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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mainstream Media Coming From Behind.

Mistress, her Slave and the two sullen teens have gotten into a comfy groove here at our mountain hideaway.

While we very much enjoy the time the two of us get to spend here together, we realize this may be the last “spring break” we will share for some time with the teens, after about 12 springs in a row together here.

They’ve grown from cute little ski bunnies, working on craft projects acquired at the local WalMart, to the sullen and cranky semi-adults which they’ve become, buried in their technology, and barely grunting their acknowledgment when we try to engage them. One will be heading to college in the fall. The other seems headed to a year of study abroad.

So it seems our days of close quarters parenting are rushing to an unexpected and sudden end.

The horror.

My adoptive skills are relatively advanced though, so unlike springs past when I would play the drill sergeant, hustling all of us into our ski costumes and up the mountain by 9 or so, in time for lessons, or to beat the “crowds” to fresh fallen snow, I have adopted a much more passive approach to scheduling.

(Of course, this is also in deference to Mistress, who had been known to enjoy a little extra time in the sack too.)

So this week, we’ve been heading up the mountain at the shockingly late time of 10:30 am, with no forced quota for the number of runs expected either by lunch time or the end of the day.

This more leisurely pace seems to have improved everyone’s mood.

The later departure time also gives Slave some extra time in the am for blogging, staying in touch with work, and also tending to Mistress’s needs.

Yesterday, after I had prepared the blog, answered some work emails, and caught up on world news, I did stumble on an intriguing article in Salon, linked here, entitled, Bringing Up the Rear, which in light and frothy pop journalistic style describes how heterosexual males are enjoying the pleasures of anal penetration with increasing frequency these days.

The article is “packed full” with cute little stories of lads about town describing how their girl friends have introduced various probes and strap-ons to deepen their sexual fun.

And sure enough, the girls like it too!

So, folks, yet another “taboo”, seems to be falling by the way side, blurring the difference between our little, dark sex blog world and what might be called the “lame stream” sexual habits of “normal” folks. The next thing you know, blurry photos of a former governor all harnessed up and putting it to her “first dude” will pop up on the internet, as she bids for a little more “street cred” in advance of 2012.

Of course, the allure of this sort of play has been a feature of this blog from the beginning. We started with our little Aneros, which I tucked into my kit for this trip. And then, two Valentine Day’s ago, before this blog began, Mistress put her strap-on to use for the first time.

I believe it helped adjust my attitude and hers, taking us one step closer to our infamous Contract.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones in our little community dabbling in this territory.

Our WC has been known to enjoy it when his wife B straps on the harness and takes it to him.

And, of course, Suzanne frequently takes her “wife’ Tammy that way, in the “diaper” position.

(Mick is way too ancient and inflexible to handle that approach, BTW).

Earlier this week, Ms. Marie had a very educational product review, brought to you by, which described newer, hi-tech approaches to this age old “problem”. It may be only a matter of time before the folks at “Snap-On Tools” get into this emerging market.

It does make me wonder how Bill, our Director of Security - International feels about missing out on this action. Maybe Donna can engineer a way for him to be part of this new and oh so hip movement.

Now, dear readers, all this talk has Mick ready to see if Mistress is ready to wake up, and tell me to go “insert my device.”


WC said...

Hey Mick,

I agree ... nice post.

Donna I think you asked a question about the aneros. My wife B and I own three different aneros's , all different shapes and sizes.

If you or Bill is wondering I highly recommend them as they can enhance the orgasm for guys.

Suzanne and Jay This post is for you too. I also have B put in the little white probe often before sex and t is great.

The my 2 cents worth,


littlemonkey said...

"The Horror"


xantu said...

Once on a random discussion board I read a very amusing story about a Dom who was receiving oral worship... and at some point the worshiper was inspired to add some new dimension to the experience. Imagine both their surprise when he without thought or volition, instantly slapped her face. In his story he mentioned that he was surprised to find out he had a "slap-a-bitch" button back there. That story looms in my memory. I have no interest in seeking out Master's slap-a-bitch" button, thank you.


Suzanne said...

Great post Mick! Brought a smile and some enjoyment to my otherwise drab lunch hour. The photos of the governor you describe would certainly improve her "street cred." Face it, what could possibly make it worse? I take that back...she's likely to speak again somewhere.

WC - thanks for your always-helpful-and-sometimes-well-intentioned advice :)

sin said...

Funny about six different ways. Imagine and empty nest and the luxury of being able to make all the noise you wanted?