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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bon Voyage, Mistress

Mistress is all packed and ready to go.

There have been some ongoing discussions about the volume of her bag. Slave is one of those guys who believes that on a long, overseas trip you only bring clothing or other items you can leave behind, returning with a lighter bag than you left with, while still leaving room for items acquired along the way. (The best example of this was when we left two old, already replaced pair of skis at the base of a ski lift in Northern Italy years ago, considerably lightening our load for the return flight.).

Mistress, on the other hand, takes the position that she has no “disposable” clothing items that she has not already disposed of. In other words, she’s not going to be caught dead touring even the bleakest of European destinations without costumes that suit her lovely visage.

I did get her to slim her bag down to no more than two pair of jeans (from three), and five black T-shirts (from the original seven). Let’s just hope that her mother has arranged for sherpas as they travel from town to town.

Of course, there were some items that needed to be added to the bag, at her personal trainer’s request. And I was assigned the task of rounding them up.

“M says I need to pack my butterfly vibrator and two clothes pins Slave….though I am still awaiting instructions.”

That was Sunday. (I will give you a more complete description of our Switch Day activities, as part of my product review).

But by yesterday afternoon, the WC’s instructions had been coveyed, at least by word of mouth. On the way home, Mistress explained the “rules” that M had imposed, which, I must say, seem a little confusing and subject to manipulation.

“He says everyday I have to flip a coin. But you have to make the call ahead of time, via text or email … you know “heads, or tails”. He acknowledges it’s an honor system.”

See, I’m already a little confused.

“And what happens if you “win” Mistress?”

“I get to play with myself, and have as many orgasms as I want…. But I have to have at least one.”

“And if you lose?”

“I have to put the clothespins on my nipples, and can’t take them off until I have at least three orgasms, Slave.”


“How are you going to organize getting the privacy to do all that, Mistress.”

She will be traveling with her Mother and Sister, after all, and quarters could be close.

“Not sure, Slave…. I guess I am going to have to look for my chances, maybe slip into the bathroom.”

Now this will be interesting.

But M, I would encourage you to put your instructions into writing. She has been known to wheedle and take advantage of any ambiguity, sort of like that sleazy football Coach at Ohio State in the doggy sweater. You’d better make your instructions clear and unambiguous if you expect compliance from my Mistress.

In packing, Mistress did find in her bag a souvenir from the 2008 Presidential campaign, acquired from a clever political action committee. Here’s a shot of that specially branded prophylactic device.

“You might as well take it Mistress …. Maybe you’ll run into someone interesting on your travels, so it makes sense to be prepared."

After all, she still has not sampled an uncircumcised cock.

“Good idea, Slave…. better safe than sorry.”

So it seems that Mistress is ready to go. It’s not just a cruel hoax. I’m taking her to the airport this afternoon.

Not meaning to sound like a whiner, but it will be very strange, and certainly lonely, not to have my lovely Molly next to me in bed tonight. By my calculation, we’ve never been a part for this many days and nights since sometime in the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, even before we actually “outed” ourselves and moved in together. Even when we did our hideous commute, from River City to the Sunshine State, we never were apart for more than a 4 or 5 days. So we are embarking on unexplored territory here.

Last night, our impending separation finally sunk in.

When we got home from work, I made sure she got in two little cums as I worshipped her from my knees, her legs splayed across our bed.

After a bike ride and dinner, We clung a little more closely than normal watching a DVD about some locales where she will be traveling. And when it became clear we were getting sleepy, the show was turned off before the end, so we had plenty of time for our usual nocturnal activities.

But this was a little more robust, and a little more desperate than “normal”.

“Why don’t you go put in your device. Slave, so I get the extra hard cock.”

“Of course, Mistress….”

And when her well manicured fingers made sure it really was extra hard, Mistress pushed me back and mounted me…. The full frontal cowgirl…. Riding me to at least two more orgasms until she collapsed onto my chest, exhausted.

Then it was my turn, which I savored, dragging things out for both of us as long as I could, until I could hold back no longer.

“May I come, Mistress….”

“You may, Slave….”

And it seemed like I did for a very long time, in a series of rushes that had Mistress murmuring…. “Wow, Slave… you must have been very desperate for that….”

Yeah. Guess I was projecting ahead to 11 nights of solitude. And, fortunately for me… there’s one more chance available before we head to work this morning.

If you’ll excuse me…. Gotta go.


beingaisha said...

...laughing... great ending, Mick. I can imagine how strange and difficult this will be for you two - and what great orgasms you'll have when she gets back!!

Have a safe trip, Molly. Be careful and have fun!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

clarifying WC's edict and I do need to review with him again:
1) I have total freedom on flight over
2) WC flips a coin each day (not mick)
3) i determine heads/tails via text
4) if i get it right, get to get off once and cum as many times as i want.
5) if i get it wrong, I get the clothes pins deal
did I get it right?
PS missing Mick already and we are still in bed ):

Donna said...

Have a wonderful trip, Molly!

Donna and Bill

WC said...

1) You may masturbate as often as you want on the flight over.

2) Each morning you send me a text that says heads or tails.

3) I will flip a coin and text you whether you won or lost.

4) Each 24 hour period you may masturbate 1 time, but you may cum as often as you want durning that session.

5) However if you loose the coin toss, you must masturbate and cum a minimum of three times,with a clothes pin attached to each nipple.

6) If you fail to cum at least once durning a 24 hour period, then you can not cum for the rest of the trip.

Is that clear Molly?

The rule making,


Suzanne said...

This seems much more complicated than any bet I've had with Jay!

Mick - did you remember to pack the gift for the Royal Wedding?


Donna said...

So this trip is very much about our CEO both going and cumming! And, in truth it's probably better this way; wouldn't want our exec to go through withdrawal on the road, eh?

I was thinking maybe Mick should start a daily regime of drinking thick milkshakes in cups with straws to avoid any loss of muscle tone or strength in those muscles usually deployed several times a day in the oral worship of our beloved CEO.

Please remember to send postcards to those of us you love so well, Mick, the kids, the WC, Bill, me, and of course the Hitachi.

So jazzed about your great adventure,

mouse said...

Have a safe trip Molly. Hugs to Mick because mouse knows he'll be missing his Mistress!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I think Molly will miss the Hitachi almost as much as me, Donna.

And Suzanne- We are re-gifting an old fondue set received at our wedding. Don't you think Wils and Kate will love it!

Mistress is on the way now, for a last round of worship before I chauffeur her to the office.