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Sunday, April 3, 2011


We were settled into a lovely meal last night.  Just the two of us on a "date night". The scene featured a  “contemporary Spanish” menu in an old charming Hacienda built in the early 1800’s, long before these parts were under the flag of the USA.

Mistress was glorious as always, black dress highlighting her newly recharged tan, and some sparkling southwestern jewelry providing some flash.

As we waited for our entrees, she asked:

“How’s the ass, Slave?”

“Still a little tender, Mistress….”

So maybe we need to back up a bit here…..

Our day started with some robust morning sex, not untypical, but still quite satisfying. I devoured, while she read Donna’s comic review of the alleged G-spot vibrator.

Donna and Bill definitely did their best to bring the most out of the little guy, didn’t they? And as Aisha commented, UCTMW probably has to be conscious of potential worker’s comp claims of she keeps launching the products she is putting through their paces.

At the least, we may need to get Bill a facemask and helmet.

And after the computer was put aside, my work-a-day cock needed no further encouragement than Mistress’s question, “would you like to fuck me now, Slave?”

Our legs were rather dead after pushing around all that spring skiing slush in recent days, so we opted to pack up our towels and swim suits and head to a hot springs spa across the gorge from our little hideaway. It’s a place we’ve described in earlier entries. Quiet and contemplative, where you can see a woman braiding her husband’s long flowing hair,  and a man walks around with a little white card reading “whisper, please.”

Last summer, without the kids, we even acquired a little private space with a pool for some semi-public sex. But we were in close quarters on this trip, simply relishing the bright sunshine and soothing waters, while nagging one another about sunscreen.

Of course, Mistress and I love the tranquility of this place, where the ancient ones came for the soothing natural springs long before we anglos showed our avaricious heads in these parts.

On the other hand, the teens thought it could be much improved if there were waiters going chair to chair offering  Pina Coladas and nachos.

We headed back in the late afternoon as some high clouds moved in, and decided on a late afternoon bike ride – just the two of us. It was in the 70’s here, the sun was back out, and we plied our normal rolling hills route, much of it into a brisk wind.

It was a beautiful way to get some exercise after a day on our backs lolling in the sun.

But somewhere a long the way, Slave screwed up. Mistress was seeking reassurance about my continued fervor and devotion to her, which I suppose in my thickheaded way should seem rather obvious.

“You seem a little distracted lately, Slave….” was her concern.

And maybe I have been – focused on some work and extended family issues a bit too much these last few days .

But, stupidly, Slave got a little defensive, rather than reassuring, and said some things that disturbed Mistress.

She was upset, throwing a blanket on what had been a very lovely day.

But, give her credit, she knew exactly how to work us both out of this temporary funk.

When we got home, I was a bit sweaty from our day in the sun and vigorous ride.

“I’m going to take a shower, Mistress.”

“No, first you are going to close the door, take off your cloths, and lie on the bed.”

Oops.  I had a feeling I knew where this was headed.

When she could not find the crop, it was my job to “quickly” retrieve it and hand it to her.

She switched on the radio, to cover the sounds she knew we would be making.

The sharp thwacks against my ass.

My howls of pain, which I did my best to muffle into a pillow.

“This is for acting like an asshole, Slave.”

She laid into me harder and longer than I can remember.

I did my very best to avoid twisting and turning my ass in response to her vigorous assault.  But I probably earned a few more hard strokes, simply for failing to be still and take my medicine like a man.

When she was finally done with me, my ass was on fire. And she seemed to enjoy running her fingers along the red marks she had made.

“Wow…. This must have hurt Slave…”

“It did, Mistress.”

By now I had rolled over, and she was toying with my cock with the tip of the crock, slowly bringing it to life.

Things developed from there as you might expect…. Me, using my fingers to rub her juicy little cunt to one preliminary cum. She, riding my cock for two more moaning climaxes, until, exhausted, she rolled over and let me finish the job of restoring the proper balance in our relationship.

The lesson to be taken: what could have been a sad and simmering feud that would put a damper on an otherwise lovely day was extinguished by Mistress taking out her anxiety on my ass.

It definitely cleared both of our heads, and we clung to one another for a long time afterwards in our bed, the late afternoon sun illuminating the mountain outside our window.

So while my ass was still a little tender as we sat through that excellent dinner together last night, the temporary pain was well worth the sacrifice.


sin said...

I like your lesson here. That what could have been a sad and simmering fued that put a damper on a great day was resolved/extinguished by Mistress Molly taking it out on your ass.

WC said...

Glad to hear all is well with u 2 lunatics, my hero's.

The golfing instesd of skiing ,


Suzanne said...

Way to go Molly!!!! Nothing like the crop for a little attitude adjustment :)

beingaisha said...

You know, Mick, you really are a wonderful sub. And it's inspiring how well it works for you and Molly.

I'm so glad you blog.