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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mistress Makes Plans for her European Trip

Next week, Mistress is off with her mother and sister on a tour of two Eastern European Countries. In total, about 12 days on the road, visiting some places she has always longed to see.

The odd part is that its also the longest Slave and Mistress will have been apart since… well, since we began living together nearly 20 years ago.

Mistress has mixed feelings about that, I know. She looks forward to her journey, but also has some insecurities about what trouble her Slave might get into when left so long to his own devices.

(Not that she has anything to worry about, mind you. I can stay out of “trouble”, and will have work to do and teens to hover too close to while she is gone.)

SO there has been some ongoing chatter here these last few weeks about the protocols that will be followed while she is away. On the drive home yesterday we talked it over some more.

“Slave, I was telling M about what plans we’ve been making….”

“yes.. and what did you share, Mistress?”

“Well…. that you’ve ordered some plastic numbered locks for your cage.”

Yeah… the cage…. I’m supposed to wear it whenever I leave the house, and send her little email photos of me in it at work….. maybe with a newspaper showing the date, like when those Euro-radicals of the 70’s would kidnap some Italian right wing Mayor’s wife.

“I told him that you are supposed to masturbate no more than once a day, and then write about what you were thinking when you do it.”

“That’s pretty indulgent, Mistress.”

“I know, that’s what he said…. He seems to think you should be in the cage the whole time I‘m gone…. That I should take the key with me.”

“Nice…. I’ll remember that for his next annual review….”

“But I think that would be too cruel, Slave….”

“You are very kind, Mistress.”

“No coming for 12 days would drive me insane Mistress…. What’s the use of an insane Slave?”

“I told him I was going to type up a list of tasks for you to do while I’m gone….”

“You mean I’m supposed to do something other than masturbate?”

“Yes…. There will be tasks….but then he said he’s going to prepare a list of protocols for me to follow on the trip, Slave….”

“Oh goody…. The worm turns….I bet that will be interesting, Mistress.”

And it’s also true, that Mistress will be missing M over those 12 days…. After all they are in touch just about every day too. I guess I will need to me a little more empathetic to both of them during this separation.

If M lived near here maybe we could go bowling or something.

It was threatening to storm by the time we got home, so we skipped the bike ride we had planned, and Mistress got some relatively quick worship before it was time to sit down for dinner with the teens.

Mistress had more work to do for a while after dinner, but we also had some plans for bedtime.

During the day, Mistress had texted that she was going to shoot for the reverse cowgirl, to see if it lived up to all the hype we had heard from Donna and M these last few days.

By the time we went upstairs, Slave was a little tired, not too sure that all that potential exertion was in the cards. But Mistress was undaunted.

“Go put in your device Slave (my aneros), and get in bed!”

We cuddled, cajoled, fondled and provoked. Soon Slave had overcome his initial fatigue, and my work-a-day cock was more than ready to be mounted.

Mind you, no props were involved for this first go round. No boots. No cowboy hat. And, thankfully, no spurs.

Mistress had no problem climbing on board. And my cock was not stressed at this unusual angle.

Mistress was squirming and sliding back and forth, looking for the right angle of attack.


No magic.

I mean, the view of Mistress’s bottom was divine. And I could stroke her back and reach around to fondle those lovely breasts. And I was NOT distracted like the guy in the photo.


There was no carnal pizzazz there for either of us.

Soon Mistress had reversed her self, switching to the full frontal cowgirl.

And the magic was back. Mistress was riding my cock to a full gallop, with a few fallen logs to vault along the way. And the cums came, and went , and came again for her. There must have been three in relatively quick succession, until she collapsed onto me, rolling off, then onto her back so that Slave could finish the job.

And when I finally did…. I was in no hurray…. Well, I had my own rather extraordinary explosion that left me gasping for breath on top of her.


Afterwards, as we came down to earth, we rehashed why the vaunted reverse cowboy had not been a big hit for us.

“The eye contact was missing Slave…. I like to see you.”

“Same here, Mistress….”

And the angle that Mistress uses to press herself against me when she rides facing forward may give her just the sort of special friction she needs for those mega-cums.

Ah well, to each his own. Maybe we’ll try it again sometime with the boots and hat and see if that makes a difference.

Oh…. One thing I forgot, Mistress solicits our readers’ input on any other precautions she should take or tasks she should assign her Slave while she is off to Europe….

But please, be kind! Mick is just an over-pampered house Slave.


Suzanne said...


My list of precautions for Molly is short, my list of tasks she should assign you is a work in progress, unlikely to be completed prior to her departure. To say you are "an over-pampered house slave" is an understatement of the highest order!

Masturbate no more that once a day? Please. How about some real chastity for a change? You should drop to your knees in front of molly tonight (or sooner) and thank your Mistress for her leniency. And while you're down there...


WC said...

I loved that line too, over pampered house slave, very funny...

I used to work for a guy who used to say... he wanted to be reincarnated as a neutered house cat... Don't know about the neutered part... anyway

Well Mick,

I am open for suggestions, as to protocols for our beloved and benevolent CEO. See the WC can stir the pot too!

I think our B&BCEO will also be placed or a very restrictive orgasm program while abroad.

To that end, I am asking for suggestions from all UCTMW employees, independent contractors, our director of security, Senior correspondent, fellow blogers, and all readers, ---- especially the sub sisters Suzanne, Jay and Tammy--- as to how often our B&BCEO should be allowed to climax.

Sort of an orgasm for our B&BCEO focus group. It will be very interesting to see where everyone stands.

And it would be a terrible shame if the results changed our B&BCEO's restrictions on the over pampered house slave. That really is funny Mick

The stirring the pot,


as to how often our B&BCEO should be allowed to climax.

WC said...

Oh and I would love to hear what Mistress Milliscent and Ms Marie have to say about the fate of our B&BCEO.

And Aisha, nila, sin and I'm sure I'm leaving some of Micks fans out....sorry.

The ever curious but lazy,


Donna said...

I have a Passport!!! I would altruistically volunteer to accompany Molly (at company expense, of course) to be certain she follows the WC's regime.

Oh, oh!!! I could also visit all the dungeons along the way, keep sort of a Fodor's Guide to all the best Dungeons.

Please, may I go too?

I anxiously await your answer before making suggestions to Molly on what she may want to require of you during her absence.

She who loves to travel for free,

WC said...

You know Donna you are always a step ahead of the WC. I think you are right. In fact I think it will probably take three of us to keep an close watch on our B&BCEO. Bill to provide protection and security, and me and you pulling 4 hour shifts making sure the poor dear keeps her hands to herself!

Haha! now I have poor deared you Molly!

The thinks Donna has great ideas,


Donna said...

Well WC,

Bill says he "Has Passport, Will Travel".

In case that doesn't pan out. Bill's first suggestion for Molly is that you require her to either wear crotchless panties or no panties at all and send you and Mick a picture a couple of times a day. Also require her to explain to her sister and mother that this is really the best way to travel.

Bill's first suggestion for Mick is that instead of the cage, Mick be required to masturbate at his desk during the time he would ordinarily be worshiping Molly, have him come on the newspaper right next to the date, and take a photo to send to you and Molly. Bill thinks it better to avoid abstention and instead force him to come until he is all come out. That way he will have built himself up for when Molly returns.

Donna, moonlighting as secretary for
Director of Security, International,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

these are all very helpful suggestions, staff. Particularly the no undies idea. I have always been one to suggest a lighter packing regime on our trips, advice that Molly routinely ignores.


WC said...

Funny, I have the same packing problem with B. Go figure.

The caries heavy suitcases on vacation,


Suzanne said...

WC...what's with the "sub sisters"???

Mick...forgot to mention, bummer about the reverse cowgirl position. At least you guys were astute enough to make adjustments before anyone got hurt.


Anonymous said...

well, well, well
I see my team was busy building content for or enterprise. While I applaud the hard work, I am troubled by some suggestions. Bill/Donna-- thanks for the offer, but we might have to plan a different journey at a diff time. I am in the process of issuing Mick's playbook (or not so much)., now, now...aren't you the alpha male?

nilla said...

OH. Oh. Fun...

now, you know, if this was a nilla-fantasy story...Mistress Molly would need to bring a butterfly vibe with her on the plane. She'd sit in her seat on the plane, buzzing away at 30,000 feet, and cumming quietly so as to not disturb her seatmates.

She'd exit the plane with a slight swagger, happy to have become a solo member of the mile high club.

Then there is reality.

we don't know if she's sharing a room with her family, which complicates things, but she really cannot go 10 days without orgasms...perhaps only odd numbered days. No hitachi for that long will make her very sensitive after a few days, so the little butterfly will be helpful.

As to her loyal and true subbie waiting at home...i would suggest two things ... first the fantasy...

He wears a different cage every day, with tumbler lock. Every evening (as long as she's not out paryting with those wild European boyo's) she'll call home wiht the combination to release her poor pampered house slave.

reality....i think you should be allowed to cum on the *alternate* day that Mistress is, thus stirring your needyness for each other.

hope this helps!



WC said...

Nila too too funny,

I was thinking about the butterfly vibrator!

Will keep you informed,

The thinks like Nila,