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Monday, March 14, 2011

Switch Back

Unlike Tammy, over at All Mine, Slave was not punished for forgetting to adjust the clocks Sunday morning. After all, it was our Switch Day, and Mistress was not exactly in charge when she woke up from an extended slumber.

But here it is, Monday morning, and Slave slept in a bit longer than normal, due to the spring forward thing…. As a result you may get a briefer account of yesterday’s switch activities, but then illustrations are worth more than a d=few words aren’t they?

Suffice it to say that Mistress found herself with her hands spread to the corners of our bed. Once she was properly secured, I realized that those cute little nipple vises would make for an interesting contrast to the colorful nightie she was wearing. The effect is charming, don’t you think?

What’s nice about these is that once Mistress becomes acclimated to their un-subtle pinch, it’s easy to ratchet things up a bit by a simple “turn of the screw”.  So if Mistress gets too whiney, or makes a snarky comment, just a little tightening provides a lovely remedy.

“Oh, God….. that …. Hurts Slave….”

Of course, there wasn’t just pain on the menu. You all know I’m far from the sadist that some of you deal with out there in blog-land. Soon the Power tool was pulled from under the bed, and Mistress was squirming and moaning and whining that I wasn’t placing the vibrating orb exactly where she preferred it.

(Another opportunity to turn the screw).

Maybe it was the distraction of the nipple clips, or my imprecision,  but it seemed to take Mistress a little longer than normal to get to the point where she asked for permission to come…..of course the fact that I turned the sucker off in mid stream and elected to give her a slow tantalizing fucking for a while also extended our morning’s play.

But rest assured, once the Hitachi  was switched back on, and after Mistress had been reduced again to a writhing, moaning, squirming package of sexual wantonness, she exercised the permission I granted her, and concluded with  a long and shuddering display, her legs wrapping themselves around the tool to make sure that I would not withdraw it before she had her fill.

Her face was red, on the edge of tears. And I showed mercy by releasing her nipples from the oft tightened clips.

“Fuck me now, Slave…..”

“Of course, Mistress….”

I was happy – in fact rather desperate – to do the honors.

We fell back asleep after I released Mistress’s bound wrists, and after dozing a bit were off for a brisk bike ride. The air was cold, and I needed a warm shower afterwards to complete my next assignment.

You see, Switch Day was already over. I was dropping off surly teen 2 at an SAT Prep class and visiting my cranky Mom.  She had made her will clear even as I was unlocking her from her temporary bondage.

“I want you in the cage today, Slave….”

“As is your right, Mistress….”

But after that cold bike ride, my balls were in hiding, not so amenable to prodding into that steel ring.

Fortunately, the hot shower helped loosen up things down there, just enough to squeeze my reluctant balls and cock through that steel ring. 

Mistress seemed to take extraordinary pleasure in closing the lock before I headed out. 

Maybe I had overreached with those nipple clamps?

Later, as I was squandering time at a Starbucks, waiting for the teen’s class to end, I tried to call Mistress, but there was no answer.

Hmmmm.  I had a feeling  that she was up to something.

And sure enough,  it turned out I was right.

She called me about 20 minutes later, as I was wondering what makes folks line up at a Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon, like junkies at a methadone clinic. Is this a sign that the recession is finally ending?

“Sorry I was unavailable Slave…. But I was talking to the WC?”

“Oh really… I thought that might be the case… and….”

“Well he texted me while I was at COSTCO and instructed me to call him once I got home…”

“So there was a little improv training session, Mistress?”

“Yes, Slave…. Exactly.”

“How many, Mistress?”

“There was just time for one, Slave.”


Why does my cock bang up against the cage like a sad pavlovian beast so predictably?


beingaisha said...

"Like a sad pavlovian beast..." great line, Mick!

And yes, the pictures are lovely, a fair exchange for some words.


sin said...

Every time I read about you being kept in the cage I think about how agreeable you are about it. Never sulky or reluctant. Impressive.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I try not to sulk when honoring my contractual obligations, Sin. Mick