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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Staff Support Comes Through

Molly, Mick and the two dommes in training made it to our little mountain hideaway very early on Saturday morning. Maybe around 3 am, mountain time. Of course, the teens reminded me that that was really 5 am “their time”, in their effort to lobby for a very late start up to the ski mountain on What was already Saturday.

And Slave was fine with that. I was in no hurray and knew that there were other needs to tend to in our cozy bed before the skis were loaded up.

So it was the unusual morning when Slave slept until the sun was peeking up over the mountain, lighting our cozy room, giving the woodwork a rosy glow.

Naturally, I was grateful for Donna filling in for me yesterday, which allowed me to tend to Mistress’s needs when she was ready to wake up and receive my attention.

As I attended to her glistening folds with my tongue, Mistress read Donna’s posting, and then I urged her to check out All Mine and the lengthy commentary from the WC. If you haven’t read it, you need to catch the link, here. (The WC's contribution appears in the comments section.)

It amounts to a clever supplement to his infamous tutorial on taking a virgin ass, describing how one explains the planned event to get medical clearance from her physician.

Mistress was amused. Sort of.

“Slave, I think WC’s writing more on Suzanne’s blog than ours these days.”

“Maybe we need to formalize this job sharing arrangement, Mistress. Though I doubt Suzanne want to pick up a piece of M’s lavish expense account.”

But soon the computer was set aside, and Mistress was enjoying her first mountain zone orgasm of our Spring Break with the teens. She knew I was still rather tired from that long trip and short sleep, so she pushed me onto my back.

“Let me suck my cock, Slave….”

I was more than happy to take her lead, and enjoyed her warm and tender lips surrounding my growing shaft. Soon she had me begging to fuck her, and she was generous in granting my wish.

Ultimately, we made our fashionably late appearance on the mountain. The snow is getting a little thin, but the sun was glorious. After lunch, Mistress and Surly #1 adjourned to some lounge chairs, stripping to their sports bras, which I suspect earned them some admiring glances.

I took a few more runs with the other teen, who is a Boarder.

By 4 pm we were all back to our cabin, and I was crashing.

“Would you like to fuck me now, Slave, Mistress queried, as closed the door to our room for the traditional apr├Ęs ski “nap time”.

“I was thinking nap first, sex after if that’s OK, Mistress.”

“Of course it is Slave….”

But then the fates intervened. Or at least a text from our freelancing WC/PT of the CEO did.

“Hmmm…. He wants me to call Slave…. Would you mind?”

Well, who was I to mind…. I know my place, and simply asked if Mistress would like me to pull out her power tool, which had been tucked away since our last visit.

“I’m not sure it’s going to be that type of call, but then better be safe than sorry, Slave.”

I dug the Hitachi and it’s extension cord out of our closet, plugged it in for Mistress, and gave her a quick kiss as I pulled on my robe.

“I’ll just be out in the living room, Mistress. And will turn n the radio to protect you from prying ears.”

“Thank you, Slave.”

She had that little gleem in her eye, that said, “Hmmm, I may be about to get some….”

I closed the door behind me, settled onto the couch with the local paper, amusing myself for a while at the small town political hijinks, then must have dozed off.

Maybe 30 minutes later, Mistress pulled to door ajar, and whispered, “why don’t you come back to bed now Slave.”

I did, shedding the robe, snuggling up close to her.

“So how did it go, Mistress….”

“It was nice Slave…. We ended up having a little session….”

“How many Mistress?”

“Ohhh…. Two Slave…..”

“and what did he have you doing in your little imaginary adventure?”

“Sort of the usual…. Except he came into this room and made me suck his cock….”

“Ahhh…. I am sure you’d like that, Mistress.”

Knowing that Mistress’s afternoon needs had been properly handled by her personal trainer, I did not feel too guilty when I asked for permission to resume my nap.

“It’s OK, Slave…. I’m good.”

Indeed, she seemed ready for a nap too.

So while our Senior Correspondent picked up the slack for me on the blogging front yesterday, it was nice that the WC/PT was able to assume some of the “burden” of performing my other duties here as I bounced back from that long travel day.

I guess that’s the benefit of developing this deep and multi-skilled management team here at UCTMW.


Suzanne said...

As much as I've enjoyed reading most of WC's comments, I'm not quite ready to pick up a share of his expense account or a portion of his salary. I can see Molly's point, particularly if productivity, or a lack of same is an issue. Sooner or later, there needs to be more significant contributions. How long can you live on "The Ass Fucking Tutorial/Diaper Position"???

The wishing I had selected Butler and VCU,


WC said...

Et tu Suzanne?

The getting piled on,

sad, under paid and over worked,


aisha said...

Dear Mick,

You really do have it made, don't you? Nice... laughing...


WC said...

Hey U2 lunatics,

Hope you had a great day skiing.


Anonymous said...

we did..we miss you and wish you were here!