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Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Our Senior Correspondent : Advanced Sexual Posturing

It was a busy day and late night here in River City,  No, this is not a "cat's away" scenario. I took the sullen teens and their macho cousin to the "draft party" for our River City Pussy Cats .... got to see the locker room and walk the field, much to their amusement.  Then attended a rather late night indie rock concert with an old friend, who's sun is a savage lead guitar player.  

Mistress is probably waking up as I am getting ready to hit the sheets. the time shift makes it hard for us to talk.  I miss her warm and cuddly body next to mine, with or without the other "perqs".

But the big surprise in my in-box was the following contribution from Donna, which means I can sleep in a bit rather than worrying about entertaining all of you members of the UCTMW community.  Enjoy!

With Mick and Molly’s interest in the position Bill and I call Reverse Cowgirl or Amazon Woman, I thought it might be fun to explore a couple of other positions that we enjoy. So with some illustrations and vanilla definitions from and a bit more kinky input on the positions from yours truly, here we go.

Deckchair position, sometimes called Squashing of the Deckchair (for obvious reasons) has the woman on bottom, legs pulled up; man on top, holding woman's legs up or trapping them under his arms.
Donna’s Notes: Bill begins by using the under the bed restraint system and cuffs my arms straight out across the bed. He then adds a harness with straps that run from my ankles to my arms, making it easier for my legs to stay in position. At that point he might or might not add a blindfold and might or might not lube me up and add a vibrating butt plug, depending on his choice of orifice.
Something Bill likes about this position is that he can be balanced on one hand and have the other one free for whatever kind of breast work he wants for the occasion. I like it because of the feeling I get when Bill is totally in control. I am there just feeling and trusting, There are the hard textures of the restraints, the soft material of the blindfold, the stretchy straps of the harness, the sting of the nipple clams, the cooling lube and then…anticipation…listening…just being still…and then the drama of passion and the pleasure/pain mix followed by the effort behind remembering how to speak so I can ask permission to come. It’s a great position.

Leapfrog, variant on the Doggy position, so the man is behind; woman facing down with her torso lower; also known as "face down- ass up".
Donna’s Notes: Bill is a spanking sort of guy, so this butt up position is one he particularly enjoys. I can often tell when this is on the menu for the evening because he likes for me to start out with a red rump. When there is a day that I have said a number of things he usually corrects with a swat, but he just holds up the appropriate number of fingers to let me know how many swats I have earned, I can pretty well guess that we are headed for Leapfrog.
Since he can’t easily see my face in this position, Bill usually orients the scene with my head turned toward the mirror so he can pay attention to some of my more subtle clues. He places a wedge ramp on the bed and positions me face down with my rump on the highest part of the ramp, fastening my arms to the cuffs that are attached to the sides of the ramp. He then uses a paddle, strop or whatever his swatter of choice is that day and applies the implement to my butt for the required number of strokes while I count them out loud. He usually adds a couple extra for what he calls “good measure”. And just so you know, losing count or skipping a number means he has to start all over again.
He cools the ouch by rubbing my checks gently with the palm of his hands until he feels I have settled and we move on to part two, which I consider to be the really good part. His version of Leapfrog is fairly straight-forward except, perhaps, for the additional swats from his hand to my already red backside and the fact that I am restrained. And then there are those times that he reaches under the bed to pull out the Hitachi and buzzes and swats me at the same time. Or maybe the fact that I scream his name should be factored in, too.
So you can see, much like an ice cream sundae, you can start with something rather vanilla and add the sauces, sprinkles and toppings to make it into something really special. Except for the cherry, I lost mine some time back.
Donna, that makes me want to slide out of my sad and lonely bed, and see if the teens have consumed all the ice cream from our family dinner on Sunday night.
Now if we could only get Suzanne to do one of these drawing depicting that interesting three way over at All Mine Wednesday evening, involving Jay's real cock in one orifice, while Tammy used the back door with that face gag / butt plug.  I still can't figure out the physics of that one.


Anonymous said...

woke again to photos of my two cocks (Suzanne, living large like you sister). However, a big diff between Suzanne and me is that my sister and I don't share anything about our sex lives. in fact, I am busy not running around with a bare bottom so that I am not asked about the clean shaven parts!!!
I too miss Mick's warm body wrapped around me and loathe not being able to call to say goodnight when we are both hitting the sheets. I miss my interaction with WC throughout the day.
I lost the bet yesterday (heads) and that meant the clothespin treatment and I involved the bidet (you gotta love these european things that we don't have much of anymore) I will let your minds wander.
Donna, love the it. thanks for helping the cause. you are a star!
Off to the City of Lodz after a brisk walk into Warsaw Old Towne.
love to all

Donna said...

Isn't it great to have touching photos of those we love? Maybe you should save them and make a PowerPoint presentation of Molly's favorite photos from her European Vacation.

Are your relatives beginning to wonder whether you are ill considering the amount of time you spend in the loo and the strange noises you make while in there?

Hope you are having a wonderful time!


xantu said...

Seems like my Master and Bill like a lot of the same things... though I like the mirror idea for the leapfrog position. Hmmm... I saw a couple of nice ones at goodwill last weekend... not only can he see me... I can watch to. /hides the blindfold.

Nice post thanks.


WC said...

Great job Donna,

Good to see our beloved and benevolent CEO can improvise on the fly and substitute a bidet for the Hitachi.

AND she just lost another coin toss.

Two days in a row should make the clothes pins extra special.

Why I think a string of bad luck could keep her thinking of her poor sore nipples as she tours around the old country in grand style.

The better get to work and write something or I will be replaced by Donna,

WC and maybe just PTTTCEO!

Donna said...

Hi Xantu,

I think these are both popular positions for most D/s because of the extremely dominant positioning. But I tell you what, in trying to find the illustrations on-line, I came across a few positions best left to the people at Cirque du Soleil. No kidding! lol


Donna said...

Good morning WC,

No worries! I am absolutely sure you offer something to UCTMW that I cannot, and it isn't your writing prowess! I somehow doubt that our CEO would be as interested (anatomically speaking) in a morning picture of my equipment as she is in yours. Being the sweet thing that she is, I imagine she might smile and say something nice...just before she hit the delete key.

While receptive to all, I think our fearless leader's first preference is for what you and Mick have to offer. Of course, should you choose to write instead, Bill would be happy to fill in for you! Just sayin'


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Let's hope Molly's Mom or sister don't get a glimpse of her I-phone screen when the visage of the WC's special occasion cock pops up, let alone my cruelly caged cock. That could make for some interesting chatter over breakfast.

and I did get in some trouble this am because I let a day go by without relieving myself of pent up juices. I will fill you all in on that in tomorrow's posting. the cruelly caged,


Suzanne said...

Great post Donna! Gotta love those "under the bed restraint systems" What other types of custom-designed kinky systems does your home have??

I guess my writing skills weren't sufficient enough to describe that position we were in the other night. Unfortunately, my drawing skills are even worse...simply put, I was on top of Jay in the female superior position, while sissy was behind me with the face harness....instead of worshiping my bottome, sissy was, know :)

Molly - Glad you are making use of those bidets while across the pond. Aren't they great?

mick - Glad to see you took advantage of the NFL draft for a night out on the town!


Donna said...

Hi Suzanne,

Over the years we have become quite adept at re-purposing things from vanilla usage to our brand of kink. We can't go into a cooking store without Bill thumping things against his hand to get a feel for the swing and smack or checking out the suction tops on basters. To watch him appraising items while walk through a hardware store is both thrilling and scary!

The under the bed restraint system was a holiday gift for me some years ago. It looks like this: and, while not expensive, when cinched down properly there is no getting out of it. When not in use we just tuck the straps between the mattress and platform for easy access.

We have a spring suspension swing out on the deck and visitors seem to be drawn to it, thinking it to be just an unusual seat. I can't tell you how fun it is to have uptight relatives and guests comment repeatably on how comfortable it is. LOL


Suzanne said...


You're the best! I think I may have to remodel my deck now. I've just texted Jay to let him know I want to try out the leapfrog this weekend. We'll see if he figures that one out :)



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

There's nothing more satisfying to the Executive Editor than when I write about 4 sentences and the rest of you take over and entertain us all. Mick