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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mistress Gets a Morning Work-Out

At least Mistress got back into a proper sexual groove yesterday, on our third day back to the grindstone here in River City.

And consider my general slacker-liness, Slave can’t complain either.

I had spent all day Wednesday in my cage, a nice reminder of my status around here. Then, after what Suzanne aptly dubbed the “Last Supper”, 14 extended family members, most of whom arrived fashionably late after I rushed home to prepare them the meal they apparently expected from us, I barely had the energy left to ask Mistress to unlock that little sucker.

By the morning I was sufficiently revived, and horny, so as to exploit my “morning fuck” privileges. And since M was unclear on any pre-training session embargo for Mistress, I made sure she had a couple of acceptable cums too.

Then I was off to work, while Mistress took a morning bike ride and awaited her call from our WC/PTTTCEO.

At about 10:45 I got the call from Mistress for her brief report on how that training session went. But, sadly, I was with the family member who was on the lam from trembling Tokyo, helping her with some financial planning. So I had to discretely suggest to Mistress that she might want to wait a little while before her taunt …. Errr… report.

Later, as I was heading back up the elevator to my perch, I got through to Mistress. She seemed relaxed and satisfied.

“So how many, Mistress….”

“Ohhh. Three or four, Slave.”

“Good…. I know I’ve been a little dull this week. Glad to hear that M is picking up some of the slack.  And did he get off too?”

“Yes, Slave…. He did.”

I know that always is a special treat for Mistress, knowing that the sexual energy is running both ways across the phone signals during those intimate little training sessions.

At the end of the day, Slave was pretty burnt out again. Mistress did shame me into a bike ride with her, after she and the surly teens returned from their manicure / pedicure session.

(I think I had fallen asleep listening to Chris Matthews drone on about the government shut-down machinations. I’m having trouble understanding how folks who can’t pass a budget on time can treat themselves to paychecks while other folks doing their jobs get stiffed, but I digress).

After we fed the girls, it was up to our chambers. I settled in with my Times, and Mistress discovered a text from M.

“Do you mind if I give him a call, Slave.”

“Of course not, Mistress….”

I laid there next to Mistress as the chatted a bit, exchanging a little re-cap on the hot-ness of their morning encounter.  And I was feeling a little guilty that I had not offered to worship yet, at the end of the day.  Bt after they hung up, I made up for it.

Mistress was in a cute nightie, sans bottoms.

“Mistress, we may be too exhausted for regular sex this morning, but can I at least have a taste?”

“Why of course, Slave…. “

She generously spread her legs a bit for me, as I buried myself there enjoying her sweet nectar.  I savored slowly, filling my lips with her tender folds, sipping so to speak from this lovely nightcap of a cocktail.

And although I may not have started with the intent of taking my Mistress to a good-night climax, well that’s where we ended up, as she shuddered and let loose a gentle moan in response to my attention.

Slave is finally feeling a bit revived after a good night’s sleep. So I think I’d better shut down here and head upstairs to finish the job I started last night.


beingaisha said...

So, even as I write this comment, you and Molly are engaging in some morning delight.



Suzanne said...


To follow up on your comment....Rare is the hour that goes by when someone on the UCTMW staff is not engaging in some sort of carnal delight!


Director of Security UCTMW said...

As always ladies, "your in my inappropriate thoughts!"

WC said...

It is great to hear from you Bill.

The... curious about your knife collection,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

it is good to hear from our Director of Security.... and Suzanne is right, our world wide staff seems to be getting into sexual hijinks at all hours of the day and night. Mick