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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Switch Day Comes Early in the City that Never Sleeps.

Well, here we are, back In River City.

But we did enjoy a nice long day in the Big Apple before catching an evening flight home.

And because we had that nice big penthouse suite, and a bed so conducive to the rope I had conveniently packed in my bag, Mistress consented to moving Switch Day up one day.

After I took a run through Chinatown and Little Italy, and fixed Mistress some coffee down in the hotel’s funky little lobby, I proceeded to pull out that rope, spinning it here there and around until she was in a nice tight spread-eagle, flat on her back. (you can see the balcony in the corner of the photo).

And since she was such a good girl (and there were no clothespins conveniently packed away), Mistress got an overdose of pleasure, rather than any pain on this particular switch-casion.

I did discover that the Hitachi applied to the soles of her feet induces lots of funs struggling and whining, something I have now filed away for future abuse.

And Mistress did have several lovely and increasingly desperate comes once the Hitachi was applied where she likes it.

But for the first one I did play a bit of a cruel game, taking her to the edge three times, making her ask permission, then saying “No, Mistress” and pulling it away just in time.

But the fourth time was the charm.

“Yes, Mistress… you may.”

I loved the way her muscles flex and clench, pulling at the ropes that bound her to the bed.

And then there were two more after that, in relatively quick succession, before I elected to take my prize.

Once we were done, and Mistress was released from her “cruel” bindings, I trundled off to the “Baby Cakes” bakery for her spelt biscuits and jam, a little reward for her being such a compliant slut. 

(Did I mention that there is a "thanks for the muffins" autographed photo of M's hero, Rachel Maddow on the wall of the bakery?  Oops. Sorry if that was a sexy mood dampener.)

And we lolled a bit in our expansive room before a noon checkout time.

I even coaxed Mistress out onto the balcony for a little photo shoot, though her vanity prevents me from posting the resulting shots. Mistress does retain very tight control over the use and abuse of her images.

After that we headed out for a long meandering walk through SoHo.
It was damp and drizzly, and Mistress acquired some rather kinky new rubber boots.

What do you think?

And we took some time perusing our favorite little upscale kink-porium, Kiki de Montparnase.

Jay, we found the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for Suzanne. A hand carved ebony l chess set, with all the pieces unique little butt plugs or dildos. Check it out here (Chess Set). A lovely conversation piece with some very practical uses on the side.  Only $10,000! But worth every thousand, now that she’s “opened up” to her special Back Door Man.

And we do love the indoor d├ęcor at Kiki. There’s this lovely bed in the back, all tricked out with leather restraints at each corner, and pillows that say "Fuck Sleep".. It’s a shame they don’t have a model or two to add some verisimilitude.

Maybe the sub-sisters might want to volunteer on a rotating basis.
Throughout the neighborhood there were more sights ans scenes that would appeal to the UCTMW audience. Even American Apparel is getting into the act.

The day went way too quickly, even as the cold rain began to fall. There was a delicious lunch at Aquagrill, the long walk back to our hotel, dropping by this funky wine bar where creamy rice pudding was on the menu - much to Mistress’s delight -  then the cab ride back to the airport.

So here we are, back with the sullen teens, and the attention needy cats. It was a delight to have those few days away with my lovely Mistress.

As Mistress said in the car on the ride from the airport late last night.

“It was sort of like what life will be like once the kids are off in the fall.”

Staying out a little later than normal. Not worrying about where they are, or how they will be fed and accommodated.

“Somehow I think we will be able to deal with it, Mistress.”


Donna said...

Great post, so glad you had a wonderful time and I can only imagine the luscious naughtiness you two will be up to when you have an empty nest.

Now on to a really important question: Is there any chance Kiki de Montparnase might want us to review and plug their merchandise? Oops, didn't mean to use the word plug. I noticed at their website (yes, I studied each page) that butt plugs are called Butt-Ins. Isn't that cute? I also noticed that at those prices even a solitary condom with their logo would stretch the budget. So, how about it, can we review for them? Please?


PS Must say that I am seriously impressed that you thought to take your own rope with you to NYC. Thumbs up (in a non-WC related way).

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

First, a good sub always comes prepared.
Second, somehow I doubt that Kiki has a "tester" program for slumdog sex-bloggers like us.


sin said...

Sure the subsisters might be interested in volunteering at Kiki's. Have them contact my agent for details?

And Mick, did you pack the rope and the hitachi in your carry on? Inquiring minds want to know.

WC said...

Mick Mick Mick,

Stirring the pot again.

but a very interesting post as usual.

The pictures made me want to go to New York again.

But WTF does verisimiliude mean?

You are going all high brow on us, too too funny.

Very fun and interesting post...

Oh, loved the boots but it was funny because

B just got a version of the rubber boots but they were shoes and grey with a zipper instead of shoe laces...

Your fan,


Suzanne said...

Mick, et. al.,

Thanks so much for all your "support" throughout my wager-related ass deflowering!

Nice chess set, but 10 grand buys quite a bit of lube!!!


beingaisha said...

Glad to know youall can have fun anywhere...

And I'm with Sin, glad to volunteer at Kiki's.

Love the boots, Molly. I've started to get some about 3 times, and keep hesitating, I don't know why. They remind me of old-fashioned "rubbers." lol

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne- ask the WC what type of lube he buys. sounds like it's very expensive, but then you don't want to use anything that might allow the special occasion cock to depreciate before it's time.


nilla said...

hard to say which i enjoyed more...your tales of NYC (and i've walked through Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo...!!)

or the comments. Donna. *giggles*

sin? be careful what you wish for...

and all the rest? i'm glad i stayed up a bit late then, to catch up on this of artistry.

funnah little group we have here!