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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mistress's First "Training" Session

Frankly, I’m a little distracted this morning.

I woke up to find more stories about what’s happening in Japan, including video of an explosion at a nuclear power plant.

Shades of Chernobyl.

But if you’ve ever been to Japan – I have a couple of times- you know how densely populated the country is. A series of “dead zones” (they say there are 5 reactors in jeopardy) even for a few years, caused by radioactive leakage could have a profound and crippling impact on that beautiful, if enigmatic country.

Our family has relations in Tokyo. We still have not heard from them. And although I suspect that is because communications are still hampered, it’s becoming quite worrisome for all of us.

We will just have to see how this tragedy unfolds, with hopes that somehow folks on the ground can contain this potentially very dangerous scenario. But it will surely give us all more discomfort about using nuclear technology to feed our energy addiction.

Now, onto our happier things… didn’t come here looking for bad news, did you?

Mistress and I were sitting in bed last night.  It was one of those precious Friday nights when there were no plans other than relaxing at home, having one of our “picnics”, and, of course, having sex.

But first we were both – side by side- perusing your blogs and our comments section, both of our laptops out on – what else- our laps.

“Is this a little strange, Slave?”

“You mean the two of us sitting here on a Friday night, scanning the sex blogs before we fuck?”

“I suppose that’s what I meant….”

“Well every couple needs a hobby to keep them busy as they approach their golden years….”

“I suppose….” She was giggling now, if not quite as enthusiastically as she was yesterday morning, as she read Donna’s narrative of our staff meeting as I busily lapped away between her legs.

“I mean some folks go bird watching together, or get into horticulture … we have a sex blog …. What’s odd about that?”

“I suppose it’s pretty normal if you look at it that way … a shared hobby.”

And of course there are side benefits. Like the fact that now Mistress has acquired a personal trainer.

Thursday morning, I was safely locked in my cage, while Mistress stayed home t await her first “session” since our WC was promoted to WC/PT to CEO.  It sounds like he is helping Mistress work out her kinks.

Of course, there was some preparation for the session.  Mistress was placed on strict orgasm lockdown, which she followed much more diligently than the Japanese utility company has been able to do with their power plants.

But M through a curve ball.

“He says I should let you come though, Slave….”

Hmmmm…. I needed some clarification.

“You mean you have the option of letting me come?”

“Actually, I think he meant I have to let you come…”

Well, I must say I was grateful.  I guess this was a “gratuity” from the sometimes cantankerous WC in response to the generous promotion he was accorded. Or I suppose his pals at the Teamsters Union might think of it as a friendly “kick back”. Sort of like a cum that fell off a truck.

So there I was, Thursday morning, the tight ring locked around my cock and balls making it particularly hard, fucking Mistress, but doing my best not to fuck her so well that she would come herself in the process.

It’s all rather counter-intuitive for a Slave programmed with the prime directive of making Mistress happy.

But somehow, or another, I “got her done”. Well, I mean, I got myself done.

Leaving Mistress all primed, if a tad petulant, awaiting that session with M.

‘Sorry Mistress,” I said, as I lay there on her in my post orgasmic contentment, pressing my face against her succulent neck.

“I hope you aren’t too frustrated….”

“You know I’m very frustrated, Slave….”

In fact, her chest seemed still to be heaving a bit. I must say that she displayed admirable self-control.

Later that morning, I was immersed in work, but part of my pervy brain back in that bed, imagining Mistress, her power tool, and the phone propped against her head. Around 11 am I got her call.

“Well, I’m all done, Slave, and now on the way to work….”

She was clearly in a peppier mood than when I had left her, all frustrated, earlier that morning.

“and how did your training go, Mistress?”

“Oh… it was good Slave…. Very good.”

“How many, Mistress?”

“I think at least three Slave….”

"And what was he talking to you about, Mistress?"

"Well.... I remember part of it was sucking his cock in his office, Slave...."

"Sound like you would enjoy that, Mistress...."
"Yes, Slave.... I think I would."

“So you think  M has potential with this new role at UCTMW?”

“Oh he has lot’s of potential, Slave…..”


WC said...

It is always great to start my morings with a dose of Mick and Molly.

I hope this finds U 2 lunatics well.

Your good friend,

Miguel/WC/PT/trying like hell to be teamster union steward

Donna said...

Dear Mick and Molly,

I have given some thought to WC's promotion. Usually with a promotion comes added responsibilities. I understand that serving as Molly's trainer is part of that, but I don't see it as being much of a strain for WC. I have come up with a suggestion that would be right up WC's alley, plus create overwhelming positive response with the subs who read this blog.

My idea is that in addition to coaching Molly, there could be a regular conference call situation, a sort of UCTMW virtual sex gym, a time when all the sub-sisters, in the privacy of their own homes or offices, get naked, Hitachi Wands at the ready while WC puts us through our paces. There could also be a male-sub version using those shake weight things advertised on television!

Our Doms might be willing to pay UCTMW for services rendered if there is discernible improvement in skills, and from what I read of WC's contract, any monies generated would be the sole property of UCTMW.

I'm seeing tee-shirts, bumper stickers and billboards all emblazoned with the UCTMW logo.

What do you think?

Your Senior Correspondent,

mouse said...

Mick, for someone distracted you write very well. Just love the way you retell your adventures.

Sincere hopes that you hear from your extended family in Japan soon. It is so tragic.


Anonymous said...

I am not one to squelch ideas -- but in a word NO WAY

WC said...

Hey Donna,

Thats what I thought too when I saw those shaken weight things, funny.

And no, you did not read the contract correctly, all revenues generate by the PT/WC are mine as union steward and freelance PT/WC. LOL

Hope you guys have dried out.


WC Miguel,

Suzanne said...

Regarding the PT's "potential" - please make sure he lives UP to it.