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Friday, March 18, 2011

From Our Senior Correspondent... A Few of their Favorite Things

 (Mick recommends the following musical accompaniement. )

A couple of days ago when I knew I would be filling in for Mick while he recovers from the annual salute to his ancestral roots, I suggested to Bill that we share with you a few things that really get our motors started. We decided to leave my red bottom and his mighty swing arm off the list because you already know how important that is to us. The choices were tough but eventually Bill chose my clamped boobs and I chose his love notes. Oral sex was the big winner for us both.  
Bill’s Choice – Clamped Nipples
Bill prefers boobs to be large and for the nipples to be clamped. He thinks of breasts as one of the perfect sex toys of the human body for both giving and receiving pleasure.
My blue-gray top in the picture is one of Bill’s favorites to ramp up a bit of sexy nipple play. Just today he dropped his voice into that low and slow Dom range and ordered me to get the top from my dresser and take it to him. He held it up for me to slip my arms into and then told me to hold still while he laced it up, positioning my breasts just where he wanted them. After admiring the lacy texture with his tongue and using the pads of his thumbs to rub the damp lace over my nipples so they would stand up proudly, he told me to clasp my arms over my head. He leaned forward, grabbing the ribbon bow in his teeth. As he pulled his head back, the ribbons holding the front of the shirt closed loosened bit by bit until my right breast came tumbling out.
His lips were ready and waiting to draw my nipple and some of the surrounding breast tissue into his warm, moist mouth. He gave me a good solid sucking and tongue flicking, adding a bit of tooth and then quickly snapped on a nipple clamp -which I can only assume he had hidden in his jeans pocket- then he sweetly used his tongue to soothe and ease the sharp sting of the clamp. His head leaned forward again as he used his nose to push back the lace still covering my left breast. As my breast slipped out from the fabric, equal attention was paid to that nipple with sucking, tonguing and biting followed by a quick clamping.  Ouch! A good ouch that makes me moan and drip, making both of us anxious for further play.
Donna’s Choice - Love Notes
Bill’s love notes have always been a huge turn-on for me. I have a wonderful notebook he put together for me titled “Why I Think the Way I Think About You”.  It is a collection of handwritten and typed pages as well as page after page of pictures that he compiled for me when he had to be away for six long months. I also have pages and pages of letters that he writes for me about everything from the specific words he wants to hear me add to our playtime to instructions about choosing bras and panties that will please him. But, the really unusual notes he has given me are the instruction strips and my set of “Getting Down to Business” cards.
The instruction strips are kept in a bag in a bedside table. Every once in a while Bill will order me to reach into the bag and draw a strip of paper.  I know we will be following the directions exactly. Here are a couple of samples: I will lie back on the bed. You will crawl between my legs and begin by rubbing your boobs over and around my balls and cock. When I tap your head you will move further down and lick and suck my cock. After I cum, you will scoot up, straddling my face while I make you climax at least two times. Here’s another: You will lie on your back with your head off the edge of the bed. I will stand with my balls over your face. I will lean over and use the Hitachi on your pussy while you lick and suck my balls.
The “Getting Down to Business” cards are things he wants me to ask or beg him for. For example: ”I want a butt plug and a spanking, please Sir.” Or ”I’ve been a bad girl. Spank me, finger me, then cum on my pink bottom, please Sir.” From time to time Bill will leave one taped to the bathroom mirror or leaning on my laptop keyboard and I know that sometime that day I must say those words and he will follow through.
Oral Sex-That All Occasion Dance of Joy
I suspect that when my Home Economics teacher from high school lectured my class on the importance of developing shared interests with one’s spouse, she was thinking along the lines of cooking or tennis rather than oral sex. But, like any decent student, I drew the pertinent information from her lecture and applied it to my life.  For me the concepts that stood out were sharing, eating, and playing with balls,  and I have applied those lessons well! Oral sex is such a versatile endeavor and one of our all time favorites! Bill is quite fond of me giving him some oral attention on long car trips just to keep things from getting boring as he drives along. He particularly enjoys cranking up his Smooth Jazz Radio or the Jimmy Buffett channel while I pay homage to his very special equipment. Back at home, every once in a while I buy a box of flavored condoms to add some zip to the lick. Banana and pina colada are my personal favorites, and Bill’s rule is that the condom must be rolled onto his penis using only my mouth, no hands...alas, what a hardship. One time I tried those mints that are strong enough to give a little electric shock to the head of the penis. That mistake hasn’t been repeated and Bill made sure I learned the lesson that anything new touching his penis requires prior approval.  It’s all good.
Yesterday morning I found a note under my coffee mug that combined all of these favorites. It was a simple note that said: Crotchless Red Panties. Red Boa.  Paddle. Now.
Any guesses as to what was on his mind? How great is that!


Anonymous said...

Love it!
Love the notes idea
thanks for you great work
A+ for you my friend

beingaisha said...

Dear Donna,

I think I'm jealous.

I know. It's not an admirable sentiment. But there it is.

You're a lucky woman. But I guess you already know that.

Love this post.



WC said...


That was great!

I can see why I've been made PTTTCEO and you are the SENIOR corespondent!

My hat is off to you.


WC said...

Donna AND Bill,

I should have said

My hat is off to ypu and Bill,

Your are a GREAT husband and Dominant.

The hat is off,


Donna said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your kind words. I am appreciative every day for Bill! As with most other couples, there have been some rough spots and I'm eternally grateful we have been able to weather the storms.

And WC, about being Senior Correspondent, it may have been that my promotion was somewhat related to my willingness to show my ass during butt week...not that showing my ass is really an unusual thing for me, just not often in such a literal manner. :)


littlemonkey said...

You deserve a raise, Senior correspondent Donna. The quality of your journalistic endevours is the highest.

I love clamps, but all those love notes? You are one lucky woman.

littlemonkey said...

I don't want to hijack the comments box here at UCTMW Enterprises, but I'd love to hear not only M&Ms, answer to my query, but yours too, Donna & Bill, and Miguel, as well.

"How much physical damage (if any) is too much, for you? What are your limits on that? How much is too much? Where do you and yours draw the line? Bad bruising, welts, drawing blood, marks lasting a few days , or a few weeks, permanent scarring? What are your feelings on this topic?

Donna said...

Hi Little Monkey,

Bill and I don't go beyond marks or bites lasting longer than a few days to maybe a week. Both blood and scat play are out for us due to having worked in the public health arena.

We are both okay with piercings but not branding, and we have enough permanent scarring from life in general that we don't deliberately go looking for more; should it happen though, no sweat.

A couple of side notes here: Bill and I had career paths that would most likely have been derailed if our sexual inclinations had been obvious to others. Also, because I use a wheelchair we have to be constantly aware of any signs of pressure sores or difficulty healing after play. Those factors have been more of a limiting factor in our D/s lives than our mindset.

Thanks for asking,
Donna and Bill

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

The Executive Editor was thrilled to find this wonderful post in my inbox last night before heading to our annual St. P Day dinner.

I plan to be back in action in the morning, but sadly Mistress is out of town tonight, off visiting her grandmother....

Thanks again, Donna and Bill for this great post!!


Claire Thompson said...

"...we both have enough permanent scaring from life in general that we don't deliberately go looking for more."

What a fabulous line!

I have a fella as sweet and deliciously Dom as yours, Donna. We must have them meet soon. Who KNOWS what sorts of devilish delights they will come up with!

Excellent blog. Keep it up.
Love, Claire