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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quantum Physic(ality).

Aisha was right in her comment yesterday – when she was leaving that comment, Molly and Mick were engaged in their typical wake up “activities”.

And, Suzanne was probably right too: with our burgeoning staff, who knows when some member of the UCTMW media empire is NOT getting it on one way or another. Though it certainly might help if we could acquire some European or Asian correspondents, to cover the darkest hours here in the Western Hemisphere.

You will also be happy to know that Mick has finally got his energy level readjusted to the rigors of the work week and the Eastern time zone, after some struggles earlier this week following our late night Monday return from our Mountain Hideaway.

Last night, after meeting up with Mistress at a swanky local hotel lobby, where she was enjoying some end of the week cocktails with some female business associates, we headed home with nothing more planned than an evening of solitary bliss.

Mistress was texting with M as we headed up the highway.

“He says he’s horny, Slave…. B hasn’t taken care of him for a few days….”

“Well he did have that date with you yesterday morning…. He got off then, didn’t he?”

“He did Slave…. But now it’s been more than 30 hours… poor dear.”

I detected a little sarcasm.

We stopped off for some “picnic” supplies at our little neighborhood grocery: tomato, mozzarella and fresh bread for me. Mistress got some of her gluten free crackers for use with cheese we had at home.

But our first stop once at home was our chambers. We laid out on our bed and caught up on some of your blogs first.

“Hmmmm…. What do you think Jay and Tammy will do while Suzanne is away this weekend, Slave….”

“I was more curious about what Suzanne will do at Carol’s, and whether she packed the Hitachi…. “

(Yes, folks, we really do sit around and speculate about how your little soap operas will unfold…. It’s so much more entertaining than sit-coms. Plus there are no repeats.)

By now I was in a state of complete undress, and was anxious to worship, Mistress.

AS I mentioned, my energy level was back.

As I peeled off her black panties, her text chime went off.

Was it M, wanting to join in the fun? That could be hot.

Mistress giggled.

“It’s our daughter (she was just down the hall)…. She wants to know ‘what are you doing….”

Apparently it wasn’t obvious.

“Resting” was the response.

As I began the slow and deliberate process to draw a starter cum from Mistress with my mouth and tongue, the subject of M’s horniness came back up.

“If he was here, I’d be happy to take care of his problem, Slave…. But alas….”

“This is probably why you need at least two men, Mistress…. You would be more than capable of keeping us both well satisfied….”

“Oh… I don’t know…. It might be hard to please you both all the time….”

That led to a bit of discussion about how much is enough.

It’s certainly nice for Slave when he gets these “two-a-days” from Mistress. But some days, for this guy half way into his 60th year, sometimes the body has trouble mustering the energy for that 2nd time. It depends on how the rest of my day went. Is that unusual, or am I starting to deteriorate?

My reading suggests that there are two types of Domme-ish approaches to this issue: some like to “flood the zone” with orgasms for their submissive men, making them nice and passive.

Others go for long periods of denial, often in the cage for days at a time.

We seem to have found a sweet spot in the middle, that certainly keeps me very content.

But sometimes I worry that Mistress finds me not “desperate enough” for her if I am not chomping at the bit for that 2nd come of the day after a busy and exhausting day.

Of course, if it’s about her own satisfaction, I am always available for worship. And there are other …. Options …. for her …. under the terms of our contract.

I would be curious about our readers’ perspective on this horny, errr… thorny, issue.

Mistress laid back then, wallowing in my attentions, until she came with a nice little shudder and moan of delight. At that point she turned her attention to my cock, which was beginning to come to life on its own.

She moved close to me, her palm covering both my cock and balls with a snug embrace. It was all the attention it needed to grow and grow until…. Well….

“Would you like me to fuck you now, Mistress?”

“I’m not sure, Slave….”


“I do like it when you beg, Slave…. I love that desperate sound in your voice….”

On that occasion, the desperation was quickly rising, as her grip on my cock grew tighter.

And the begging began…. And went on for what seemed like a very long time.

But I suspect you know where this little tale “comes” out.

Mistress does have a soft spot for a hard cock.


Suzanne said...

WC's 30 hour stint is kind of hard to believe. My money says he took the matter into his own hands at some point.

Thanks for the reminder about the Hitachi! It's nice to have someone looking out for you, particularly for the real important stuff. The H, along with my Amex Card and I'm ready to go!

beingaisha said...

Ok, so I'm trying to figure out what my perspective is on the question - is the question what Molly should do if you're not "up to" satisfying her twice a day every day???? Hmmm, gosh, gee - ya know, since it's been ages since I've been satisfied by anything other than my own efforts, I just ~

~ good heavens ~

I have noooooo idea what she should do!


Probably I should let some other domme's answer that question, right?