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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slave "Multi-Tasks"

It was certainly nice to have some quality material yesterday from Donna to tide us over here at UCTMW as I scrambled to cover for  the WC in the realm of keeping Mistress satisfied, while recovering from a cold and going about my normal duties.  Thank you, Donna!

It’s also interesting to see the different types of commentary that develops when Donna posts. A good deal more of the supportive sub sisterhood chatter, which is certainly endearing. I called her last night, on the way to a speaking engagement at for a local political group, and mentioned all of her supportive comments.

“You know Donna, the WC got some different types of responses when he posted that tutorial about taking a virginal ass (there is a link on the side of the page now …. It seemed more in the nature of folks raising there hands and sliding down their panties.”

Donna’s posting got some of you talking about toys, which reminded me to share this article from Salon("Busted"), describing the problems that can arise when one’s toys are misplaced.   Some cautionary, and funny tales, for all of you.

Our next bit of reportage from Donna will be about the toy she received in the mail recently from, as part of our new “shameless pandering for free sex toys” promotion. Here is her little teaser:

“Also, the first toy for review arrived in today's mail. It was addressed to Molly (no last name) at this address. If I play my cards right we might be able to start working on evaluating the G-Spot Massager later this evening. The box also included a tote bag that has the words: "Eden Fantasy’s Sexy & Smart" in three inch hot pink and shocking green letters. I can't wait to take that one to the Bi-Lo to tote my groceries in!”

I’m sure that bag will be an interesting ice breaker in the check-out line.

Well, enough with toys….I due owe you all a brief update on my struggles to please Mistress here while the WC was on his extended holiday.  With such short notice it was impossible to recruit and screen a suitable temp personal trainer, so I just amped up my own personal devotions, even though I probably qualified for a sick leave of my own.

First, so far this week Mistress has stopped by my office for worship on three separate occasion. The efficiency of these visits has been enhanced by the end of tights season, so all it takes is sliding down her black panties, and I can be on my knees and on task.

Tuesday morning, she had an early meeting downtown, so was already being pleasured by 10 am. Such a fitting alternative to the traditional morning coffee break.

But that only kept Mistress’s needs in check for a few hours. By around three that afternoon I was receiving emails reflecting her healthy appetites:

“When do I get my cock!”

“Hopefully tonight, Mistress….”

By Tuesday evening my fever had subsided enough that I was prepared to offer up that sad cock to the task of pleasing her, but only after savoring her delicious, salty juices after another session at spinning class with our daughter.  She seemed pleased as I brought her over the edge, but saw it only as an appetizer.

“ Are you going to make love to me now, Slave…. It’s been since Sunday morning.”

I knew the quality of my performance could be in doubt, so suggested a little extra assistance.

“You may want to have me put in my device, Mistress.”

I know, that’s a little uppity of me, but I felt it could be helpful in getting me to critical mass. (Sorry, all these nuclear puns are a bit too top of mind these days).

And sure enough, with a little invasive action from behind, and the help fo Mistress’s loving lips and tongue, Slave was finally able to perform his marital duties. Mistress seemed pleased, though I was a sodden mess afterwards.

It seemed as though my efforts in bed on Tuesday night finally did break my fever. So by Wednesday morning, my “little cock that could” was quite up to the task of serving  Mistress’s needs before we headed to work.

Mistress joined me for lunch yesterday, and of course I made sure to feast on her a bit before we headed off for some nicoisse salads at a local café in downtown River City. I learned then that the WC may soon be back in action.

“I talked to him a bit this morning, Slave…. Sounds like he’s headed home this evening. He says he’s missed all the blog action.  And my sexy voice.”

I am sure he has…. And I suspect Mistress has missed him. Let’s up he is tan, ready and rested and able to pick up his share of the “burden”.

” here at UCTMW.


aisha said...

Welcome back, Mick - glad to hear you're feeling better, and I know Molly's happy about it. Although, it sounds like you handled yourself and your responsiblity very well, even while you were sick.

Nice work.

Subs everywhere salute you!



Donna said...

Hi Mick,

Continuing to work on that review. I made an assumption from the name of the product and soon found that...well, I'll cover all that in my report.

Glad to hear the CEO has not had to experience any orgasm withdrawal during the WC's absence. With shakes, flashes, rages and hormone drops it can be a really bad experience. Oh wait, Bill is saying I am think of my early days of menopause not orgasm withdrawal. My mistake.

We're going to spend some more quality time with the assigned product this weekend and plan to submit our report the beginning of next week. Should you need it before that time it won't be ready. Just thought you might want to know. :)


Suzanne said...

Looking forward to the upcoming "reviews." Glad you are looking out for us kinky consumers!

nilla said...

I hate being away from here...ive been remiss and woefully behind in reading, commenting...i read a blog here, a blog there...

life is sometimes like that. sadly enough.

i am sorry to hear that you've been under the weather, sub brother, but gosh, you've risen to the occasion (*ha*) and kept your mistress happy.

hats off to a job well ...wait. i don't wearhats.


pegs off ...yes, pegs off to a job well done!