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Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Finding ourselves back in our River City bed Sunday morning was a little disconcerting after a lovely few days in NYC. It was a reminder that accumulated duties awaited, here at the house, and certainly back in our offices. But…. The sun was out, blossoms were filling the trees, and we had no place to go anytime soon. So life couldn’t be that bad for Molly and Mick, could it?

I had exercised my switch privileges in our ample suite Saturday morning, so after worshipping Mistress as she read the blog, and some of your clever comments that had already accumulated, she turned her attentions to my burgeoning cock.

“I want to taste my cock, Slave….”

“It’s your to enjoy, Mistress….”

She confirmed that, by slowly engulfing it with her moist, full lips, taunting and teasing it to full capacity, until I was agitated and begging for the chance to fuck her.

“You’re so impatient, Slave….”

And she was right.

“You have only yourself to blame, Mistress….”

But she was merciful and agreed to stop the “torment”.

“I think I’m going to ride it for a while, Slave.”

“Ummm…. Go for it, Mistress….”

And she did. The full frontal Cowgirl position, I suppose, would be the proper terminology. (see this helpful tutorial:"Ride 'Em Cowgirl"..)

She took off at a slow, leisurely gate, eyes screwed shut, as I used my fingers to toy with her firm breasts and hardened nipples.

“Is it hard enough for you today, Mistress.”

“Oh, yes, Slave….. very hard indeed.”

AS she worked herself into a more assertive  post like pace, Mistress / Cowgirl treated herself to several successive cums on my firm “work-a-day” cock, each one a bit more generous than the next, until she collapsed, spent, rolling over to let me finish the job on top.

Very nice, indeed.

We both cuddled close afterwards, recharging, snoozing a bit, before surrendering to the demands of the day. There was a bike ride, then I was off to do some errands and visit my grumbling mother. Mistress stayed home, digging into a work project on her laptop that she had deferred during our time in NYC.

When I got home at mid-afternoon, Mistress was out on our deck, sunning herself, and also chatting with flirtatious animation with the WC.

It became clear that their subject was Suzanne’s Sunday posting at All Mine on the loss of her back-door virginity. I can’t do it justice here, so make sure you read it. Mistress had been checking her laptop through the day, anxiously awaiting Suzanne’s first dispatch in her big night.

She was not disappointed.

“You need to read it Slave…. M and I both thought it was very hot.”

No doubt it made Mistress all the more anxious to let our WC do the honors with her virgin bottom. And apparently M took note of  the illustration we posted on Saturday evening, snapped at a Lower East Side gallery,  with it’s unsubtle depiction of what Donna correctly reported was the “reverse cowboy” position.

“M says he’s quite familiar with that position, Slave…”

Why doesn’t that surprise me?


WC said...

Very good Mick,

Wish I could write as well,

someday, you should quit your day job and write a novel.

I am amazed you turn out this great stuff every day.

The my hat is off to you,


oh, and BTW will write up my orgasm story today

Suzanne said...


Thanks for the plug....the one on your blog today.

Is there a position M is unfamiliar with? Just curious :)


Donna said...

Hey WC,

It seems that Mick is rather enamored with the whole cowgirl-reverse cowgirl thing. Bill and I will spring for a cowboy hat for Molly if you will send the chaps.

I can imagine Mick seeing Molly in just those two items, screaming out at the top of his lungs,"Ride Me Like a Wild Stallion!" Can't you?


WC said...


Very funny Donna,

We will need to send some spurs too.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Molly does have some cowboy hats. and several pairs of cowboy boots. But, thankfully, no spurs.

and Suzanne, I suspect you are right about the WC in terms of his vast store of "positional" knowledge. Mick

Donna said...

*head shaking*

I can't believe I forgot the spurs! And, of course that means cowboy boots. That will work right in with Molly's love of boots. Good catch!

And if her boots need shining, well, you do know what the Leathermen use to keep their boots subtle and shiny don't you?