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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Subbing" for Mick this Morning ... Our Senior Correspondent

I know, I know, it’s a shock to see the Senior Southern Correspondent of UCTMW here this morning, but rest easy and let me reassure you right off the bat that Molly and Mick arrived home safely yesterday and are both perfectly fine. They just wanted to spend a few quiet moments this morning having a little sleep in and take a few extra moments to adjust to the time change.

Ha, ha, ha! Yes, gentle readers; I snorted my coffee on that one, too. Mick may be snuggled down in bed, but I think we all know what he is doing to Molly under those covers. And if that Hitachi Wand isn’t plugged in and ramped up to full power by 8AM, I’ll eat my hat. That Molly is one beautiful and lucky lady.

But moving on here, I am aware that you are accustomed to a hefty dose of mad passionate sex from UCTMW with your morning toast and jelly, but you’re going to have to pull up your big girl panties or plus size He-Man tighty whities and just wait a minute. Bill and I make mad passionate love, perhaps not on the same schedule as Molly and Mick, but we are Dom and sub and quite zealous and creative in our love making. Plus, we have the added advantage of our kids being out of the house which has led to some wonderful adventures in the kitchen, the living room, the den, the library, out on the deck, etc. But, before we delve into our sexual exploits, I think we might want to get to know one another a bit better. In my experience there is nothing like sharing heart-felt, real life stories to get acquainted, so I thought I might begin with a story about our home.

We live in a rather rustic log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. There are other log cabins on the mountain, but we aren't sitting on top of each other like those homes in Molly and Mick’s neighborhood. In any case, we have a dear 85 year old neighbor, Daisy, who retired here about twenty years ago. She lives just up the mountain from us. Well, her son and family were visiting from New York last week during that early warm spell. Daisy had worked herself into a state trying to make sure everything would be just perfect for their visit. The last night of their visit was a beautiful evening and our windows were wide open. As I sat in our den reading, I could hear in the distance their soft conversation and an occasional bit of laughter as they had drinks out on Daisy’s deck. All of a sudden I heard my Bill yelling/bellowing from our living room, "Dammit Indy, don't kiss me, boy, I know where that tongue has been. You just came in here straight from licking your brother's ass again, didn’t you?" All sounds of conversation from Daisy's house stopped. I struggled for a while with whether I should call up to Daisy’s cabin and explain that Indy and his brother are two of our cats, or just leave it as an interesting story for her family to share about their trip to the backwoods of North Carolina. Want to guess which option I chose?

Oh, I have another great story about Bill. You may have noticed that Bill has a certain protective streak. I think most Doms do, but Bill is much better armed than most. A few years back, Bill wanted me to have some new lacy thong undies, so we went shopping in one of those huge mega-mall places. Now we tend to steer clear of malls ever since they started being so picky about carrying knives and such but on that day Bill agreed to leave his assortment of super sharp friends at home, which turned out to be a good thing. Just as he was pushing me out of Victoria’s Secret with my pink striped bag of beautiful new thongs, a monstrosity of a woman ran toward me at full steam. Looking for all the world like the evil sea demon dressed in black from that Little Mermaid movie, I kept praying she would veer off to the right or the left, but she didn’t. Instead, she came to a sliding stop right in front of my wheelchair, reached out and bopped me on the shoulder saying, “It’s lucky to touch a cripple!” Now Bill and I have had our fair share of run-ins with ignorance, but this was over the top and I was a tad bit sorry I had forced Bill to leave his sharp companions at home. Not to worry, without missing a beat, my hero, rolled my tires right on top of her piggy-toed sandals and said,”And it’s even luckier to roll over the toes of an idiot”. And my hero rolled the wheels back a touch and then forward again just to be sure he had been thorough, and then slowly pushed my chair on through the mall. I do love that man!

Well, now that I feel we know each other a bit better, I am ready for the sexual part of this program. Yesterday evening, just after dinner, Bill called me back to the bedroom. As I made my way down the hall I could smell my favorite incense burning and could see the flickering light of the candles reflected in the hall mirror. I rolled forward and there on our bed was my collar, the leather one with the ouchie nipple clips. Next, I saw the Liberator pillows positioned toward the edge of the mattress and the restraints for my wrists and ankles carefully laid out on either side.

Bill stripped off my jeans and shirt, tightened the collar around my neck and placed me on the bed, leaning me forward over the Liberators so my butt was up in the air. As he tightened the restraints around my wrists and ankles, I glanced to my left and saw his favorite strop, and beside it, my beloved Hitachi Wand. “Don’t think I forgot about those nipple clamps, sub, I’ll get back to those”, he said in his deep and sexy voice, “but tonight we’ll start with a warm-up.” And with that I felt his huge palm land on my left butt cheek.”Count, Donna!” he barked. “One, Sir…

Oh gosh, it appears I have far exceeded my word limit. I guess we’ll have to come back to this another time.

I know you join me in hoping that Molly and Mick have had a good, if not so very restful, sleep in this morning.

Your Sexy Senior Southern Correspondent,



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Hey Donna,
I think that I love Bill too! Wow, what a hunk and what a man! What we all want out of our men, right? This blog made me laugh out loud. Just what I needed. You are wonderful.

beingaisha said...

Omigod, Donna -

You are clearly a terrible tease!

AND you clearly need your own blog. Your wit and sexiness and writing skills just SCREAM needs a blog of her own. Not that I don't enjoy you on here, and I'm sure it's nice for Mick to take a break, but still.

You crack me up.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Watch out Aisha.... No tortious interference with our Senior Correspondent.... what a joy for me to wake up, somewhat bleary eyed.... to find my blog all written for me. Mick

beingaisha said...

Laughing - well, I wouldn't want to do anything that would vex you, Mick, but you know, Donna clearly has stand alone talent... just saying.


xantu said...

The mall story warranted a read out loud to Master this morning.

Donna said...

Well now, that was fun and I hope you know I am here for you when needed, Mick, but I like my position here at UCTMW, sending in little this and that comments as the spirit moves. So, while I appreciate your kind words aisha, I have all I can say grace over right now living with a wild man like Bill.

And Molly, I think the razor wire looks very festive around your place there and I think you'll find that it makes decorating for the holidays ever so much easier. You change out the white bulb in the searchlight Bill installed, for a blue or green one, and there you go. Festive and functional, too.

Well, Bill has worn down yet another set of whetstones so we are going to head into town today to buy another set. Hopefully I can keep him out of the outdoor department. He has been hinting about a new KA-BAR.

Your Senior Correspondent,

mouse said...

Wonderful Donna!


WC said...

Your are very funny Donna and also hot.

Your loyal co worker, WC

WC said...

Pist Donna,

I will wisper this as I don't want Bill or Mick to hear this. I was fibbing yeaterday when I said I got the security code. Did you know the the linear distance between the earth and venus varies as the orbit is not exactly cicular. Could you please tell me what day of the year I am suposded to use to make the caculation, or better yet just send the security code in plain English. We really don't need it as the tunnel is in place but it always good to have a back up.

Your felow loyal and true employee,

ps Are Bills knives sharp enough to cut through the razor wire? I not I have a good set of bolt cutters.

Donna said...

Dear WC,

I have been forbidden to share with you the date, time or locations for the security codes. I'm not even suppose to say whether the measurements are in English or metric. Molly and Mick must have figured it out because they slept in their own bed last night.

It may sound complex, but this really is one of Bill's more simple codes. You should see the formula needed to get into his knife safe or his machete stand or into the room safe that holds his collection of cross-bows.

Before we talk tunnels, I think we should wait just two more days. As you well know, since you and Bill are the ones who forced me to send the reminder to Mick, Friday is Employee Appreciation Day. Maybe Mick will surprise us and come up with something good. Don't make those raspberry noises at me, please, he just might.

Yours truly unless Bill says no,

littlemonkey said...

Donna, you are a tease. Nice to meecha!

WC said...

Haha, too too funny Donna,

But you are exactly right, lets not screw up any stuff or cash we might have comming our way on Friday. Thanks for reminding me. Our beloved CEO is quit generous, Mick not so much he is a bottom line guy so we can only hope it is Molly who decides on any employee appreciation bonuses.

Believe me you better hope you are never injured at work, dealing with that man is impossible!

Your fellow loyal and true employee,


Little Butterfly said...

Wonderful post Donna! Glad to get to know you a little better. The cat thing sounds like something that would happen to us! :)

nilla said...


oh gawd. funny, tender...and...exceeded word count my tush. You tease!!!

btw...i laughed so hard about the cat butt thang....omfg!

lovely lovely fun post m'dear!


Claire Thompson said...

There is a wonderful, marvelous book waiting to be written by the incredible senior correspondent of this blog!

You heart, humor and just plain ol' sizzlin' hot sexiness shine through everything you write, Donna. You are a wonder!

One day, when you are ready, we two will sit down and start writing the story of Donna's amazing and heroic life. I am not asking you this, I am telling you (yes, for a sub, I can be HUGELY bossy, as we all can! grin)

Love, Claire