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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Busy Switch Day for Mistress

Sunday was our last full day here at our little hideaway, and also the end of the ski season at our beloved Mountain. The wind was howling most of the day, some strange front blowing in form the west, which shortened the time we spent on the slopes, but also gave Molly and Mick a little more leisure time for what we also enjoy doing behind the closed door of our room here.

While my bottom still had a little left over glow from the evening before, I knew I would be letting Mistress down if I did not exercise my switch privileges. I suspect that she looks forward to those occasions when she no longer has to “take charge”, and likes to see me put some additional energy into creating the scenarios that leave her “helpless” to avoid whatever I may have in store for her.

So I was determined not to let her down, even though she did sleep in a little later than normal Sunday morning.

After drinking her coffee and checking a few of your blogs – I think she particularly enjoyed  Suzanne’s description of getting attention first from Jay and then from Tammy early on their Sunday morning back east – Mistress knew her time had come when I began hauling some rope and other items from out little toy drawer.

She co-operated nicely as her hands were secured to the ring bolts at opposite sides of our bed, so they were spread wide, on her back for ready access.

Then I improvised a spreader bar from a handy ski pole and ski pass lanyards, necessity being the mother of invention, so that her legs were also spread, if not as rigorously as her arms.

Now she was mine….

I spent some time gnawing on her lovely nipples, making them firm, and also making Mistress squirm a bit against her restraints.

I straddled her then, feeding her my cock, which she took to with very pleasurable gusto, until it was firm and bouncing out between the folds of my navy robe. It made a nice popping sound when I finally pulled it out.

“Nice Mistress, you do that well with no hands…. But Maybe I should go make myself some breakfast now, …let you languish a bit.”

“Don’t you dare, Slave… what if one of the girls decides to walk in here looking for something….”

“I suppose that would be a problem for you….”

Of course, I had no plan to go too far. Instead, I reached for the nipple clamp I had tucked into my robe pocket….

“Ohhh …. Noooo ….. I hate those……”

She really does hate them, particularly when I first attach them. But her nipples were so firm and inviting. And once the little sucker was adjusted and firmly attached it seemed the pain was tolerable for her.

That’s when I reached for the Hitachi, all plugged in and ready to go next to our bed. I suspect the sound of her favorite power tool distracted her from the ouch of her nipple. She knew that relief was in sight. And her squirms began almost reflexively, even before it was applied to the right spot.

She moaned with gratification when I slid it against those already glistening folds, all nicely clean shave. But almost instantly there was this little rush of breath and convulsion….

I immediately pulled the tool away, and tutted in my sternest voice ….

“What was that……”

She seemed genuinely embarrassed…..

“It was just a little mini-one Slave, I guess I just was too excited….”

“Bad girl …. You must like that nipple clamp more than you let on….”

“Noooo…. It’s not the clamp…. But everything else…”

“Right, I will file that away….now remember, you need permission for the next one….”

I slowly ran the Hitachi back up the inside of her leg, made her squirm a bit to force her parts against it. And soon she was pumping her hips for all they were worth for the right contact… and begging me properly for permission.

As I said, “OK, Mistress, you may come”, her body exploded against the churning device, a long gasp coming from her lungs, and I reached for her nipple clamp to pop it loose. If the other one had been a “mini”, this was more of a “maxi”.

But I wasn’t done with her just yet. I gave her a brief respite, then pressed it home one more time, and she built herself to a final writhing cum – with permission of course – before begging me to turn it off.

“Ohhh….. now it’s really sensitive, Slave.”

I took that cue to switch off the tool, let her catch her breath, and unlashed her legs from the ski pole, before taking her the more traditional way, her legs still bound to the bed, at my mercy.

And my reward was well with the wait, and the choreography.

After that it was back to parenting, taking the kids up the mountain for a few final runs of our season, and what may be the last of about 14 years together here for “spring break”. It was a nice run, starting with them as little ski tots, to the surly teens that they have become, one headed to college next year, and another to study abroad. But somehow I think Molly and Mick can make our own fun together next season.

Now this is where our Sunday stories usually end, but, as they say in the infomercials… “there’s more.”

M and Molly had not had much time to talk this weekend. We were with the kids, and he was celebrating his birthday with his own extended family about 250 miles to the north of us here.

It was about 7:15 pm. We were relaxing, reading after taking the kids to the movies. It was about time for Slave to make some dinner for us. Then Mistress’s text message went off.

“It’s M, Slave… he wants to know if I can talk….”

“Of course you can, Mistress….. I will get dinner started.”

So I was up and out of the room, and Mistress was left in bed….

I was whipping up a polenta and chicken combination when the door opened about 10 minutes later.

Mistress slid up against me and whispered in my ear.

“he wants to have a little date, Slave…. Is that OK”.

“Of course, this will take a bit longer, Mistress… go for it.”

I had the TV turned on to mask any moans of delight from curios teens – or me for that matter – and Mistress slid back into our room to do her thing.

Time passed. Maybe 30 minutes. Dinner was just about ready. I did not want to disturb her, but I knew the girls were expecting to be fed at some point. So I discretely tapped on her door.


I sensed a little annoyance at the interruption. But opened to door a crack, curious as I was….

Mistress was still in bed, under the covers, looking flushed as she turned to look at me. I could not tell if her little tool was out and in use.

“Uhhh…. Sorry to interrupt, but dinner is ready, Mistress.”

“Give me ten more minutes, Slave.”

“Of course…..”

So I put dinner on simmer, sat and enjoyed part of a thrilling NCAA women’s basketball game, and waited until Mistress’s “training session” was completed.

And sure enough about 10 minutes later, she emerged, looking happy and energized, almost like a regular work out.

“How many, Mistress…..”

“Three Slave…. He had me do two, and I thought we were done …. But then he insisted on one more….”

“Aww,… poor Mistress.”

So our readers will be happy to know that Mistress had a full switch day, with attention from both of her men before the day was done.

Well, I better think about waking her now. We have a long trip back to River City today, and a few things to take care of before we hit the road.


Suzanne said...

I don't believe the old adage that "All good things must come to an end." Who's the pessimist that came up with that? I'm sure there will be many more pleasant times at the Mountain, just different ones. As to the good times you two will have with your sex lives....I'm even more sure of that!

Nipple clamps....ouch!!! I'd rather....


WC said...

Hey U 2 lunatics,

Hope you have a good flight home.... should be spring there by now for bike riding.

Take care


msmarie said...

Creative use of the ski pole! Very nice!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thanks, Ms. Marie.... I take that as a high complement from someone who has so many clever devices at her disposal.... and I for one believe in fairies and you and your well behaved husband, no matter what those nattering nabobs of negativism who leave anonymous comments say about you!

Suzanne - hope But(t)ler saves your ass tonight!

WC said...


nattering nabobs of negativity

Howard Cossel lives!

The, who is next, Mohammed Ali

I'm so fast I can turn off the lights and be under the covers before it gets dark!


btw Hi CEO Molly!

beingaisha said...

NICE pictures, y'all!

Glad you had a pleasurable day, Molly!