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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MIstress's MIA Slave.

Don’t you love Tax Day?

No, I’m not some cranky Tea Partier, who angrily demands that the government keep its grubby hands off my Medicare. I really don’t mind paying taxes.

What I mind is that no mere mortal can figure out how to fill out those forms these days. I mean, even the Secretary of the Treasury screwed up using some off the shelf software package.

So I have come to rely on the time and talents of a Partner who does this for a living. But the trouble is he always seems to save me for last.

I know, you say, “Beggers can’t be choosers.”

But Don’t you think his feelings would be hurt if I told him I was relying on H & R Block this season . (They do the massive UCTMW returns, though maybe I should see who does GE’s tax planning and prep next year).

So Slave was a little more than stressed out as the time ticked away late yesterday afternoon, and I was still waiting for him to make some final tweeks and print out the state, federal, local, and school district  returns for us and our sullen teens.

Mistress had stopped over for lunch – and some worship – around noon time, hoping to be able to sign off. But, of course, they were no where close to ready by then.

By the time we climbed in the car and headed home – checks finally written, multiple envelopes sealed, and deposited in the building’s mailbox moments before pickup, old Mick was more than a little frazzled.

Now that does not mean to say that Mistress didn’t get another round of worship before we took a bike ride. Of course she did.

But later that evening, after she spoke to M, her “personal trainer”, out on our deck for 15 minutes or so, Slave was probably not the best of submissive sexual companions.

“M was telling me all about that Reverse Cowgirl position, Slave.  He says he first tried it when he was 22 or so….”

‘And what does he have to say, Mistress.”

She was settling into revisions of a work project on her computer, as I caught up on the blogs I had missed during the day.

“It takes a little getting used to, but it sounds like fun…. The man gets a great view of the ass, and the ‘Cowgirl’ has a good view and chance to play with the man’s balls.”

“Sounds like an experiment worth trying, Mistress….”

“But I told him you seemed not up for it tonight Slave….he said it can wait until the morning, then.”

Ahhh. Good plan. I was having trouble thinking I could muster the energy for that sort of “ride”, as enticing as it sounded.

As Mistress did her revisions, I picked up the phone to see if Donna and Bill had survived the crazy tornado situation down in their rural paradise, not far from the Appalachian Trail.

Although the River is high, it seems they were spared the tornado craziness, and will continue to marinate in their own particular brand of crazy. Don't you think it's time she gave us an update?

Donna did share the attached  video link, about the adventures of a crazy New Yawker who goes for the all male “Brazilian”. M has been known to get a partial Brazilian ,  and has even sent Mistress photographic evidence from time to time of his “Special occasion cock” neatly trimmed. But, M, how about going for hairless in all it’s glory.

UCTMW will cover the generous tip in exchange for an action video, M!

Now I better go wake up Mistress, and see if I will be allowed to make up for her MIA slave of last night.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for the video. I may try to do the waxing on sissy myself. I've actually been thinking about the more permanent laser option however!

Careful Mick - I'm not sure the "Reverse Cowgirl" is recommended for "seniors."


Donna said...

Bill would not, I repeat, NOT, be at all agreeable to a wax job.

I once got a few of his hairs from down there caught in my teeth (I had braces on my teeth in my twenties) and when I tried to lean my head back to smile up at him, the movement plucked the hairs from his ball sac. He developed a real issue about the ripping out of hairs and it was soon after that he started shaving all under.

One good thing led to another. :)


mouse said...

Right with you on the whole tax thing...the forms..oh no...of course mouse's idea of tax organization is a shoe box. It's enough to make Daddy's eye twitch.

Ya...Nuff said right? Glad Donna and Bill are ok!


WC said...

Love the reverse coygirl is fucking hot!

I have had the full Brazillian before, It doesnt realy hurt much, and I got rock hard for the sexy little waxer, I highly recomend it!

The waxed ,