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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mistress's St Pat's Day Greeting

Slave was off at work, safely locked in his cage.

Mistress was home from her bike ride, waiting for the call to start her training session with our Western Correspondent and her personal trainer.  No doubt the Hitachi was on hand. and those clothespins too.

But isn't it nice that she took the time to tease me with an email with the heading "Happy St. Patrick's Day, Slave." And attached this photo?


littlemonkey said...

Faith and Begorra! That's a lovely Pot O' Gold at the end of your rainbow, Mick.

Donna said...

Bill says he is happy to raise an Irish pint in salute to such an attractive employer.

St. Patrick's Day or no, I just want my thighs to look like that!


MissBehaviour said...

Colours! YES!

Now, understanding your 'Republican' sentiments (and I don't mean that on the Donkey/Elephant axis, but on a Monarchist/Totalitarian/Freedom Fries one), might we designate May Day as a

'Show us your Red' Day ???


beingaisha said...

Yes, she's always thinking of you, Mick! I appreciate that too - great picture, Molly!


H said...

Molly..... yum...... to bad your panties are green, I would have like to pinch you.