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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mick's Seven Deadly Sub Sins

Molly and Mick had one of those exhausting work days yesterday – the kind when you try to cram several days worth of tasks into one – in this case because we are heading to NYC for a few days on a morning flight today.

By the time we got home we were both rather stressed. A nice bike ride in the clear but chilly air helped cut the edge. And later, after dinner, I was allowed to worship Mistress, pealing down her riding tights, as she caught up with M, who was on his own bike ride, heading home.

I felt a little bad – I think Molly was a little too distracted by my tongue prying its way between her clean shaven folds as she talked to M about their respective grooming habits. Hopefully our Western Correspondent does not mind that Mistress was multi-tasking.

“I’m looking forward to our dates M – Thursday and Friday. “

“Slave – M wants to make sure you packed the Hitachi.”

I stopped in my task long enough to assure them both that the power tool had already been tucked away in my bag. It’s good to know Mistress won’t get bored whilst I am at my conference.

But before I wake Mistress for our dash to the airport, I wanted to keep up with Sin, Aisha and some of the other “sub sisters”, who have been listing their Seven Deadly Sub Sins over the last week.

Of course, us aging Irish guys are a little weak on the introspection. But here are the things that can get Slave into trouble here at the UCTMW world HQ, earning a punishment:

7. Leaving bathroom without turning off light. (“Slave, do I have to remind you….”)

6. Failure to promptly handle assigned tasks. (“remember that light bulb, Slave”.)

5. Failure to pack important tools for out-of-town trip. (“What, you left the strap-on at home?”)

4. Being caught admiring another female’s body passing by at a restaurant or on the street. (“I saw that, Slave….”)

3. Complaining about too many pillows on our various beds. (Is that a girl thing, all those pillows?)

2. Not offering to worship at the first opportunity at the end of our work days. (“I was wondering when you might ask, Slave.)

1. Failing to comment to Mistress on how beautiful she is, or how sexy her outfit is, when she announces she is ready to leave for work, or when I first see her after some period of separation during the course of the day.

Of course there are plenty more…. But I thought I was limited to Seven.

The key is to show the respect that Mistress deserves, and make her wishes my priority. If my sometimes slug like and stubborn brain can keep those guiding precepts in mind, I can usually stay on Mistress’s good side.


beingaisha said...

Great list - I can see it! I like that there's nothing existential about it - simple and to the point. Must be nice for it to be so clear.



strivingforpeace said...

great list

happy travels!


Suzanne said...

Hope you have a great time in NYC.

And stop bitching about the pillows.


littlemonkey said...

Have a great trip!


Donna said...

You'll have to go to that great gluten free bakery and the chocolate restaurant and MOMA and the market in Chelsea and ... You know, I could fly up and show you some of the places Bill and I enjoy. I would be happy to do that (at company expense) and it would be much less complicated than trying to explain here. Just a thought...

Your (loves to travel) Senior Correspondent,

msmarie said...

Your list is great. Any domina could apply your list to her sub(s). I think I'll print it and leave it out for sissy. Of course I will be sure that UCTMW will be credited as source!

Little Butterfly said...

Regarding your sin #1--Molly is so lucky that this is something you think about and strive to do! Every woman wants/needs this kind of affirmation! (well, perhaps not *every* woman, but every one I know)