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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fill in the Blanks for Switch Day.

Mistress requires an early wake up call today. She’s driving our surly teen to hear the final sales pitch at one of the colleges on the short list. They need to be out the door by 7:15….

So let’s just offer up a few images, words and phrases and let you fill in the blanks with imagination or comments to describe how switch day went here yesterday morning at the UCTMW world HQ.


The red leather cuffs and those little locks to secure them to Mistress’s wrists.

The braided leather “rope” and with little clips at the end, good for securing Mistress on her tummy or back, arms spread overhead.

A single feather.

The palm of my hand.

Power Tool.

One Work-a-day Cock.


Feather applied to the sole of Mistress’s feet, and along the inside of calf and thigh, to the very apex of her firm and muscular legs.

Palm firmly landing on squirming ass.

Cock sliding from behind between those reddened cheeks.

Hitachi embraced by clenching thigh and ass muscles.



Muffled laughter.

Desperate squirms, ineffective in avoiding a firm but fair spanking.

Frenzied writhing.

Begging for permission, and, later, to stop after that 2nd Hitachi induced orgasm.

Amusing Dialog:

“Be careful there, Slave, you’re headed for the wrong orifice….”

“Oops… M would be upset if I got there before he did, after all, you’ve promised it to him….”

“At this rate, I may end up a virgin back there, Slave.”


beingaisha said...

That was almost a poem itself...


beingaisha said...

O, and nice pictures of lovely Molly!! I almost forgot to say that...

Alujna said...

You come up with the most amusing :)
makes me smile

WC said...

Great job Mick,

The that was hot,