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Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Honor of Suzanne, Jay and Tammy on their Big Night

We suspect it will go much better than this sad episode....


beingaisha said...



WC said...


Are you trying to scare poor Suzanne to death Mick.

/Very very funny!

The humble,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Our Senior Correspondent says this is the "Reverse Cowgirl" Position. Obviously, it's that wealth of knowledge that has earned her the title "Senior Correspondent."


WC said...

The likes the reverse cowgirl position,


and Bueno Amigo,


Donna said...

Thank you Mick, I earned that esteemed title by attending a university named by Playboy as one of the Top 10 Party Schools as well as by having a partner who developed a certain appreciation for "specialty" videos and magazines at a young age and has endeavored to recreate those scenes in his personal life.

And here from Wikipedia, not really a good resource but people tend to believe what it says, is the explanation.

Reverse Cowgirl

The woman faces away from the man. She can either be in a kneeling or squatting position and can have her torso upright, or she can have it aligned with the inserting man's body. The woman has greater control over the extent and duration of the penetration.

It serves to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the man's penis as a result of the way it is forced to bend while at the same time rubbing on the female G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.

This position is widely depicted in male-female pornography, because it enables the viewer to have a full frontal view of the woman, with the view of the man (except for his genitals) being of secondary consideration.

Your Senior Correspondent,

Suzanne said...


Thanks for not posting this too soon...I might have had a change of heart!

Donna...Your expertise here is "wicked" impressive. Could the title "expert assotologist" be right around the corner?

Also, thanks for a new position to try out!