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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is the day that all of us who descend from the great Irish Diaspora celebrate our common heritage, usually by making fools of ourselves. And since we have  derived our secret identities here at UCTMW from the Great Irish freedom fighter, Michael Collins, it’s only fair to pay tribute to him on this day. (‘Tis a shame there are no half naked photos of him on Google Images since this is a Thursday.)

Of course in his day, Mr. Collins would have been branded a terrorist by the Brits who occupied that Fair Isle, and who used every tool available to suppress the freedom, religion and even language of their subjects. But then again, one could fairly argue that from Oliver Cromwell to the Black and Tans, the Anglo-Saxon occupiers of Eire were also quite accomplished at terrorizing as a tool of oppression.

Fortunately, the days of tit for tat violence seems to be coming to an end in Ireland. So tonight, when I join with a band of males at a grand formal dinner, wearing my Tux, and we all sing the Soldier’s Song, we won’t need to worry about collecting money to send guns and explosives to our comrades across the Sea, the way Congressman Peter King did not so long ago.

Now he can just point the finger at other alleged enablers of terrorism.

But then, you didn’t come here for a political lecture, did you? And I do have some steamy stuff to share … so shall we get on with it….

We left off yesterday with our dear beloved CEO in the midst of an O-embargo, in preparation for a training session with our WC today. But the dear girl was more than merciful to her loving slave.

After slipping on the hard steel ring that forms the base for my cage, I crept upstairs, not meaning to wake her before I took my morning shower. She had planned a sleep in, then a bike ride, before heading to work.

But when I came out of the shower, Mistress was awake, anxious to read the blog. I teased her a bit with my tongue as she was reading – I mean it’s hard to break an addiction – but was careful not to let her break her obligation to her trainer’s regime.

When she was done reading, I was about to get up and dress for work, but she had other ideas.

“Why don’t you make love to me Slave….”

“But Mistress, we don’t want to break the rules?”

“Just don’t let me come….”

Well, she didn’t have to offer twice. While it’s against my better impulses, I must say I was pretty darned horny for her. Suffice it to say that I proceeded carefully, if lustily, and the result was quite satisfying. For me, that is….

And it certainly improved the quality of my day, once that cage was locked and Mistress sent me off to work.

Of course, Mistress’s day was a little more frustrating. And it wasn’t helped by some taunting and teasing from her WC/PT. She shared with me an email of instructions he sent her for receipt yesterday morning which, shall we say, speaks for itself:

“Good Morning Molly,

Every time you go to the bathroom today you are to rub your clit.

Of course you are expressly forbidden to orgasm, but I want you to get close.

Don’t accidentally go too far…

Or…a very special punishment awaits you.

I can assure you that you do not want this punishment.

But my cock is getting hard thinking about giving you that particular punishment.

I get so hot thinking about dominating you.

I would put you in a chastity device often and for long periods.

You would become very adept at pleasuring me with your mouth and your ass.

I love it when you are horny and needy…and not allowed to orgasm on my orders.

My cock is rock hard and I’m going upstairs to jack it off.

I would also straddle you and jack off all over your tits and neck and face.

And then you would suck my cock to get the last bit of cum out of it

And lick it clean…slave.

I love the power to control your orgasms Molly.

It is fucking HOT!!!!

Now I am going to relieve myself…my cock is very stiff and big and dripping from writing this post

Too bad you can’t cum till tomorrow…

Your master, M”

After she forwarded this little incendiary message, for posting to share with you, I was …. Well …. Impressed.

“Wow. That’s pretty hot, Mistress.”

“It is…. And he even used spell check….”

“So did you follow his orders….”

“I did Slave….”

“And did that frustrate you….”

“Oh yes, Slave…. It did.”

In fact, I noticed her little fidgets in bed last night. The tell tale squirm that Mistress was smoldering. I actually felt sorry for her , so much so that I passed on the offer to fuck her last night… figuring that I could share some of her pain. But if she offers again this morning, I’m not so sure I can resist the temptation.

After all, it will be a long day. And Slave will be caged again. I suspect that I will be the only one of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick – about 1500 of us – who will have a cock cage on under his tuxedo. But then again, one never knows.

When Mistress talked to M yesterday he reminded her of the state of things last St. Patrick’s Day…. While I was at this dinner, Mistress was off to one of her first “dates” with the other M, her starter Dom. You can see my little story on it here.

Times have changed over that year…. Today Mistress will have a different sort of date. And I suspect by the time M allows her to turn on the Hitachi, our beloved CEO will be rather focused.


beingaisha said...

Wow - the WC's message to Molly was pretty hot! I bet she's well primed by this morning. Nice of her not to make you share the pain...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


sin said...

I laughed the most at the comment that he even used the spell check.

And you never know Mick, maybe lots of those guys are wearing a variety of cock cages under their tuxes. Let's say 5%?

Mystress said...

Happy St. Patty's Day from a Scot whose not overly thrilled with how the Brit's handled things on her family's lands either. Telling us we can't wear our plaids... pfffftttt... someone needed to whip them into shape for sure!!

Hope you do enjoy your dinner in tux and such Mick.. good thing they won't have metal detectors there aye?

Will keep an eye out for the fireworks when Molly finally does get to blast off! Wonder if they'll be green clover leaf shaped?

Best to all,

Suzanne said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to a "real" Irishman!

Good to see some original prose from the WC.

If it's any solace to you Mick, sissy will also be caged while she enjoys a quaff and a bit of the NCAA tourney with friends after work. She's got a curfew though...Boston can be a dangerous place on this holiday!

WC said...

Now Sin,

I get enough shit from Mick about my spelling...Don't need any more from you. LOL

At least Molly doesn't give the poor, underpaid ande over worked WC, any shit about that. She thinks its cute.


The ever humble,


Anonymous said...

Allow me to clarify --
spelling properly is the cornerstone of my day job existence! as well as writing...yes, WC I accept everything about you -- even that spelling situation...
our deal is not based on the proper ordering of letters, but other things

WC said...


That is why she is our beloved and benevolent CEO.


Now Molly,

The "spelling situation"

I hardly thinks it rises to the level of a "situation," situation? The governor of Wisconsin, has a "situation."

No, I think we should stick with "it's cute."

Situation..... ????

Now Molly

We need to talk about this,

It's like you are "Now " me again.

Situation, I think not!!!

Buenos notches,

U 2 lunatics,