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Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Greetings to Our Western Correspondent

Tomorrow is the birthday of our first staff member here at UCTMW.

It’s been about a year since M first got into phone contact with Mistress – he’d been commenting and emailing since December of 2009. And while we give him lots of shit from time to time, I know Mistress has enjoyed having him as part of the “team” that keeps her amused and satisfied.

Just yesterday, not long after I provided my own humble efforts to fulfill her needs – you know, the oral pleasuring, followed by some therapy with Mick’s work-a-day cock – M texted Mistress to let her know it was time for one of her personal training sessions with him directing the action via phone.

It was only around 8 am here in our Hideaway. I offered to make myself scarce by heading down to our little neighborhood organic bakery and ice cream purveyor.

“Could you get out the power tool and plug it in for me, Slave before you go.”

“Of course, Mistress.”

I pulled out the Hitachi, untangled the extension cord (we wouldn’t want the littler sucker to come unplugged at the very wrong moment), and then kissed Mistress goodbye. I even turned the radio on in our lining room to make sure the teens could not hear any sounds that might be a little too unsettling.

“Enjoy, Mistress…. And give my regards to M.”

“I will Slave….”

Her text chime went off.  She slid seductively into bed, still in a skimpy nightie I had purchased her some time ago, ready for her therapeutic “session” to begin.

When I returned home the door was still shut, so I settled at the dining room table, tending to some work emails. Soon she emerged, wrapped in a terry robe, looking quite flushed and certainly refreshed.

She leaned over, gave me a little kiss.

“How many, Mistress….”

“Oh… at least two Slave….”
(If you're keeping score, that was at least 4 before 9 am.)

“And what little tale did he provoke you with this morning, Mistress?”

“Ohh …. It involved him fucking me in the ass while I was in some sort of chastity device….”

“I’ll bet that was pretty hot Mistress…. Making you all frustrated….”

“It was Slave…..very…..”

Clearly M was adding value on our trip, even if we’ve not seen much from him in the column inches category of late.  Maybe this “personal trainer” role is more up his alley.

So in our plans to recognize his contribution to our burgeoning media “empire” I wanted to do a little tribute to M.  Maybe delve into his past and give him a little surprise.

We only have a few details from M’s colorful history.

We know he was a competitive ski racer in his teens and early 20’s. 

We also know that he spent some time as a highly desired ski instructor in Summit County, Colorado, who did whatever it took to please his “students” – particularly those of the female persuasion.  Sometimes that even meant long nights of toil spent off “piste”. The story goes that he qould sometimes forget which hotel room was his next scheduled destination.

Using all the tools at the disposal of a vast media empire, I  was able to strike some gold (or at least tarnished bronze). With a few well placed gratuities, I was able to plunder from the “morgue” of the Vail Eagle, circa 1978,  the following photo of M from his salad days, back when he taught skiing by day, and developed a variety of uses for his special occasion tool by night.

AS you can see, M had a certain magnetic charisma even then. I’m not sure whether his lovely companions were fellow ski instructors admiring his special equipment, or sorority girls on spring break who were working on their tans. M could you fill in the blanks for us?

And do have a happy birthday tomorrow.
(BTW, that really is a picture of the WC.... who could make that up?)



nilla said...

Laughing...omg, what a package....


PS happy birthday WC!!!

WC said...


That is too funny.

Those were the caddie cuties. In the summer back then I had a little photography business taking pictures of white water rafting and corporate golf outings and selling the pictures to the people.

I would shoot slides and develop the pictures before they were done rafting or golfing.

It was a nice little business, certainly better than working construction which I did in the summer before that!

Those girls were some friends of mine who would hire out to provide "entertainment" at certain golf tournaments.

Obviously, there was not the female presence in corporate America that there is now!

I gave them 15% of any pic i sold with them in it. We would sell the pictures at the dinner following the tournament. The gentleman were very insistent that I mail those pictures to a certain address not their homes!

Too funny.

Thanks for the shout out Mick and Molly.

The oh to be young and free again,


And BTW thanks Nila

Suzanne said...


Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

That must be one of the rare photos of you with two beautiful women where your hands are actually in a socially acceptable location.


mouse said...

Happy Birthday wishes going out to WC Sir...

Have a terrific day!


WC said...


Very funny Suzanne.

I know what was I thinking? There were much better places to put my hands.

Thanks for the birthday good wishes.


thank you as well, hope you have a great day too!

The happy it is spring,

What a beautiful day here,


WC said...

You know I just looked at that picture again and that one friend of mine looks like Ms. Marie.

You don't suppose.....

No couldn't be LOL

The really is chuckling,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Of course, if this had been the WC's brother, we all know where his hands would have been. Mick

Donna said...

Happy Birthday WC!

Hope it's absolutely the best ever and that your sexiest wishes come true!

Donna and Bill

beingaisha said...

Happy Birthday, WC - Sorry I'm so late - I guess it's Belated Birthday now. But still - I like to think of it as a Birthday Weekend, so I hope you're still enjoying!

Great picture, btw.