PTTTCEO Miguel

beingaisha said...

What a wonderful trip... I'm so glad you're enjoying it.


Donna said...

So glad you are having a great time in NYC!

And I'm not jealous. Much. No, not much at all, she said as she folded the laundry.

WC said...

Well Donna,

I am jealous,

The jealous,