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Friday, April 22, 2011

Long Day in the Cage

I guess I need to get used to it.

It was a long day in my little steel cage.

As predicted, the answer was yes when I went upstairs yesterday, and asked Mistress if it would be a cage day. Before we started our Thursday morning session between the sheets, I scrunched and wiggled by balls into the hard steel ring – always a bit of a challenge. And the result was pleasing for both of us.

A very hard and long lasting cock for Mistress.

And a rather explosive cum for her “pampered house slave”, a phrase that I may have been a little too clever to come up with earlier this week. Now it’s starting to stick.

At that point it was time for Slave to fit the cover on the cage, confining my now satisfied cock, and give Mistress the privilege of snapping the lock shut.

I kissed her goodbye as she was getting ready for a breakfast in the neighborhood with an old high school friend. Then she’d be coming back home for her training session with M.

I resisted the temptation of hiding the Hitachi.

That would be grounds for punishment, and while her “punishments” are usually pretty enjoyable in the end, I was not going to tempt fate.

Around 11 am I called her to see how things had gone, but she did not pick up.

Hmmmm. Overtime?

But not long after that she did call, on her way into work.

“How’s. the cage, Slave.”

“Tight, Mistress.”

“Sorry, but when you called M and I were just finishing up…”

“No problem, Mistress. How many?”

“Four, Slave.”

Not bad. It wasn’t noon yet and she was up to at least six, as far as I could tell.

Of course the thought of it gave my cock a little twitch in its close quarters.

“And M… did he get off too, Mistress.”

“He did, Slave…. It was very impressive.”

“did he get another one of those doubles in today.”

She giggled. No. Just one today, Slave.

Somehow, I suspect M made the most of that opportunity.

We finally got together again at around 6 pm, to attend a little party for a friend who is leaving her old job and going to work with Mistress. It was a lively gathering, and we ended up staying there for a few beverages, then joining some old acquaintances for dinner.

A couple of times as our evening progressed, Mistress discretely asked me how I was doing in the cage.

“It’s tight, Mistress…. But OK.”

“Poor Slave…. I guess you’re going to have to get used to it while I’m gone.”

Somehow I didn’t detect a whole lot of sympathy.

By the time we were finally home, it was nearly 11 pm. Late for a Thursday night here at the UCTMW World HQ.

“Would you like me to worship, Mistress.”

“Really Slave…. It’s so late.”

“Well I was hoping if I did a good job, you’d unlock the cage.”

“Oh dear…. I almost forgot.”

She laid back, spread her legs nicely for me, and let me get down to business. She knew I’d apply myself, particularly with that little key in the palm of her hand.


Suzanne said...

So...what was the final "score"

Molly 8 mick 1 Miguel 1?
Molly 7 mick 0 Miguel 1?
Molly 7 mick 1 Miguel 2????


mouse said...

Well, mouse hopes that Molly fell blissfully asleep after unlocking you ;-)


WC said...

Well Suzanne,

Just 1 for the WC, 2 is rare for old broken down WC. But give me a half hour and I am good to go!

The good to go,


Donna said...

I have been thinking about Molly's upcoming trip and it would seem that perhaps Molly's "confinement" should be right in line with Mick's. After all, with Molly away from Mick she will probably revert to her more submissive tenancies that WC appreciates so well.

What do you think WC?

About the numbers Suzanne posted...I like to think of it as a gift from The Universe to the Fairer of the Sexes. After all, she's not called MOTHER Nature for nothing! Females recover faster and are the high scorers in this game! Win-win.

It's so good to be on the winning team,

WC said...

You know Donna I think you are right on both counts...

No doubt the fairer sex enjoys many more orgasms... but I enjoy watching the fire works!

And limiting Molly to one orgasm per day ... well I think we would have a very frustrated CEO!

I love the idea and have it under advisement.

The loves watching,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Sounds like it was

Molly 7, Mick and M 1 each, unless Molly slipped some others in there that her Slave does not know about.


Anonymous said...

glad you are not in charge of me..haha
we will consider your info during your next performance review

Donna said...

Not to be rude, Ma'am, but the WC specifically asked my opinion about this. You wouldn't have me lie to your Dom, would you Ma'am? That might get me in trouble with my Dom who knows me well enough to know what my answer to WC's question would be. So you see, if anything, I should be rewarded for my honesty...otherwise I might need to speak to my Shop Steward who happens to also be your Dom, the WC. It's all so round robin, isn't it?

Suzanne said...

Donna....Good thing we recover faster than the other sex. They take forever don't they?

I have to disagree with regards to Molly's "confinement." She's the CEO...She calls the shots...No confinement for her...I think she should be allowed to "freelance" on this trip. Within reason of course.



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

True... I don't think Mistress has sampled any uncircumcised cocks yet....maybe opportunity will knock?


WC said...

Haha Mick,

You pot stirrer you.

You never disappoint.

your Amigo,


aisha said...

Whoa, I get dizzy just listening to you all - what a swirl of roles and rules.. I love it.