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Thursday, March 31, 2011

To the Peak and Back

Well, of course there was some gratifying morning sex here at our little Mountain Hideaway on Wednesday. I recall Mistress grappling for my cock after I had feasted on her, the laptop set aside now, and her compliment.

“Oh goody. The morning cock.”

You may know the type, hard and eager without much encouragement. Mistress shouldn’t have to work to hard for that effect should she?

But the real story today is a little travelogue about Mistress and our 2nd sullen teen – almost 18 now – who had an excellent adventure worth documenting here.

At our Ski Mountain, the most dramatic run is not “lift served”. No, you need to hike there, toting skis, or board. It’s a long and demanding climb. The locals with their well acclimated lungs and hard bodies can do it in 45 minutes or so. But for flatlanders like us – schedule at least 90 minutes if you are lucky.

The hike stretches across a long narrow ridgeline with amazing views across this wild and beautiful state and north to another. (the picture at the top gives you a good sense of the trail, which starts on the left and extends to the very top, maybe 1.5 miles).

And as the final destination seems to get tantalizingly closer, the trail gets steeper, narrower and dicier. Sometimes you can be plowing forward through knee deep snow, grateful for the footprints of those that preceded you. Other times, like yesterday, the snow is thin and your stiff and heavy ski boots are slipping and sliding on loose rock and ice.

But what awaits is a long and challening run over barely tracked snow down a dramatic slope until you finally arrive to the more routine runs where the mere mortal skiers have been looking up at you in wonder.

Now Molly and Mick have done this hike in years past. But it’s been a few years for me. Quite frankly, in my 60 year old decrepitude, it’s a tough physical challenge that I can happily forego – been there, done that – even though I do miss that sense of accomplishment when the run is over, and the views along the way.

So when our teen said this week “I want to go to the peak”, I was a little reluctant. Quite frankly, I didn’t think she knew what awaited or had the mettle to stick it through. And believe me, there comes a point on that hike when your body says “no mas”, but, quite literally, you can’t turn back.

I was not into seeing her hit that point and having to deal with the consequences.

But then Mistress stepped in.

“I’ll go with you…..”

I raised an eyebrow. Quietly lobbied against the risk. But they were undeterred.

So off they went.

Gutsy and determined.

And I got to watch them take their turns down that wide, steep slope, slowly but surely, about two hours after they headed up that narrow trail with a bunch of other hardcore skiers following behind.

The teen made it first, on her snow board, collapsing onto her back on the snow next to me.

“I’m really not that tired. It was just hard on my lungs sometimes….”

Uhh, yeah. At 12,500 feet, climbing up. It’s a killer.

Mistress made it down a few minutes later, a broad smile on that beautiful face.

“My legs are like rubber, Slave.”

No doubt.

So here is to Mistress and our sullen but adventurous teen. I am proud of both of them.


Donna said...

How Amazing! Memories were made that will last forever. Your pride in your extraordinary females shines through, Mick.

Good for the ladies and good for you, too!


WC said...

Excellent Mick!

Great pictures.

Donna said...

Now that the positives have been stated, may I add that it is not difficult to see that the surliness you ascribe to your teens may have an hereditary component. "Uhh, yeah. At 12,500 feet, climbing up. It’s a killer."

Snarkiness and surliness are a basic part of my personality that Bill seems to appreciate, probably because it gives him ample opportunity to keep his swing arm in good condition.


nilla said...



Suzanne said...

Having made a somewhat similar trek here in the Northeast (but at a much more tender age!), I have to say that I am "wicked" impressed!!! Congratulations. Such memories make for the best of vacations.

littlemonkey said...

What a triumph!The ladies should be rightfully proud of that accomplishment.

Oh, and Mick? Your 60 year old decrepitude can't be all that decrepit. There are men less than half your age that don't sexuallly satisfy their wifes more than once a week, much less every day. I don't believe you are decrepit for one second.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thanks for all those comments. Today I took the surly teen skiing while Mistress and surly # one spent the day sunning themselves on our patio in this gorgeous sun. I think she definitely deserved the day off!


beingaisha said...

What a wonderful story, Mick!! That's the kind of experience that makes for courageous women - your daughters are lucky to have Molly's example, and double lucky to have your support too.

Thanks for telling the story.

Tell Molly I said "Nice work!" She must be very proud of her girl.