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Saturday, March 5, 2011

CEO Appreciation Day

Yesterday, Mistress had a bad day.

Lot’s of tasks, all crowding each other out.

She was feeling the lack of exercise, so took off on an early am bike ride, even as a light and chilly rain was falling, at around 8 am, as I headed to my office.

One daughter was still fighting a flu, now turned into a nasty cough. She needed to visit the MD again, and though she could have driven herself, well, Mistress felt obligated to go along and make sure she understood what the prescribed treatment might be.  Not necessary, but a Mom thing. And I’m sure the surly teen appreciated her concern and presence.

After the doctor’s visit, and picking up medication and more Gatorade, she rushed  to a lunch meeting with an important and high maintenance client (who happens to be a lesbian, with a bit of a crush on Mistress). 

As it turned out, by happenstance I had picked the same lunch spot to meet some clients of my own, so I got to see Mistress with her shorter, somewhat older, but sort of moon eyed friend as they chatted over lunch.

Cute. And of course, whenever Mistress gets to say hello to my clients (these were two females) they always give her the admiring eye, as in “hmmmm….. what does old Mick have going that this hot young thing is with her?

Then Mistress was heading back home, juggling another client’s crisis via phone, while escorting the sick surly teen to get a passport she will need before an overseas trip in the fall.

And that early 5 am sex, well it sure was hot, but I think it had us both a bit exhausted as the day progressed.

As she said to me later in the day. “sometimes it seems impossible to be parents and also do this two career thing!”. No doubt.  It’s something that has been a challenge for us, but particularly for her, for all these years. Mistress  refuses to do anything, particularly parenting, half way.

It may well be – with that teen’s foreign trip come the fall – that we will actually have the proverbial empty nest in a few months, a year before anticipated.

And of course, there are some huge upsides to that. Time together … free range of the house for all that kinky stuff.  We can even invite some of our blogger friends over for a visit …. Come on up, Aisha, and bring MoR with you if he comes for a visit!

And of course our Far flung management team will be  welcome too.

But it will also be odd. We sure will miss the upside of these surly critters and their (every now and then) charms.

It did get me thinking about Molly and Mick’s “secret origins” though. Something we’ve not spoken much about on these pages.

Although it’s quite possible we ran into one another earlier – having lived in the same town and gone to many of the same events – the age difference may have caused us to pass like two trains in the night.

(I often wonder whether Molly ever sold me skis or equipment at a ski store she worked at in her high school years, where I took my older daughters to get their first ski paraphernalia).

When Mistress first popped up on my radar it was about 23 years ago, in the fall of 1987, at a local political dinner. I was 37. She was only 24 or so. And of course she was a vision. Surprisingly stylish in a typically frumpy River City crowd, with a short designer-ish dress, that long beautiful hair, a sparkle in her eye. 

She jumped out of the room at me.

I think I remember her introducing herself to me as we talked in a group. She was on the staff of a state elected official who has gone on to do bigger things in DC by now.

And I recall complimenting her on her outfit….and offering to walk her to her car afterwards.

Yeah, forward, I know, for a married guy. Then again she was married too.

She passed on my offer, by the way. She told me later that I had a "reputation".  Probably true. and for good reason.

A week or so ago, someone blogged about the impact of touch as a relationship develops. And as the months passed, as we came to know one another better, and work together on  the ill fated Presidential campaign of a certain short Greek Governor, well, I found it was very hard not to touch Molly….

Nothing gross or sexual of course.

I was not the type of guy who would come out and say…. “hey…. I’m amazingly attracted to you…. Do you mind if I kiss you?”

That would be wrong.  Not the way a bashful Irish Catholic guy would operate, if your last name was not “Kennedy”, that is. I guess I had always been the type who was a little too chicken to make the first “move” with a woman.

But, I seemed to find  myself touching Molly’s arm, very lightly as we talked. And I remember a scene in our campaign office. She was working at a table, compiling a list maybe. Other folks were around, everyone talking about our primary plans. I was standing behind Molly.

And I realized I was rubbing her neck with my fingers…..

Argggh.  Of course, once my brain caught up with my fingers, I stepped back, hoping that no one else noticed.

Though I suspect Molly did.

For me, she was just-  literally -  irresistible.

There was another evening, the night before the primary. We were out late, driving around the city with some friends, stapling signs to phone polls near polling locations. I was driving, and when our assignment was done, around 1 am, I made sure that I dropped Molly off last, in front of her apartment, which was not far from the house I shared with my wife and daughters.

I stepped out of the car, walked her to her door.  At least for me, the sexual tension was palpable. Hormones and politics are a heady mix, even when the candidate is a short Greek guy….

It’s probably the closest I ever came to taking a liberty with Molly without advance consent….. I was desperate to kiss her…. But her signals were …. Ambivalent…

And since it was not clear that I had the green flag, well…..

“I guess we’ll see each other tomorrow, at the Victory Party?”

‘I’m sure we will, Mick”.

Well as Donna said on Thursday, my word count is covered. And I think I hear Mistress waking. Better make sure she gets lots of attention on CEO Appreciation Day. So I will leave you with this period photo rather than finishing this lurid tale.


sin said...

I love the story about you and Molly meeting. And how irresitable she was to you. I guess you are lucky she succumbed because otherwise this would be creepy stalker story instead of romantic love story wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

he kind of was a creepy type initially (seriously, I was young and concerned) and then it all just came together and we both became obsessed.. has not changed since

Donna said...

Dear Goddess/Mistress and CEO of UCTMW,

Bill and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for all you do to make UCTMW and this world a better place.

We have planned a fun little morning event for you in celebration of this auspicious day.

Over in the virtual refrigerator beside your bed you and Mick will find a bowl of beautiful whole strawberries, grapes, fresh pineapple chunks and a can of aerosol whipping cream. Bill found out that Mick is especially fond of fresh fruit for breakfast and developed this modified plan of one of his own favorite morning activities.

Here's the way this works. You Ma'am, lie back in bed while Mick brings the bowl of fruit and whipped cream to your bedside. Mick will stroke and play with your pussy lips with one hand as he whispers sexy words into you ear. When you are beginning to get a bit wiggly, he will play with your breasts and nipples with one hand while pushing the pieces of chilled fruit up into your cunt with his other hand.

The fruit is going to be a bit cold-almost icy, and is going to feel so good! When you are stuffed, so to speak, Mick gets to enjoy his generous serving of fruit for the day, but he isn't allowed to use his hands. No it's lips and the suction of his mouth that will get the fruit from its current location into his mouth.

Of course, this is a messy job and it will be up to Mick to keep those juices (either variety) from getting on the sheets. He will hopefully have to suck pretty hard and fast to lap all the juices into his mouth. Feel free to cum at will just as many times as you like during this process.

The can of whipping cream? Well, that's so that after the fruit has been consumed and you have...recovered a bit, Mick will climb on his knees to position himself right at your face. He will then shake that can and spray the whipped cream all over his penis and balls. Then he will lean toward your mouth and you will lick your way to bliss for you both.

Yes, I know we women sometimes try to act as though we are doing the men some huge favor by sucking and licking and rubbing all over, but we know the truth of that, don't we ma'am?

How you choose to carry on from there is entirely a personal and private matter...that I look forward to reading about soon.

Happy CEO Appreciation Day!

Hugs and kisses from Your Senior Correspondent and Your Director of Security, International,
Donna and Bill

beingaisha said...

Great story, Mick - I can just picture the two of you. Sweet.

And, um, love the picture, even though it's a little strange - ok, because it's a little strange...

And I'll look forward to the day that we can say, "Party at Mick and Molly's!"

Donna, that's a delightful idea! I thinkg the CEO will enjoy it immensely if Mick follows those directions... But - let me get this straight - Molly now has Mick, and WC, and now YOU all working on making sure her sexual needs are - not only satisfied, but anticipated?


In the greater universe of life -

that just don't seem fair.

Just sayin'...


WC said...

Donna there is nothing that I could possibly say to top that idea so I won't ever try.

Happy CEO appreciation day beloved and benevolent CEO. Glad you always have my back or I fear I may have been terminated over that minor little incident when I bought my humble, run down, little ski shack in Vail.

Heck, I fear I may have been terminated for any number of minor little little matters that seemed to irritate , my very dear friend and managing editor Mick Collins.

I would tell you to have sex often with Molly on CEO appreciation day, except I'm pretty sure that it is not humanly possible to have more sex than the two of you have each day!

I also concur with Sin and Aisha,

The ever humble and thrifty and loyal EMPLOYEE,


Anonymous said...


WC said...

Oh and BTW Mick,

That was a very romantic post for Molly this morning, didn't know you had in in you, Well done, mi Amigo,


nilla said...

i want to serve Master a bowl of fruit, just that way...but i think He will draw the line at me (or Him) spraying whipped topping on His Manliness...*laughs*

ps M & M...great story and Mick of all the pics to repost...sigh. the thud that will never be forgotten (tho i never did see the harm in it, really...commander in chief and all...)
the politically unsavvy...