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Thursday, March 3, 2011

HNT / Comparative Anatomy

I felt a bit like Tom Sawyer yesterday…. In that episode when he persuades Huck Finn what fun it would be to paint that fence. Before going to be after our long trip home on Wednesday night, I responded to an email from Donna with an aside that she should feel free to come up for something in the AM, since I knew I would wake up bleary eyed, still adjusting to the time shift.

And sure enough, to my surprise, my inbox had a full and funny blog to share with you.

Our Senior Correspondent, who was just promoted last week or so from SOiuthern Correspondent, is one heck of an over-achiever. I may have to come up with anew title for her if this keeps up.

As for our Western Correspondent, well, he remains on the mend. Sounds as if he was able to ride his bike to work yesterday, a good thing because those fuel charges for the tricked out  Avalanche he snuck onto the company credit card a few months back are killing our margins. Whodathunk you needed to incorporate the possibility of Colonel Gadaffi coming unhinged when putting together the business plan for a growing sex-blog empire.

Yesterday, on our commute home from a very busy day reminding folks that we were still working for a living, Molly mentioned that we would be riding separately in the morning.

“M and I have a date scheduled, Slave….”

So the home Hitachi will have to be dusted off, and the special occasion cock will be back to its old tricks.  And in the meantime, Slave knows what his responsibilities are.

“So should I wear my cage tomorrow, Mistress?”

“Well, I know it will be a long day (we have a family dinner at the end of the day), but that’s a good idea Slave…. I’m glad I didn’t have to remind you.”

So my ring is already firmly in place, which should provide Mistress with a little bonus for some wake up sex…. thankfully M did not impose an embargo for her before their date.

But there is one little story I meant to share about our WC when we were away.

We were sitting in this grand old atrium, built from the courtyard of an adobe home, now converted to an intimate hotel. Our friend the musician was performing with his band., and we were lounging on a loveseat, enjoying the scene, sipping some drinks.

Mistress had been texting back and forth with M some through the evening. Then when she picked up her phone from the cocktail table, she laughed.

“What is it Mistress….”, I try not to be nosey, but when she laughs like that, it’s hard not to want to  be drawn into the fun.

She leaned into me.   “he sent me a picture of himself naked, Slave….”

She gave me a quick look before pulling the phone away, not wanting other prying eyes in the crowded room to catch a glance of our WC’s endowments. Sure enough there was M, apparently posed in front of the bathroom mirror.


“Pretty impressive, Mistress…. “.

It looked as if M would have passed the pre-employment physical, if we had been shrewd enough to have it done before sending him the keys to the branch office and a UCTMW credit card.

“You think so, Slave….”

“Sure, Mistress, he seems in good shape, and even at half-staff, the equipment seems to be up to the title we’ve given it.”

But Mistress was reassuring, maybe sensitive to my feelings.

“Oh Slave, it’s really not much bigger than yours.”

“Well I only got a glance, Mistress, and I suppose he may have been manipulating the image (or the tool), but when at parade rest, it seems to be considerably bigger than mine in a similar state.”

We both looked at each other, contemplating the nature of our conversation. Then laughed.

Were we really sipping drinks at a great old bar, and talking about comparative cock sizes.

Yeah, I guess it had come to this…..

Funny where a sex blog can lead you, dear readers.

And now, I hear the dainty feet of Mistress upstairs. Duty calls.


beingaisha said...

Laughing - yep, it's an amazing thing - where we end up... aisha

Property of Mrs C said...

I see you're not above the oldest Management trick in the book giving a title instead of a raise! It only works in the short term. Your SC deserves the money and you really don't want her to go off and start her own blog, do you?

msmarie said...

So true - it's a whole new normal! Btw - I really think you should share some of m's sexts. You have some very curious readers - well, one curious reader at least ;)

mouse said...

Was going to say exactly what the property of Mrs C said.


WC said...

Dear beloved and benovelent CEO and that other guy,

What about the poor hard working, loyal to bone WC? I don't need a new title, but I haven't had a raise in 3 weeks! Don't forget me here out in the west covering over half the country for your global media empire. I'm under a lot of stress and pressure in this job. I would also like my vacation time raised from 6 week per year to 8 per year. Between my frozen cock and broken ribs, and the increadibly hard work I do for UCTMW's global media empire, and the stress it places me under I think a $75,000.00 raise is more than reasdonable.

Oh, and my doctor, Dr. Jack Mehoff, wrote a prscription for a hot tub to help heal the wounded menber. It will only cost $7,500.00 to instal plus $150.00 per month in maintence. If you could just forward a check for say 10,000.00, I will have it installed and pay many months of maintence in advance. Please put I rush order on the check as I would like to begin construction as soon as possible.

Oh and thanks for the shout out Ms Marie, I am a big fan af your blog.

Our beloved and benevolent CEO Molly's most loyal employee,



Donna said...

Thanks for your kind words Mick. It was fun to do and I have truly enjoyed and appreciated the comments and support from all my sub sisters and brothers. But on to business...

WC, I thought we agreed yesterday that you wouldn't tick off Mick until after Employee Recognition Day tomorrow? No telling whether we'll even get a cake now!

And, just in case our raises have been screwed up by you-know-who, I would like to let all the gentle readers know that the combination butt-boot photo of Bill is still available to view in last week's post. More photos of his fine ass and boots will be available from Bill and me for a nominal fee (plus shipping and handling). Bill might even throw in a Ginsu knife.

Senior Southern Correspondent of UCTMW,

Donna said...

To: Molly
From: Bill, Chief of Security

What a lovely heart-shaped ass you have. Perfect for fondling, kissing and spanking. Should WC continue to suffer physically from PFCI, post-frozen cock issues, I stand ready to serve!

littlemonkey said...

I have to agree with your chief of security, it is an exceptional ass, Molly. I'd love to know what your lower body work out consists of. Please don't tell me you don't work out, because I'll cry.

WC said...

My very dear friend Mick.

Donna reminded me that tomorrow is employee appreciation day. As I am alway trying to conserve UCTMW's resources I don;t want you to spend a single dime on me for employee appreciation day. If any thing spend that money on Donna for the bang up job she has been doing.

If you could simply get our beloved and benevolent CEO to sign off on my raise, the tub, the maintenance for the tub and the little bit of extra vacation, then we are all good, my dear friend and still managing editor.

There is one little problem out here however. The roof on that little 6,000 square foot ski in, ski out, house I bought a few tears ago for entertaining UCTMW's clients is leaking. As it is a tile roof it is going to be a little bit expensive to fix. $165,000.00 to be exact. However, the roofer has agreed to take a down payment of only $75,000.00, and $10,000.00 per month thereafter, as long has he has a first lien on the property.

You remember two years ago when I had all the managing editors of the newspapers all over the west for two weeks. We had a private chef for all meal three trained "massage therapists, and as all the editors were male we had dancers up from Denver each weekend. I remember you were a little irked that I paid the dancers and massage therapists in cash and you could not send them a 1099, but as I predicted our accountant took care of the whole problem

And boy oh boy did those editors enjoy the massages and "dancers". Although we did no sign up any major markets,eg. Denver, LA, San Fran, Seattle, and on and on. But you will also remember were did sign up many small towns, Alomosa, Salida, Walsenburg and so forth. We all agree the the values of UCTMW mesh better with small town church going America, than city slickers anyway.

And my family and friends love the use of the ski villa and it is a great source of relaxation of the poor over worked WC.

Thanks in advance for fixing the roof.

The ever humble and thrifty,



Anonymous said...

To: Devoted employees and fans of the Empire
From: Molly Collins; Goddess of Grace and Goodness
First, thank you for the comments on my ass. Yes, I workout and I eat (too much). Uphill on a bike seems to keep things in somewhat decent shape.

WC, I want badly to offer you to full"package" that you so deserve, but as you all know-- the sub is usually/actually in charge -- his manipulations make it impossible to release the funds to ensure payment of your necessary tools of the trade. I may tie him up this weekend and seize all funds.

Donna, you are right -- tomorrow is the big day. I ask that the Chief of Security make the day all about you and treat you to whatever your heart desires.

Hugs and Kisses to All
Molly Collins

WC said...

My beloved and benevolent CEO,

I knew I could count on you! Get your security chief Bill to help subdue him if necessary.

Your loyal and devoted employee,