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Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Western Correspondent Shares Some History

Mistress and her entourage were driven from Warsaw to Lodz today, and apparently their driver was interested in ramping it up in the customer service department. Mistress teased out the details first in a text that popped up mid-afternoon here:

“Our driver is pretty hot, Slave.”

“Maybe he’ll introduce you to one of those famous polish sausages, Mistress.”

Later she shared via phone some of the details.

“When I was standing alone in the lobby of the hotel …. He said I should program his number in my phone, Slave… in case I needed something later on.”

“And did you, Mistress?”

“Well, of course…. You never know what might pop up.”

It turns out his name is “Merrick”…. Very Ann Rice-ish. He’ll be with our journeying Americans for a few days. And it certainly has me wondering whether he will help Mistress overcome the absence of my cock after several days of separation.

Of course, the training regime that had been dictated for Mistress by the WC should be taking some of the edge off. It’s fortunate that at her trendy hotel suite in Lodz, Mistress now has a little more privacy.

She has her own room, and a fancy shower to go with the bidet in her own loo. She sent me this photo right after she checked in, with the heading “Satan’s den.”

Wish I was there with you Mistress, to use that other plush robe, and worship in the manner to which you’ve become asccustomed!

That privacy apparently came in handy, because Mistress lost the coin toss for a second day in a row… (the deck may be stacked, since the WC reports the toss results, sight unseen). That meant there were clothespins clipped to her tenderized nipples as she got herself off three times in a row before heading to bed.

While Mistress is off on her little foreign junket, Her Slave and Personal Trainer are hard at work, though we have had a chance to talk and trade texts a bit this week, sort of a two person support group, feeling a need to lean on one another  while the object of our affections is several thousand miles away and 6 hours ahead of us.

But the WC did tell me that Mistress texted him a shot of her breasts with the clothespins attached from her private session this evening. I’m hoping that Mistress can pass that photo onto me too, if only so that our devoted readers can get a glimpse.

And now we have a real treat for you.

The WC must be feeling sorry for Mick, with all these column inches to fill, and not much “action” to report. So I found the following in the UCTMW in box from out West:

“Here are some column inches if you want to use them, Mick.

In order to justify my little ski shack on the slopes of Vail, aka the house that Mick built, and my lavish salary, here are a few tidbits from the life of Mr. and Ms. WC.

When we first met in the 90's, we were already kinksters. We attended a couple of Shadow Lane spanking parties in California. Shadow Lane is owned by a very nice lady name Eve Howard, who produces spanking porn. Check it out on the internets, as GWB would say.

One party was in LA and the other in Palm Springs, both at very nice hotels. For two days bottoms were spanked and other general debauchery ensued. As LA was the porn capital of the world, quite a few of the attendees were porn actors. Very hot looking people as a whole. B and I met and played with Jennifer Brooks, a blonde spanking actress of some fame. In general the parties were very fun and they still host them, but now they are in Vegas. I would recommend them.

Mr. and Ms. WC also like to go to naked resorts. We have been to ones in Palm Springs, Colorado and Florida. However the best was the Hedonism II in Jamaica. Holy shit! There were beautiful people fucking all over the place!

A very, very cool resort that I highly recommend! They have a thing there once a year called Kink in the Caribbean, that I'm sure some of Mick's readers would enjoy. NO, I think that all of Mick's Readers would enjoy!!!

That would be the time and place for all the kinky bloggers to meet!

However, even at the Hedonism resort they didn't have Bidets. But they did have a swim up bar in the pool and several hundred naked lunatics. Was too much fun.

Well Mick now I have to get back up to my little ski shack on the slopes of Vail, and get the mountain bikes and kayaks ready for the summer.

The heading for Vail,


Thank you, WC. And it was nice of you to toss in a shot of your Brother too. I know some of our readers are fascinated by his unique techniques.


Little Butterfly said...

Oooh, Mr WC's brother, I swear they did not get that photo from me! hehe

Anonymous said...

well rested after a night in the posh suite! Did not call Marek (proper spelling Mick). my nipples are quite sore (did send WC photo). Mick can't receive photos on his phone and am having trouble emailing photos (sorry Mick and readers) hope that I win the toss today. guessing heads again. no bidet last night, but my bathroom has two detachable shower I made due (haha) missing mick's warm body! woke to two cock pics again (a girl could get used to this) mick in cage and WC engaged at full staff. more later

Donna said...

Hey WC, love seeing more of your writing style. Way to go!

Great travel suggestions, Jamaica sounds especially promising. Maybe UCTMW will hold the annual employee retreat there this year!

Marek sounds interesting, if not a little pushy. Since there has been some interest in variety on the CEO's part, I wonder whether he's circumcised or not. I also wonder what Marek's face would look like if the CEO would ask that question in the same conversational tone that one might ask about the weather. Blink. blink.

Have a great day guys!

Senior Correspondent,

Donna said...

Dear CEO, Mick and WC,

Bill just read today's blog and has volunteered to fly over immediately to protect our CEO from non-employees. He says since she is in a private room, he would feel the need to stay in the room with her, very close to her, to offer his protection and his services. He feels this all falls well within his job description as Chief of Security, INTERNATIONAL. (He stressed the international part)

As far as circumcised, or not, he believes our CEO will forget all about that silly question as soon as she sees and experiences what he has to offer.

Me? I asked him to bring home lots of pictures for our albums!


WC said...


Our beloved and benevolent CEO just crapped out again,,,

tails it was.

I was almost sorry to text her the results,


but rules are rules!

Mick, do you think I can expect some whining and wheedling today?

Good morning Donna,

Thanks for the shout out but I did notice the the executive editor helped out the WC and fixed the flaws in the first draft.

Well I am glad to see that the sore nipple express continues to role along, refueled and rolling like a juggernaut, with the trusty Marek at the helm.

And believe it or not the WC is playing it strait and only flipping the coin once and accurately reporting the results.

Hope B&BCEO's luck changes tomorrow.

The playing it strait,


WC said...

Donna I think Bill is right.

If Marek is of Anne Rice lore, then he is likely a vampire or very kinky prince. Tell Bill to bring his silver bullets, holy water and wooden stakes, as well as hand cuffs, whips butt plugs, vibrators etc.

Either way Bill will have is hands full!

The hopes Bill can save our beloved and benevolent CEO,


WC said...

Oh and that reminded me I once owned a cassette tape of Samantha from the TV show bewitched, reading Anna Rice's Beauty series. I can't remember her name but she was a cute blonde.

And she must have been kinky because that series of books was VERY kinky and VERY hot!

I recommend them highly is anyone wants to check them out.

The can't believe I forgot her name,


Bill, Director of Security UCTMW Int. said...

Ah yes, WC, you have mixed your paranormal critters again. Silver bullets are for werewolves not vampires. As for Holy Water, I try not to get that close to religion so I'll stick with the old tried and true, sharp sword and fire.
Have passport will travel!

WC said...

Very funny Bill!

Guess I will have to brush up on my vampire lore as our B&BCEO is very near Count Dracila's stomping grounds.

The stands corrected,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Slave has been of the field variety today, out toiling at a house we own in the City that we rent out. Hacking bamboo trees growing like weeds, (yes bamboo!), running the weed eater, and spending way too much time on my knees, pulling up and re laying some out door tiles...all in the cage. my body is sore- back, knees, and balls too..

It's much more fun being a pampered house Slave, who gets on his knees only for worship.

But it's good to see that our staff has been busy while old Mick has been doing physical labor.

I almost feel sorry for Mistress's nipples.

and Bill, I am sure you would have Marek running for cover, before you showed him what a circumcision entails.


Donna said...

Bill says the depth of Marek's circumcision is entirely dependent on how close he attempts to get to our Mistress.

Maybe since the switch factor is out for tomorrow, you could be uncaged, instead. It is awfully hot and with all the physical labor you are doing, I am certain that Mistress wouldn't want you to get chafed.


WC said...

Hey could some one tell me how to leave a comment over at Ms Marie's blog... there is no option for NAME. The computer challenged WC likes her blog and would like to give her some props.



beingaisha said...

Ok, y'all, I was going to leave a comment, but my thoughts got lost somewhere read your comments... so, um, Molly, I hope you get orgasms without nipple clamps soon, and Mick, I hope you hang in there til she gets home without getting too depressed...



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Hey WC- not sure why you had a problem posting a comment for Ms. Marie... maybe she has you blocked, after confusing you with your brother?