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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It was a rainy day here in River City, and Mistress and Slave were pretty focused on work through the day.

Of course, there was some nice cozy wake up sex, beginning with my oral devotions as Mistress read my morning essay.

But then it was off to work. Mistress had worn those enticing peek-a-boo tights but, alas, there were no opportunities to partake of her juicy delights during the day. Instead, we seemed to be playing phone and text tag. And as it turned out, somehow I missed the choicest text of the day.

Apparently it came around 12:15, when I had my phone chime muted because I was in a meeting.  When we got home, before we were set to prepare dinner, She mentioned it.

“You know I’m on orgasm embargo after tonight, Slave….”

“Oh…. No…. You didn’t mention it….”

“I sent you a text …”

I thumbed through my text messages. Sure enough:

“On embargo after tonight, Slave.”

Maybe it’s good I missed it. I probably would have been left squirming in that desultory meeting at the thought of Mistress’s sullen frustration.

“Well it’s good to see your personal trainer subjecting you to a more rigorous regime, Mistress.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t worship you now….”

“I was waiting for you to offer, Slave….”

Soon she was reclining on our bed, her legs spread, black boots still on, allowing me access through the strategic opening in her tights.  From my vantage point on my knees I had a stimulating view of her magnificent body.  But soon I was hard at work, making sure that she had ample reserves of pleasure to carry her through her sad 36 hour embargo before a scheduled training session on Thursday morning.

“He says I should have the clothespins handy Slave…”

Helpfully, I showed her exactly where they could be found.

The girls and the visiting boyfriend were fed, and then we adjourned to our chambers.  Mistress was in the mood to watch a movie,  which she selected, and we lolled in bed, next to one another, amused by some surprisingly hot scenes involving Anne Hathaway seemingly naked, and the liberal distribution of Viagra.

About 2/3’s through Mistress decided it was time to stop watching and start participating….

“We can watch the rest of this tomorrow night, Slave….”

Bu now her hand was gripping my swollen cock. And my finger had wormed its way into her damp folds, probing for that special place that I knew would make her   quiver and whimper with need once properly manipulated.

It was the game we play when we want to see who can make the other one cry “mercy” first.

“I agree, Mistress…. We don’t want to miss our last opportunity before your embargo begins….”

“Well I suppose we could make love in the morning Slave…. I mean I won’t tell M if you don’t….”

She was squirming now, on the edge. And my cock was close to the meltdown point too…. But I was determined to win this little race…. And sure enough…. With just a few more deft touches from the very tip of my finger, Mistress was spasming against my hand, moaning her release, then releasing her grip on my cock, rolling back to let me fuck her properly.

“But that would be so wrong, Mistress…. We’re paying M that outrageous salary to act as your personal trainer…. Wouldn’t it be silly for you not to follow his prescribed regime?”

“I guess you're right, Slave….”

Her ragged breathing and the way her hips rose to meet me seemed a good sign that she was enjoying my eager thrusts into her.

“Plus I think it gets you all hot and bothered when M gets bossy with you, and controls when you come….”

I was getting close now myself….sliding side to side to make sure Mistress came again before I was begging for permission. I was determined to make sure she got her fill before that 36 hour period of denial began.

“I suppose it does Slave, just  a little…..”

Right. Just a little.

Well, I think you know how all of this ended.

After permission was granted, and gratefully taken, Slave and Mistress drifted off to sleep. But not before she reminded me of my responsibility this morning.

“I’m going to stay home a little later in the morning Slave…. Remember to wear your cage.”

So while Mistress is on lockdown, rest assured that her Slave is too.

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beingaisha said...

I'm glad you're taking care of your Mistress without undermining the WC's training efforts. Seems like he's taking his new responsiblities very seriously. Way to go...