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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slave Gets A Wake Up Call

With a little less time on the slopes this week (due to our later start time), Molly and Mick have made sure there is a little more time for R and R.

Yesterday morning, I cleverly manipulated Mistress to have me deploy my aneros, after she read the daily blog about such activities going “mainstream”.

I had been slurping away at her succulent folds as she read, both the blog and the related Salon article, pausing for occasional comments.

“Did you like the way that guy offered to bend over for the reporter, to aid in her ”research””.

“Pretty funny, Slave… now why don’t you go put in your device….”

“Of course, Mistress….”

I lubed up the little sucker and drove it home, then rejoined Mistress in bed.  My cock was already feeling the effect.

After making sure Mistress had her “starter” cum, courtesy of my lips and tongue, I was more than ready to take my own pleasure. But before granting me permission, Mistress made sure that I was suitably firm, groping down below with her fingers.

“Nice, Slave….. and , yes, you may now fuck me.”

Maybe it was a good night’s sleep, combined with the little probe, but I seemed particularly anxious to get “there” …. Maybe a little too anxious.  Soon I found myself perilously close to the edge, though I had not delivered Mistress the additional orgasm or two that she has come to expect, or asked for permission…

Yow….. “code red”….I pulled back, just in time…..

“What was that about, Slave…..”

She’s not using to my cock going MIA in the midst of the action.

“Sorry…. Got a little too … close ….Mistress……”

Had I reverted to adolescence or something?  We both laughed.  And the laughter helped bring me back away from the edge of the cliff, allowing me to resume normal programming.

I made sure Mistress was suitably pleasured then, before asking for permission. And when permission was granted…. Well let’s just say that the deferred expectations made the reward all the more compelling.  I collapsed in a sweaty heap next to her.

We had a lovely day on the mountain with the teens. A cloudless sky required plenty of sunscreen. And by the time we came back, my legs were dead and my body needed a little rest. 

After handling some pesky work matters, we found ourselves in bed, snuggled up and dozing off before it was time to fix dinner.

But after about 40 minutes or so of shut-eye, I was awakened by a Mistress who knew what she wanted.

She rolled onto me, with a little sigh of desire.

“I want my cock now Slave….”

Who was I to say “no”, when duty calls.

Still a bit groggy, I just laid back as Mistress slowly and deliberately ground her needy cunt against me, until I began to respond, firming up suitably.  Getting more and more, “in the mood”.

“I hope you don’t mind me just rubbing against you like this Slave….”

“Of course not…. But I suspect my cock would feel ever so cozy inside you right now, Mistress.”

She kept grinding.

I kept getting harder.

“All in good time, Slave….”

Fortunately, Mistress must have felt the need for something more “filling”.

She slid, adjusted, handled me, and was soon taking my cock for a long, hard ride.


She took   her time, letting herself build up to one of those moaning, groaning comes that leaves her face all mottled, chest heaving, eyes squeezed shut, off in her own world of lust.

Rolling off me, she had one more demand.

“Fuck me now, Slave….”


nilla said...

first, exquisite photo...Mistress is verrah purty! You two have much so much so much fun. and sex.

lots of sex.

lucky lucky lucky!!


WC said...

Hey Mick,

Sounds like the late start skiing days are working well for the whole famly! I am a big believer in late start skiing, unless of course there is fresh powder. Then it is crimial not to set the first tracks! lol

Have fun,


beingaisha said...

P.S. Great picture, Molly!!! Very sexy!

beingaisha said...

Ahhh, so much fun, so little time -

No - wait - youall have the time too!!!

laughing... and hugs,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Mistress appreciates the compliments. Those are very nice breasts, aren't they?