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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Questions and Answers

Molly and Mick worked our way through a busy Monday here in River City. She had an early meeting with Surly teen II’s guidance counselor, so there was little time to linger in bed.

I ignored my cold / flu as best I could, and hunkered down at my desk, spacing out from time to time, but, so it goes.

Mistress did stop by shortly after lunch for a little personal attention. I am very mindful of my obligations to pleasure her several times each day. We are now in that odd transition from winter to spring here in River City, and since it was a warmer day, Mistress shed had foregone the black tights, but was still going with the boots. So it was easy for her simply to pull down her black undies and let me feast for a while, until her hip were bucking and her gently moan signaled another job acceptably done.

I made sure to snap a photo to text to M, off on his ski vacation, having left us here at UCTMW to pick up the slack.  My message was “back to work”.

He later responded that it seemed that I was recovering from my bought with the flu.

Mistress had planned to meet Surly teen I at a spinning class at our gym after work, so I headed home solo, planning to whip up some dinner to be ready when they got home.

Surly teen II was at home, working on her homework. She gave me a sideways glnace of acknowledgement, then cut to the chase.

“What’s for dinner….”

“Irish stew and mashed potatoes.”

“It’s 70 degrees out…. Its too warm for stew.”

Oops. I forgot to check the gastro-temperature chart before planning the evening’s menu.

“Would you prefer a salad….”

(Said sarcastically…. Surly II is not much on slads.)

“Why don’t we just eat out.”

I ignored that one, heading to the kitchen.

When Mistress got home, she still had on her workout cloths: black cotton tights and a black and turquoise tank top. The gleam of her perspiration gave her a lovely glow.

By now the stew was simmering, the potatoes were boiling and there was time for some worship.

I joined her in the bedroon, where she had “lost” the tights, exposing her clean shaven parts.

“How about some worship, Mistress.”

“But Slave, I’m all sweaty and smelly down there.”

“That’s exactly how I like you…”

Soon I was on my knees, yet again,  savoring the salty concoction after that spinning workout.


But I will confess that was the night’s action. I was still feverish and did not want to make Mistress endure my overly warm body during some conventional love making. Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow.

So in lieu of further action, let me share some answers to questions received over the last few days.

The first came by way of  the former  Kelly, she wanted to know what “hard limits” there are at UCTMW re: blood or markings when we play. 

Hate to say it, but we are kind of wimps here. Sure there are some red stripes and occasional bruises, but they usually fade away rather quickly. No blood. No hickies. We are just two gentle souls, I suppose.

And Donna, our Southern correspondent asked the following:

“Since it is still March, I wonder if I might ask you both about the aneros device. I looked it up online and it gets rave reviews.

Mick-Was it difficult to get used to inserting? And do you ever leave it in for hours at a time?

Molly-Does it change how Mick feels to you or moves in you?

Personal questions I know, but someone is sending me $5.00 for asking these question for them and in this economy...”

Well, Molly says it seems to make old Mick’s cock all the harder when the aneros us deployed, but maybe she can comment if there is something else to add.

As for me…. It took a little time for me to work up the courage to lube that sucker up and fit it in. Mistress instructed me to order it while we were still doing our commuter marriage thing, and having long and often erotic video chats in the evening.

I will confess that I did not disclose exactly when it arrived, but once she got that information out of me, she directed me to go with it.

Of course, the device has both a psychological and physical aspect when put to proper use. There is a bit of humiliation and submission tied to the act of inserting the little sucker at Mistress’s direction, which works on my head.

And there is a physical reaction when the little guy presses up against the prostate, making my cock seem to get extraordinarily hard.

But once getting over the initial hump, sliding it in and realizing that there is ample capacity there if the device is properly lubricated, it’s quite easy to get used to and accommodate.

Mistress has never required me to wear it for more than an hour or so. No trips to a bar, or dinner with the device in place…. That could be a little un-comfy, though I suspect it has been done.  And now that I’ve gotten used to it, my guess is that it would take a bit of focus to keep it from sliding out. Though I suspect that is the point, isn’t it?

I wonder if Suzanne ever requires Tammy to wear an anal plug for an extended period, or on social occassions?


aisha said...

Interesting Q&A!

Hope you're feeling all better soon, Mick.


Donna said...

Sounds like you could use some chicken soup whether the gastro-temperature chart says it's the proper day for it or not.

Thanks for answering the aneros questions. Hopefully the person who requested the info gets the $5 to me by the end of the week, otherwise I may need to give them a little shout-out from the comment section here.


Suzanne said...


As to your question at the end of your post, that's a "Yes" on both counts.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne- somehow I thought the answer might be yes.

Donna- hope you get your pay-off. chicken soup would have been nice.

Aisha- thanks for the good vibes.

littlemonkey said...

Thank you for answering my question. No judgement from here in the the banana boat, a little redness looks lovely on a couple of "gentle" souls. I was just interested in what everyone else does... you know, monkey see, monkey do, or is that see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...damn, now I'm confused.

Here's some virtual chicken soup for you Mick. Hope it helps.