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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mistress Stands. Slave Delivers.

After missing our last switch day based on my general lameness, I figured Mistress was due for some “special treatment”. With much applause from the sullen teens, I even delayed our departure time for the mountain until 10:30 am,  to assure that there was ample time for the plot to develop in our charming little bedroom here in the great southwest.

So after Mistress had an opportunity to read the blog – with my tongue firmly planted between her thighs as tradition dictates – I told her it was time to face the music.

Some rope was used to bind her wrists together in front.

Then I pulled on the long lead I had left myself, indicating it was time to get out of bed and go for a little walk.

“But Slave… it’s chilly, I’ll get so cold….”

Yeah. The usual whining. Actually the morning sun was shining through the window, warming us nicely. Mistress was not in peril of any goose bumps, let alone  frozen nipples.

I brandished some rather cruel nipple clips we have here, with big dangling rings, just to make my point.

“Do I need to get these out Mistress?”

“Ohhh, God…. Not those.”

“Then come along….”

She co-operated now, fearing for her dainty little buds, and I positioned her under the ring I installed last summer in one of the pine hand carved vegas that cross our low ceiling.

Her arms were raised. The rope was run through the ring, then tied off.

Mistress was going no where.

Her little silk nightie – one I’d gotten for her some holiday past – just grazed her firm ass.  I took the time to snap a few photos form various angles, with Mistress having the right of approval before posting, of course.

Then I grabbed the riding crop which we had tucked into our closet to keep from the prying eyes of house guests.

I also made sure the radio was on – some early Sunday jazz – so that the teens would not be shocked at their parents’ antics.

The first slap of the crop seemed to catch Mistress by surprise.

“Owww…. That hurt Slave….”

It was followed by a few more…..I enjoyed seeing Mistress hop and squirm tethered to the ceiling, up on her toes a bit…. her little “happy dance” was quite delightful.

“Did you miss your switch day last Sunday, Mistress?”

“I did Slave….”

“You seemed to enjoy your little date with M yesterday, Mistress.  I bet you’d like him doing these things to you here, wouldn’t you.”

“Would you like it, Slave?”

She got a sharp slap with the crop for avoiding my question.


“Of course I would, but that wasn’t the question, was it Mistress?”

There is nothing like interrogating a bound Mistress with a riding crop at your disposal.

“You know I would Slave.”

At about this time I slid myself up behind Mistress. Reaching around her for a handful of breast .

“I think you’re enjoying this, Slave.”

No doubt she could feel my thickening cock poking from the folds of the blue robe I was wearing.

“Absolutely, Mistress…”

My right hand dipped between her thighs, sliding through those silky, sopping, clean shaven folds.

“And it seems you are too…..”

After stepping back and giving her just a few more slices with the crop, I remarked on how nice and red her bottom had become.  My fingers caressed the little red marks. They would fade soon enough, but it was nice to feel how warm her ass was, as it shifted wantonly against my soothing fingers.

I stepped back again, and pulled the power tool from the its little hideaway, unwinding the extension cord.  Mistress could not tell exactly what I was doing, until she heard the Hitachi “hmmmm” to life.

I embraced her standing body from behind, my cock poking a bit into her ass cheeks, and reached around her with the magic wand.  I could almost feel her body melt as the soft white bulb pressed home against her, her thighs spreading as best they could to accommodate it.

“Now remember, Mistress, you need to ask permission to come.”

The little slut must have been fully primed, because it seemed it was only a minute or so later that she was begging for leave. And I was a pushover – as usual – and gave my consent.

That sent her into some nice shuddering convulsions that had her hanging from her wrist bindings, head dropped down, moaning ever so deliciously.

And by then I was more than ready to join the fun.

So I released her bound wrists from the little ring, and pulled her back to the bed.

Her wrists were still tied, and I pushed them over her head as I took my reward, sliding into her.

Of course, I made sure Mistress came at least one more time before I was the one asking for permission.

As we rested in each others arms afterwards, still with some time before our skis would meet the fresh snow that had fallen overnight, I asked Mistress if I had made up for our missing switch day.

“Of course Slave…. But you scared me with those nipple clips.”

“Maybe next Sunday, Mistress….”


nilla said...

i've been so behind on reading, it was good timing to read about another switch day success...gosh i love how happy you two are!

there are some adjustable nipple clamps and suckers that give a bit of....tension? without tons of pain...just sayin'...

i'd say "enjoy yourselves" ...but its so wonderfully obvious that you are!!



Suzanne said...

Nice to see you can still have the same, or even more fun when you take your show on the road!

beingaisha said...

Yep, another successful switch day... ya'll have become my rock of stability in the kink world. As long as you two are doing your thing, the world must be on the right track. Or something like that...